Dr William C Stapleton's Genealogical Research

  My father was a man of extraordinary talent in a variety of fields.
Above all other things, though, Dad was a family man. For the last
15-or-so years of his life, until his death October of 1995,
 he researched genealogy. His formal 
"book-style" genealogies were of the Davis , Stapleton, Hybart, Norton,
and McCants families. In loving memory of my father, who touched many
with his generosity , I share these genealogies with you, our
cousins, and new friends. 
    I hope that you enjoy the genealogies, and find them useful.
These genealogies were "works-in-progress," so undoubtedly there
are some mistakes. Thank you for visiting this site, and for enjoying the
hard work my father and the very many who helped him put in. 
    For your convenience , use the "FIND" feature of your browser
to search the sites . 

    The first of these genealogies is 
The Descendants of Thomas Stapleton .
 The particular line
of Stapletons covered here came from the then-frontier of 
southwestern Virginia.
None of the research here presented would be possible
without the generous cooperation of many , many people.
    Enjoy !

The next three genealogies are from my father's mother's side :

The McCants Family History ,
with added emphasis on those in Alabama.

The Hybart Family History 

The Descendants of Abel Davis 

Enjoy !

The final of his family histories is the Norton (my mother's mother's) line.

Enjoy The Norton Family History

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