1 ABEL DAVIS died 20 November 1826. His estate was administered by his
 son in Wilcox County, Alabama. Married to
Agnus Packer who died 12 August 1819, place unknown. She is said to
 have been the sister of Robert Packer of
Monroe County, Alabama, and the daughter of John Packer who received
 a land grant in the Georgetown, South
Carolina, area in 1765.

          "Abel Davis of Monroe" purchased Section 21 in Range 6 East, 
Township 10 North, Monroe County, Alabama Territory, East of Alabama
 [River], from the U. S. Land Office in Cahaba on 5 August 1819. 
The center of this section is 6 miles west of the community of Hybart.
 The northern boundary is the Monroe-Wilcox County
     line. The Alabama River crossed the southwest corner of Section
 21 and as originally surveyed it contained 631
     acres, but was later found to contain 626.6 acres. The purchase
 was made under the credit system with Abel Davis
     paying $31.27½ in cash and $300.00 in land stock (25% down for
 631 acres @ $2.10 per acre). The land stock,
Certificate #89, originally issued on 1 July 1815 to Ebenezia Jackson,
 had most likely been issued as part of the
settlement of claims made by victims of the Yazoo Land Fraud. 
It could only be used to purchase land in Alabama
and Mississippi and frequently sold at a discount. At some point Abel
 Davis assigned his interest in the land to
William Powell and may have been only acting as Powell's agent. 
The purchase of the entire section under the credit
arrangement was not completed. Instead, the purchase of the SW¼ of 
Section 21 containing 149 acres was
completed by giving up the remaining portion of Section 21 and paying
 $18.37½ in interest. On 1 February 1826
a land patent was issued.
          Children: 1. John Packer Davis; 2. Elizabeth Davis; 3. Mary
 P. Davis; 4. Ann M. Davis

11 JOHN PACKER DAVIS born 6 July 1796 
in South Carolina died 4 March 1865 in Wilcox County, Alabama. 
Married 1st 19 October 1826 in Wilcox County, Alabama, to 
Mary A. "Polly" McCants born 7 August 1812 in South Carolina, 
died 5 June 1850, daughter of John and Jane {Thompson} McCants.
 Married 2nd on 8 October 1857 to
     Mrs. Nancy {Gerald} Tomlinson, born 27 August 1823, died
 24 May 1878, widow of Jordan K. Tomlinson and daughter of 
Nathan Gerald. She later married James Madison Crosby. All buried
 McCants cemetery in southern Wilcox County. John and Mary were
 staunch members of the Methodist Church at Tait's Chapel in Wilcox
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Jane Elizabeth Davis;
 2. Lucy Ann Davis; 3. Frances Abel Davis; 4. John Thompson Davis; 
5. Eliza Spencer Davis; 6. Mary Agnus Davis
          Children (2nd marriage): 7. Nathan Gerald Davis

12 ELIZABETH DAVIS born about 1801 in South Carolina. Married Josiah
 Garlington, born about 1797 in South Carolina.
     He served as Justice of the Peace in Wilcox County, Alabama,
 performing several marriages in that capacity. She
     apparently died between 1860 and 1870 and he died after 1870, 
probably before 1880. Some of the information on
     this family has been taken from a published genealogy.
          Children: 1. Abel D. Garlington; 2. Mary A. Garlington; 
3. John W. Garlington; 4. Sarah A. Garlington; 
5. Carolina R. Garlington; 6. Susannah E. Garlington; 
7. Margaret "Peggy" J. Garlington; 8. Josiah Tyler Garlington

13 MARY P. DAVIS born 12 January 1803 in South Carolina, died 18
 May 1871, married 22 September 1826 in Wilcox
     County, Alabama, to Peter McArthur, born 9 September 1790 
in North Carolina, died 1 January 1858, son of John
     and Catherine {McPhaul} McArthur. Both buried in McCants 
cemetery in southern Wilcox County. They were
     faithful members of the Methodist Church at Tait's Chapel.
          Children: 1. Margaret Ann McArthur

14 ANN M. DAVIS was a minor over 14 years old in 1827 when her 
brother was appointed her guardian. She appears to
have been in his household when both the 1830 and 1840 Censuses
 were taken. Many of the marriage records of
Wilcox County during the 1840s have been lost and no further
 record of her has been found.111 JANE ELIZABETH DAVIS,
 born 26 September 1827 died 25 June 1851, buried McCants Cemetery,
 Wilcox County, Alabama, married 27 August 1846 to William Lewis
 Hybart, son of Henry Hugh and Charity {Bethea} Hybart, born
     27 May 1823 Monroe County, Alabama, died 19 January 1892
 buried Hybart Cemetery near Bell's Landing,
     Monroe County, Alabama. He later married Mellison Amarintha
 McCants and Fasce Lina Wheeler. During the
     Civil War he served as a private in Company G of the 36th 
Alabama Infantry from 1 March 1861 to 5 April 1865.
     He was a ruling elder in the Bell's Landing Presbyterian Church.
 A comprehensive history of the Bethea family
was published over 50 years ago and a history of the Hybart family
 is in preparation.
          Children: 1. Lucy Isabella Hybart; 2. Henry Hugh Hybart

112 LUCY ANN DAVIS born 29 September 1829, died 6 November 1854,
 married 21 November 1853 in Wilcox County,
     Alabama, to John D. McNeill, born 7 Septmber 1823 in Alabama,
 died 11 February 1905 at Winkler, Navarro
     County, Texas. He married 2nd on 9 February 1859 in Wilcox 
County to Martha Jane Griffith.
          Children: 1. Infant Son McNeill

113 FRANCES ABEL DAVIS born 14 August 1831 in Wilcox County, Alabama
, died 9 August 1837 in an accident with a pony.

114 JOHN THOMPSON DAVIS born 27 May 1837 in Wilcox County, Alabama,
 died about 1869. Married 18 July 1866
     in Monroe County, Alabama, to Virginia Jeffalone Griffin, born
 about 1850. She was married 2nd on 20 May 1870
     in Monroe County to W. C. McKinley. He was said to have been 
crippled and to have lived on Flat Creek near
     Franklin in Monroe County, Alabama.
          Children: 1. John H. Davis

115 ELIZA SPENCER DAVIS born 23 November 1839, died 10 July 1886. 
Married 1st on 1 May 1861 Wilcox County,
     Alabama, to Robert Alexander Smith, born 2 June 1825, Wilcox 
County, Alabama, son of Archibald McKay and
     Jeannette {Gordon} Smith. He was enlisted in Wilcox Couinty
 on 23 Augusta 1863 by Captain Farish as a private
     in Company D of the 3rd Alabama Cavalry, CSA, and was killed 
17 January 1864 in a fight with the enemy near
     Danridge, Tennessee.24 Both are buried in the Smith cemetery 
at Coy, Alabama. Letters written by Robert to Eliza
     while he was in the Confederate Army have been published. 
An exhaustive history of this Smith family has been
published. She married 2nd on 15 September 1872 in Wilcox County, 
Alabama, Elisha Pierce Wright, born
February 1842, son of Jonathon and Elizabeth Wright. At the time
 of the 1880 Census she was listed as divorced
and living with her three oldest children. At the time of the 1910
 Census, E. P. Wright was living in the Mims
community of Wilcox County and was listed as a widower, having been
 married 7 years.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Mary Jeannette Smith; 
2. Robert Alexander Smith
          Children (2nd marriage): 3. Dee Wright; 
4. Pat "Man" Wright

116 MARY AGNUS DAVIS born 27 July 1843 died after the taking of 
the 1880 Census in which she was listed as
     consumptive, married about 1868 to Charles F. Gerald, born 
March 1846, probably died in Mobile, son of Nathan
     Gerald. He married 2nd on 14 December 1881 in Wilcox County
 Lula O. Gordon and 3rd on 30 December 1884
     Lilly Gordon, sisters to Mary Gordon who married William 
Horn (131 3). About 1894 Charles Gerald erntered the
     carpentry and construction business in Mobile.
          Children: 1. John Davis Gerald; 2. Lucy Gerald; 
3. Nancy Gerald

117 NATHAN GERALD DAVIS born 1 October 1858 in Wilcox County, 
Alabama, died 1 April 1916 in Mobile, Alabama.
     Married 1st in Wilcox County on 28 April 1881 to Florence
 Abernethy, born 29 July 1855 died 17 January 1894,
     daughter of Dr. William H. and Susan Rebecca {Grayson}
 Abernethy. Both buried in McCants cemetery in southern
     Wilcox County. Married 2nd 20 February 1895 to Mattie Virginia
 Abernethy (sister to Florence) born 22 March
     1881 in Monroe County, died 23 May 1951 in Mobile, Alabama,
 buried in Pine Crest Cemetery.

          For the last 20 years or so of the 19th century, 
Nathan Davis was a partner with Henry H. Hybart (111 2)
     in H. H. Hybart and Co. which operated Bell's Landing in
 Monroe County and had extensive farming interests in
     several counties. About 1904 he moved to Mobile. Here he
 was in partnership with William D. King offering their
     services as timber inspectors. Later he was a partner with
 J. M. Wilson and W. M. Gaillard in the Davis, Wilson,
     Gaillard Commision Co., cotton factors. With Robert A. Smith 
(115 2), he operated Michael & Lyons Grocery Co.
     in Mobile. He also operated large farms at Portland in Dallas 
County and at Dawes in Mobile County.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Mary Claudia Davis;
 2. Willie Abernethy Davis; 3. Nan Gray Davis;
               4. John Rufus Davis; 5. Florence Owen Davis
          Children (2nd marriage): 6. Kate Davis; 7. John P. Davis;
 8. Winnie Jefferson Davis; 9. Elise
               Davis; 10. Helen Davis; 11. Martha Virginia Davis; 
12. Nathan Gerald Davis, Jr.; 13. Celeste Edwina Davis; 
14. Mildred A. Davis; 15. Lucy Claire Davis; 16. Rebecca Davis

121 ABEL D. GARLINGTON born about about 1824, probably in Wilcox 
County, Alabama. Said not to have married. He
     was listed as a shoemaker living in his father's household 
in the 1860 Census. He enlisted at Camden, Alabama,
     on 28 March 1862 as a private in Co. A of the 23rd Alabama 
Infantry. On 7 April 1863 at Vicksburg he was
     certified as unable to perform his duties because of chronic
 dyspepsia and receommended for a furlough. No
further record of him has been found.

122 MARY A. GARLINGTON born 28 October 1827 died 1 December 1858
 in Wilcox County, Alabama. Married
     ___ Strocks.
          Children: 1. ___ 2. ___

123 JOHN W. GARLINGTON born about 1832, probably in Wilcox County,
 Alabama. Married 30 September 1857 to
     Elizabeth A. Owen, born March 1829, daughter of Hugh G. Owen.
 In the 1860 Census his occupation was shown
     as pilot [steamboat?] and he was listed in the household of 
his father while his wife and child were listed in the
     household of her father. John Garlington enlisted at Fort 
Gaines on 13 May 1862 as a private in Company H of the
     38th Alabama Infantry Regiment. He died in Mobile on
 31 October 1862, presumably of sickness and was buried
     in Mobile on 1 November 1862. On 3 April 1863 E. A. Garlington
 filed for a settlement (claim of a deceased
soldier) with the Office of the Confederate States Auditor for the
 War Depaetment. In 1891 while living at Caldonia
in Wilcox County, she applied for a pension from the State of Alabama.
 She was living in the home of her
daughter in the Fox Mills precinct of Wilcox County at the time of
 the 1900 Census.
          Children: 1. Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Garlington

124 SARAH A. GARLINGTON born about 1835, probably in Wilcox County,
 Alabama. Said not to have married. Probably
     died between 1870 and 1880.

125 CAROLINA R. GARLINGTON born about 1838, probably in Wilcox County,
 Alabama. Married ___ Bohannan.

126 SUSANNAH E. GARLINGTON born about 1839, probably in Wilcox County,
 Alabama. Married 1st 4 February 1858
     in Wilcox County to Hugh G. Owen, Jr., born about 1835 in Wilcox 
County. At Mobile, Alabama, on 19 April
     1862, Hugh Owen enlisted as a private in Company C of the 
42nd Alabama Infantry Regiment. He was captured
     on 5 October 1862 at Hatchet Bridge during the battle of Corinth
, Mississippi, and paroled on 14 October 1862 at
     Bolivar, Tennessee. He was a part of the forces defeated
 at Vicksburg and was paroled there on 4 July 1863. On
     24 November 1863 his name appeared on a list of casulties
 in the engagement on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee,
     where he was captured by the U. S. forces for the third time.
 An amputation was required for a fractured femur
     and he died in the United States General Hospital in Chattanooga
 on 3 December 1863.24 She married 2nd on
     3 October 1867 in Wilcox County to Rev. Lafayette W. Duke,
 born about 1840. L. W. Duke enlisted as a private
     in Company C of the 5th Alabama Infantry Regiment and was 
discharged as a corporal.
          Children (2nd marriage): 1. Martha Jane Duke; 
2. William B. Duke; 3. Edward D. Duke;
               4. Sudie Duke; 5. Clara Duke

127 MARGARET "PEGGY" J. GARLINGTON born about 1841, probably in 
Wilcox County, Alabama. Married
     ___ Thompson.
          Children: 1. Elizabeth Thompson

128 JOSIAH TYLER GARLINGTON born about 1843, probably in Wilcox County
, Alabama. He served as a private in
     Company A of the 23rd Alabama Infantry during the Civil War
 and was on a muster roll for the period from
     27 September to 31 December 1861.24

131 MARGARET ANN McARTHUR born 26 August 1827, died 24 June 1895,
 buried in the City Cemetery at Camden,
     Alabama. Married John Andrew Clement Horn born about 1825,
 probably in Marengo County, Alabama, son of
     John and Rebecca {Harry} Horn. They had moved to Marengo County
 by 1880 and sold their house in Camden
     to their son, Peter, in 1883. Information about some of their
 descendants has been extracted from a history of the
town of Dayton in Marengo County.
          Children: 1. John H. Horn; 2. Peter McArthur Horn;
 3. William Wallace Horn; 4. Frank C.
               Horn; 5. Mary "Mollie" Rebecca Horn; 6. Davis Horn; 
7. Margaret E. Horn; 8. James J. Horn; 9. Ella A. Horn; 
10. Paul I. Horn

111 1 LUCY ISABELLA HYBART born 13 September 1847 died 19 August 1848
 buried McCants Cemetery, Wilcox
 County, Alabama.

111 2 HENRY HUGH HYBART born 11 August 1849 died 5 August 1897 
buried Hybart Cemetery, Bell's Landing,
     Monroe County, Alabama, married 28 February 1872 at Monroeville,
 Alabama, by Rev. Watson, to Jane Calhoun
     "Callie" Posey, born 22 September 1854 Monroeville, Alabama,
 died 5 April 1933 Mobile, Alabama, buried Pine
     Crest Cemetery, daughter of James Willis and Mary Elizabeth 
{Rutledge} Posey. He was a graduate of Stonewall
     Institute, Summerfield, Dallas County, Alabama, and they 
were members of the Presbyterian Church.

          With Nathan Gerald Davis (117), H. H. Hybart operated 
Bell's Landing on the Alabama River in northern
     Monroe County, Alabama, from about 1880 until his death.
 This partnership, known as H. H. Hybart and
Company, also had extensive farming interests and is said to have
 owned over 40,000 acres of land in Monroe,
Wilcox, Clarke, and Dallas Counties at the time of H. H. Hybart's
 death. About 1888 he moved his family to
Mobile to improve the educational opportunities for his children.
 He served as a Justice of the Peace in Monroe
County and is on record as performing several marriages in 1874.
          Children: 1. Callie Posey Hybart; 2. Charles Louis Hybart;
 3. Henry Hugh Hybart; 4. Mary Whitney Hybart; 5. James Willis Hybart;
 6. Clay King Hybart; 7. Elizabeth "Bessie" Jeanette Hybart

114 1 JOHN H. DAVIS born 18 January 1868 in Monroe County, Alabama,
 died 25 March 1893, married Samantha L.
     Falkenberry, born 28 January 1862, died 21 May 1946, daughter
 of William and Margaret {Ballard} Falkenberry.
          Children: 1. John P. Davis; 2. Mammie Davis

115 1 MARY JEANNETTE "MOLLIE" SMITH born 20 April 1862 in Black's 
Bend, Wilcox County, Alabama. She
     attended the Samuel Spencer school in Black's Bend, 
the Montgomery Institute at Lower Peach Tree and in June
     1882 was graduated from the Alabama Conference Female College
 at Tuskegee, Alabama, which was operated by
     the Methodist Church. She had begun her second year of school 
teaching at Bell's Landing in Monroe County,
     Alabama, when she became ill with typhoid fever and was taken to
 her mother's home in Wilcox County where she
     died 22 November 1883 and was buried in the Smith Cemetery at Coy.

115 2 ROBERT ALEXANDER SMITH, born 28 December 1863 Wilcox County,
 died 27 September 1939, Mobile,
     Alabama, married 5 October 1886 Bell's Landing at the home
 of Henry H. Hybart (111 2) by Rev. H. T. Johnson
     (Methodist) to Sarah "Sallie" Jane Hybart, born 31 January 1866
 Bell's Landing, Alabama, daughter of William
     Lewis and Mellison Amarintha {McCants} Hybart, died 1 April 1950,
 Mobile, Alabama. Both are buried in
     Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. He attended the Samuel
 Spencer school in Black's Bend and the
     Montgomery Institute at Lower Peach Tree. R. A. Smith farmed
at Coy in Wilcox County, Alabama, until the Fall
     of 1902 when he moved to Mobile to enter the cotton factor
 and commission business. He later operated a cotton
     mill in the Mobile suburb of Prichard, Michael & Lyons Grocery 
Co. with Nathan Gerald Davis (117), and other
     mercantile interests in Mobile. Beginning about 1911, he and his
 son operated a farm about 5 miles northeast of
     Pine Apple in Wilcox County, Alabama, which he later sold to his
 son. During the later years of his life he owned
     and operated a pecan orchard about 4 miles south of Semmes
 in Mobile County. He served as a county
     commissioner in both Wilcox and Mobile Counties. He served
 on the Board of Stewards of the Government Street
     Methodist Church in Mobile over 35 years--a number of them
 as its presiding officer. She attended Barton Academy
     in Mobile, living with her cousin Sarah Jane {Bethea} Ussery.
 On 6 April 1879 she joined the Franklin Street
     Methodist Church in Mobile upon profession of faith.
          Children: 1. Robert Alexander Smith, Jr.; 
2. Sadie Eliza Smith; 3. Jeannette Calhoun Smith;
               4. Mellison "Mellie" Smith; 5. Lucile Smith; 
6. Henry Hybart Smith; 7. Mary Hybart Smith; 8. Doris Smith

115 3 DEE WRIGHT born 16 September 1876 Black's Bend, Wilcox County,

115 4 PAT "MAN" WRIGHT born 17 November 1879 Black's Bend, 
Wilcox County, Alabama.

116 1 JOHN DAVIS GERALD born about 1869 in Wilcox County, Alabama,
 died 10 December 1942, buried Pine Crest
     Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. Married Margaret Ann McAndrews,
 born 1873, died 1956, buried in Catholic
     Cemetery in Mobile, daughter of Peter and Nora {Gilligan}
 McAndrews. He served as a clerk on the steamboats
     and later as president of Michael & Lyons Grocery Co.
          Children: 1. Mary Alite Gerald; 2. John Davis Gerald, Jr.;
 3. Dolly Gerald; 4. Nathan Davis Gerald; 5. Norman Staples Gerald; 
6. Louis Richard Gerald; 7. Margaret Gerald

116 2 LUCY GERALD born June 1872 in Wilcox County, Alabama. 
She was living at Prichard, Alabama, at the time of
     her death 14 December 1951 and was buried in Pine Crest Cemetery
 in Mobile. Married 1st about 1892 to John
     L. Link, born in Louisiana, married 2nd to G. Fleet Knapp,
 born about 1882 in Alabama.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Henry Hybart Link
          Children (2nd marriage): 2. Leon Knapp

116 3 NANCY GERALD born about 1878 in Wilcox County, Alabama, 
died 12 June 1945, Mobile, Alabama, buried in Pine Crest Cemetery..

117 1 MARY CLAUDIA DAVIS born 7 February 1882 died 5 October 1882 
buried McCants Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama.

117 2 WILLIE ABERNETHY DAVIS born 20 June 1883 died 10 December 1884
 buried McCants Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama.

117 3 NAN GRAY DAVIS born 22 September 1887 died 30 January 1963. 
She received the B. A. degree from the
     Woman's College of Alabama (now Huntingdon College). She was 
a high school teacher for some 35 years at
     Theodore, Alabama, where a school has been named for her.
 She was the author of a most intertesting and
     informative article about life along the Alabama River
 during the last century. She was a very active member of
the Fulton Heights Methodist Church in Mobile and belonged
 to numerous organizations including Delta Kappa
Gamma and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

117 4 JOHN RUFUS DAVIS born 26 September 1889 died 4 October 1889.

117 5 FLORENCE OWEN DAVIS born 6 January 1894 in Clarke County, 
Alabama, died 24 July 1949, married
     16 December 1925 to Davis Lamar Clark, born about 1892 in Clarke
 County, died 28 July 1935. Both are buried
     in Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile.

117 6 KATE DAVIS born 30 October 1896, Bell's Landing, Monroe County, 
Alabama, died 13 February 1981, married
     21 January 1926 to Dr. Edmund Rasha Cannon, died 4 July 1962,
 both buried in Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile,
     Alabama. He practiced medicine at Vredrenburgh, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Edmund Rasha Cannon, Jr.; 
2. Catherine "Bebe" Cannon; 3. Nathan Davis Cannon;
               4. William Abernethy Cannon; 5. A. Benson Cannon

117 7 JOHN P. DAVIS born 28 July 1897, died 16 February 1900 buried
 McCants Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama.

117 8 WINNIE JEFFERSON DAVIS born 9 February 1899, died 28 April 1973,
 buried Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile,
     Alabama. She was a graduate of Woman's College of Alabama 
(now Huntingdon College). She taught English at
     Murphy High School in Mobile.

117 9 ELISE DAVIS born 13 September 1901, Bell's Landing, Monroe 
County, Alabama, died 28 December 1991, married
     22 October 1924 to Samuel Septimus Gaillard, died 28 April 1973. 
Both buried Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.
     Children: 1. Samuel Septimus Gaillard; 2. Barbara E. Gaillard; 
3. Mary Frye Gaillard. There are also three infants buried
 in Pine Crest Cemetery.

117 0 HELEN DAVIS born 27 July 1903, died 15 January 1904.

117 1 MARTHA VIRGINIA DAVIS 8 January 1905, died 27 October 1978, 
married 20 March 1926 to Charles Pollard
     Boykin, died ___, both buried Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile,
          Children: 1. Martha Virginia Boykin; 2. Dorothy Boykin;
 3. Rebecca Pollard "Polly" Boykin;
               4. Burwell Lee Boykin; 5. Nancy Boykin

117 2 NATHAN GERALD DAVIS, JR. born 15 January 1907, Mobile, Alabama,
 died 7 April 1989, buried Pine Crest
     Cemetery, Mobile. Married 1st on 16 June 1928 to Clara A. Aikin,
 married 2nd to Antionett "Toni" ___.  351
     Conti St., Apt. 1209; Mobile, AL 36602; 334/438-5279
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Clara Alma Davis; 2. Nathan
 Gerald Davis III; 3. Joy Davis

117 3 CELESTE EDWINA DAVIS born 2 December 1909, Mobile, Alabama,
 died 2 October 1985, buried Pine Crest
     Cemetery. She was secretary for the St. Francis Street Methodist
 Church in Mobile for many years..

117 4 MILDRED A. DAVIS born 2 November 1910, Mobile, Alabama.  

117 5 LUCY CLAIRE DAVIS born 6 December 1914, Mobile, Alabama,
 died 12 August 1972, buried Pine Crest
     Cemetery, married 1 May 1940 to Louie F. Wilson, Jr. who died
 about 1990. He was a minister in the United
     Methodist Church. 
          Children: 1. Louie F. Wilson III

117 6 REBECCA DAVIS born 20 February 1916, married 8 March 1949 to
 J. Walter Nachtwey.  1500 Navco Road;
     Mobile, AL 36605; 334/473-7665
          Children: 1. Margaret Nachtwey; 2. Rebecca Susan Nachtwey

123 1 MARY ELIZABETH "BESSIE" GARLINGTON born November 1861,
 died 1 October 1922. Married 3 November
     1880 in Wilcox County to Miles Lony McWilliams born February 1860.
          Children: 1 Florrie Bell McWilliams; 2. Jessie McWilliams;
 3. Joseph Henry McWilliams; 4. William "Weslie" Ray McWilliams;
 5. Nathan McWilliams; 6. Tiny Sue McWilliams;7. John Miles McWilliams

126 1 MARTHA JANE DUKE born about 1869 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

126 2 WILLIAM B. DUKE born about 1873 in Alabama.

126 3 EDWARD D. DUKE born about 1874 in Alabama.

126 4 SUDIE DUKE born about 1876 in Alabama.

126 5 CLARA DUKE born about 1878 in Alabama.

127 1 ELIZABETH THOMPSON born about 1864, married to __ Davison.

131 1 JOHN H. HORN born November 1848 in Wilcox County, Alabama. 
Married 23 December 1874, Wilcox County,
     to Sallie Bragg, born about 1850 in Wilcox County,. daughter
 of Alex P. and Martha Bragg. They were living in
     Marengo County in 1880. In 1900 he was living with his 5 younger 
children in Limestone County, Texas.
          Children: 1. Alex P. Horn; 2. Ida Sue Horn; 3. Bessie Horn; 
4. Neilie Horn; 5. Thomas Horn; 6. Robert Horn; 7. Susan Horn

131 2 PETER McARTHUR HORN born about 1849. Married 1st on 12 October
 1876 in Wilcox County, Alabama, to Susan
     Elizabeth "Bettie" Smith, born about 1857 in Alabama. Married 
2nd on 13 March 1889 in Wilcox County to Annie
     E. Smith, born about 1852 in Alabama, sister to Bettie. 
He was an attorney in Camden and president of the Camden
     Bank. He was shot on 23 January 1897 in Camden and died 
20 February 1897 in Montgomery, Alabama, where
     he had been taken for medical treatment. Two newspaper 
accounts of the circumstances surrounding his death are
     shown below.  While they were found in a Mobile newspaper,
 they were apparently copied from the Montgomery  papers.

                            THE CAMDEN SHOOTING


    Camden, Jan. 26 - (Special to the Montgomery Advertiser) -
Camden was shocked last Saturday by what may prove a fatal
shooting affair between Colonel E. N. Jones and P. M. Horn, Esq.

    It seems there were some differences between the heirs of
the Horn estate and a law suit was the result. Colonel E. N. Jones was
employed as attorney on one side in the case, and in opposition to P.
M. Horn, who, it seems, became offended with Colonel Jones for
remarks he made and questions asked during the preliminaries which
were held Friday. The next day, (Saturday) the two met near Mr.
Jones' office, and after a few heated remarks by both parties, the
shooting began. Mr. Jones shot Mr. Horn, the ball entering the mouth
and coming out in the neighborhood of the ear. Mr. Horn then grappled
with Mr. Jones, and it was then that Mr. Dick Jones, son of the
colonel, came upon the scene, and thinking it was his father who was
shot, pulled his gun and fired, the ball entering the rear of the

   Mr. Horn was known as a man who was quick to use a
weapon, and it was this fact, as thought by many, which caused Mr.
Jones to be so quick with his own.

   Mr. Horn is alive at this writing, and his appearance indicates
an improvement in his condition, but there is little hope entertained
 by his friends of his recovery.


                              Peter Horn Dead

                   The Victim of a Pistol Shot at Camden

                           (Montgomery Journal)

    Mr. Peter Horn died at the city infirmary from a wound received
 in the head in a difficulty with Colonel Ed. Jones about ten
 days or two weeks ago. Mr. Horn was brought to this city several
 days ago, and undertook a difficult surgical operation. A part of 
the ball was located near the brain and removed. He had no chance
 to live  with the ball pressing upon the brain. He had a small 
chance with the ball removed. His condition was regarded as critical
 all along, and but few hopes were entertained of his recovery.
 His remains were sent back to Camden last night via Selma.

     Col. Jones does not appear to have suffered any serious legal
 consequences from the shooting as he was practicing
law in Camden at the time of the 1900 Census. However, his son
 Dick is said to have "gone to Texas."
          Children: (1st marriage): 1. Archibald "Archie" Smith Horn;
  2. Clifford Horn; 3. Peter McArthur Horn
          Children (2nd marriage): 4. Elizabeth "Bettie" Horn

131 3 WILLIAM WALLACE HORN born 19 January 1850 in Wilcox County,
 Alabama, died 2 August 1900 from a shot
     in the back in a range war in Stonewall County, Texas, 
buried at Rotan, Fisher County, Texas. Married 10 October
     1872 in Wilcox County to Mary "Maimie" Caroline Gordon,
 born 14 March 1853, died 16 April 1933, buried in
     Odd Fellows Cemetery, Bayou LaBatre, Alabama, daughter 
of Dewitt Clinton and Francis Priscilla {Jackson}
     Gordon. D. C. Gordon was a 1st cousin of Robert A. Smith
 who married Eliza Davis (115). By 1900 they were
     divorced and he was living with their son, John Clinton 
Horn (131 31) in Fisher County and she was living in
     Escambia County, Alabama. In the 1910 Census she is shown as
 having been married for one year to Bennie R.
     Parson. She is listed on her tombstone as Maimie C. Horn.
          Children: 1. Lillie Ovilla Horn; 2. John Clinton Horn; 
3. Margaret Frances "Meta" Horn; 4.
               William Howard Horn; 5. Gordon Horn; 
6. Davis Leslie Horn; 7. Annie Elizabeth Horn;
               8. Peter Alexander Horn; 9. Lawrence Abernathy Horn;
 10. Frank Cleveland Horn;
               11. Maimie Orlean Horn

131 4 FRANK C. HORN born about 1852 in Wilcox County, Alabama, 
died 2 July 1889 in Marengo County. He was a
     medical doctor.

131 5 MARY "MOLLIE" REBECCA HORN born 10 November 1854 at Camden,
 Wilcox County, Alabama, died
     16 September 1910, buried at Thomaston, Alabama. Married 12
 November 1872 at her father's house by William
     Mumford, Rector of the Church of the Holy Cross at Uniontown
 to William McCants Stallworth, born 12 October
     1850 at Evergreen, Alabama, died 29 November 1884, buried at
 Beatrice, Alabama, son of William Allen and
     Salina {McCants} Stallworth. They were Methodists. Much of
 the information on the descendants of this couple
     has been extracted from a history of the Stallworth family.
          Children: 1. Elizabeth Salina Stallworth; 2. John Clement 
Stallworth; 3. Margaret "Maggie" Mae
               Stallworth; 4. Mary Ella Stallworth; 5. William
 McCants Stallworth; 6. Ollie Pearle
               Stallworth; 7. James Nicholas Stallworth

131 6 DAVIS HORN born October 1856 in Wilcox County, Alabama died
 9 June 1932, married about 1883 to Margaret
     A. McKnight, born April 1857, probably in Marengo County, 
Alabama, died 13 February 1937. Both buried in
     the cemetery at Dayton, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Frank C. Horn; 2. Mary Alabama Horn

131 7 MARGARET E. HORN born about 1858 in Wilcox County, Alabama,
 married Oliver Brame, born 16 October 1854,
     died 3 February 1927. He had previously married Joana C ___ and
 after Margaret's death married Mrs. Mary
     Sanders. He is buried in the cemetery at Dayton, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Olive Brame; 2. John A. C. Brame; 3. Maggie 
Brame; 4. Mary Brame

131 8 JAMES J. HORN born about 1860 in Wilcox County, Alabama., 
died 20 July 1889 in Marengo County.

131 9 ELLA A. HORN born about 1864 in Wilcox County, Alabama,
 died 3 August 1889 in Marengo County.

131 0 PAUL I. HORN born about 1868 in Wilcox County, Alabama.

111 21 CALLIE POSEY HYBART born 25 November 1872 Monroeville, 
Alabama, died 7 November 1952 married 22 June
     1898 Mobile, Alabama, to George Caldwell Gaillard born 
December 1872 and died 12 August 1956. Both are
     buried Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.
          Children: 1. George Howard Gaillard; 2. Dorothy Jane 

111 22 CHARLES LOUIS HYBART born 5 August 1875 Monroeville, Alabama,
 died 5 February 1950 Monroeville,
     Alabama, buried first in the Hybart Cemetery, his grave was
 later moved to Monroeville. He married first about
     1900, Dallas County, Alabama, to Estelle LaPointe born
 1 April 1876 Alabama daughter of Napolean B. and
     Antoinette {Niolan} LaPointe died 10 July 1901, buried
 Catholic Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama, married 2nd 1905
     to Lucy Burns, married 3rd 1925, Monroe County, to Virginia 
Marion McDuffie, daughter of John and Virginia
     Marion {Lott} McDuffie. He received the L.L.B. from The 
University of Alabama. He practiced law first in Mobile
     and later in Monroeville. Presidential Elector in 1908 and 1912.
 Mason. Elder in the Monroeville Presbyterian
     Church. Officer in the Alabama National Guard. Marion McDuffie
 was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of The
     University of Alabama. She taught Latin in Monroeville and 
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Estelle Hybart (Twin);
 2.___Hybart (Twin)
          Children (3rd marriage): 3. Virginia McDuffie Hybart

111 23 HENRY HUGH HYBART born 13 November 1877 Bell's Landing 
died 2 September 1963 buried Pine Crest
     Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama, married 23 August 1899 Mobile,
 Alabama, at St. John's Episcopal Church, Mobile,
     Alabama, by Rev. Gardiner C. Tucker (Episcopal) to Victoire
 Marsalette Barnett born 3 July 1881, daughter of
     Charles W. and Mary E. Barnett, died 8 January 1928 buried 
first in Magnolia Cemetery, reinterred in Pine Crest
     Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. He was a Master and Clerk on the
          Children: 1. Myrtle Elizabeth Hybart; 2. Beulah Calhoun 

111 24 MARY WHITNEY HYBART born 14 December 1879 Bell's Landing
 married 25 August 1909 Daphne, Alabama,
     by Dr. R. A. Planck (Presbyterian) to Frank Lemuel Milhous
 born 21 November 1881 died March 1959 buried
     Selma, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Atlas Martin Milhous

111 25 JAMES WILLIS HYBART born 19 October 1882 Bell's Landing died 
12 October 1962 Mobile, Alabama, buried
     Bell's Landing Presbyterian Church married 2 September 1908 to
 Lall Stallworth born 16 September 1887, died
     14 May 1941 Atmore, Alabama, buried Bell's Landing Presbyterian
 Church, daughter of Nicholas James and Mary
     Rebecca {Burgess} Stallworth.
          Children: 1. Henry Calhoun Hybart; 2. Mary Rebecca Hybart;
 3. James Willis Hybart Jr.;
               4. Frederick Stallworth Hybart; 5. Lall Hybart; 
6. John Paul Hybart 7. Jane Calhoun

111 26 CLAY KING HYBART born 25 February 1885 Bell's Landing, 
Alabama, died 18 November 1949 buried Bell's
     Landing Presbyterian Church married 1st to Rita Vaught born
 27 July 1888 died 4 May 1962, married 2nd to Marie
     Urghart Phillips. He was a master, pilot, and clerk on the 
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Clayrita Hybart;
 2. John "Jack" Lee Hybart

111 27 ELIZABETH "BESSIE" JEANETTE HYBART born 17 February 1894 
Mobile, Alabama, died 18 May 1982
     Mobile, Alabama, buried Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama,
 married 2 August 1958 to Col. John William
     Cummins, died 27 December 1965.

114 11 JOHN P. DAVIS born 4 June 1889 Monroe County, Alabama, 
died 22 December 1963, buried Springhill
     Church Cemetery, Franklin, Alabama. Married 20 January 1943
 to Lizzie Lou Black, born 4 September 1924.
          Children: 1. Willie Lou Davis; 2. William John P. Davis; 
3. Kenneth Wayne Davis; 4. Infant
               Son Davis

114 12 MAMMIE DAVIS born 14 June 1891, died 19 April 1917, buried 
Springhill Church Cemetery, Franklin,
          Children: 1. Albert Davis

115 21 ROBERT ALEXANDER SMITH, JR. born 16 July 1887 Coy, Alabama, 
died 4 May 1965 Montgomery,
     Alabama, married 1st 5 December 1917 Pensacola, Florida, by 
Rev. D. P. Slaughter (Methodist) to Clara
     Louise Melton, daughter of Henry Edward and Beulah {Bizzell}
 Melton, born 7 August 1895 Pine Apple,
     Alabama, died 14 June 1956 Selma, Alabama, married 2nd 10 
October 1959 Lowndesboro, Alabama, to Mrs.
     Anne {Traweek} Trice died 3 December 1975, daughter of Ira 
Yeldell and Leila {Smith} Traweek and widow
     of George Alva Trice, all buried Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville,
 Alabama. Robert A. Smith, Jr. attended
     Henry Wright's school (now University Military School) in Mobile
, Bingham Military Academy, Asheville,
     North Carolina, and Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie,
 New York. He farmed and raised cattle at Pine
     Apple, Alabama. He served as steward in the Pine Apple Methodist
 Church. He was a commissioner in Wilcox
     County, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Robert Alexander Smith III; 2. Louise 
Melton Smith; 3. Doris Jeannette Smith; 4. Henry Edward Smith

115 22 SADIE ELIZA SMITH born 28 January 1890 Mobile, Alabama, at the 
home of her uncle Henry H. Hybart
     (111 2) died 31 December 1990, Mobile, Alabama, buried Magnolia 
Cemetery. She received the A.B. degree
     from Sullins College, Bristol Virginia.

115 23 JEANNETTE CALHOUN SMITH born 12 May 1891 Coy, Alabama, 
died 24 February 1988 Mobile, Alabama.
     Attended Sullins College, Bristol Virginia, and received 
the A.B. degree from Woman's College of Alabama
     (now Huntingdon College). School teacher and librarian. 
She was active in collecting family history. This work
     is particularly indebted to her and her sisters Mellie and 

115 24 MELLISON "MELLIE" SMITH born 5 May 1895 Coy, Alabama, died
 4 January 1986 Mobile, Alabama,
     buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile. She was an art graduate of
 Woman's College of Alabama (now Huntingdon

115 25 LUCILE SMITH born 27 October 1896 Coy, Alabama, died 14 
July 1985 Huntsville, Alabama, married 5 April
     1927 Mobile, Alabama, by Dr. P. B. Wells (Methodist) and 
Dr. A. B. Newsom (Baptist) to Charles Henderson
     Newsom born 21 October 1887 Eatonton, Georgia, son of Edward
 Columbus and Mary Lou {Weaver}
     Newsom, died 28 February 1979 Birmingham, Alabama. Both buried
 in Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery,
     Alabama. She received the A.B. degree from the Woman's College
 of Alabama (now Huntingdon College),
     Montgomery, Alabama. She taught school prior to her marriage
 and was responsible for obtaining and
     preserving copies of some of the Hybart family records which
 were later destroyed by fire. She was a member
     of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Methodist
 Church. He received the A.B., L.L.B. and
     A.M. degrees from the University of Georgia. He was a member 
of the Sons of the American Revolution and
     the Baptist Church.
          Children: 1. Sarah "Sally" Lucile Newsom; 
2. Charles Henderson Newsom, Jr.; 3. Mary
               Jeannette Newsom

115 26 HENRY HYBART SMITH born 3 November 1898 Coy, Alabama, 
died 11 April 1900 buried Smith Cemetery,
     Coy, Alabama.

115 27 MARY HYBART SMITH born 19 February 1901, Coy, Alabama, 
married 23 June 1926 Mobile, Alabama, by
     Dr. P. B. Wells (Methodist) to William Columbus Stapleton born
 2 October 1884 Mendota, Virginia, died
     14 December 1959 Mobile, Alabama, buried Pine Crest Cemetery,
 son of Commodore Perry and Susan Janette
     {Poff} Stapleton. She received the A.B. degree from Woman's
 College of Alabama (now Huntingdon College)
     and taught at the Downing Industrial School, Brewton, Alabama, 
the Coffee County High School, Enterprise,
     Alabama,and the Montgomery County High School, Ramer, Alabama,
 prior to marriage. Later she taught Latin
     and social studies for some 20 years in the Mobile County 
Schools at Murphy High School, Barton Academy,
     and Sidney Phillips Junior High School. He received the 
A.B. from Highland Home College, Highland Home,
     Alabama, B.S. and M.A. degrees from The University of Alabama. 
He taught school in Autauga, Coosa,
     Butler, Lowndes, and Crenshaw Counties before serving as 
principal of the Coffee County High School in
     Enterprise, Alabama. He also taught a short while at the
 Pensacola, Florida, High School after being discharged
     from the U. S. Army in 1918. He was cashier of the Enterprise
 Banking Company from 1919 to 1925 and was
     a partner in a furniture business in Enterprise prior to
 joining the faculty at Murphy High School in Mobile,
     Alabama, in 1927. He was appointed principal of Barton Academy
 in Mobile in 1945 and remained there until
     his retirement in 1956. 
          Children: 1. William Columbus Stapleton, Jr. (The author);
 2. Mary Mell Stapleton

115 28 DORIS SMITH born 8 May 1903, Mobile, Alabama, married 
19 June 1928 Mobile, Alabama, by Dr. R. R.
     Ellison (Methodist) to Joseph Gaines Morrissette born 16 Jan 
1902 Mobile, Alabama, son of Edward Robison
     and Ida {Marshall} Morrissette, died 22 November 1932, 
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, buried Magnolia Cemetery,
     Mobile, Alabama. She is a graduate of The Woman's College
 of Alabama (now Huntingdon College). Prior to
     marriage she taught school at Vernon, Enterprise, and Luverne,
 Alabama. She taught Home Economics and
     Biology at Murphy High School in Mobile prior to retirement.
 Joe Morrissette was a sales representative for
     Kahn Manufacturing Company at the time of the automobile 
accident which took his life.
          Children: 1. Doris Smith Morrissette

116 11 MARY ALITE GERALD born about 1900, died 11 January 1989,
 buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Mobile,
     Alabama, married Francis Hoffman.

116 12 JOHN DAVIS GERALD, JR., born about 1902, Mobile, Alabama,
 died 26 April 1977, buried Catholic
     Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. Married Octavia ___.
          Children: 1. Cecile Gerald; 2. Mary Ann Gerald; 
3. Jane Davis Gerald

116 13 DOLLY GERALD born about 1904, Mobile, Alabama, married 
T. A. Yeend.

116 14 NATHAN DAVIS GERALD born 1906, died 1934, buried Catholic
 Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.

116 15 NORMAN STAPLES GERALD born 14 August 1909, died 9 August 1976,
 married Mildred Cooper born
     25 July 1911, died 13 October 1976, daughter of L. M. Cooper,
 both buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile,
          Children: 1. Norman Staples Gerald, Jr.; 2. Elaine Gerald;
 3. Sue Gerald; 4. Louis Richard
               Gerald II

116 16 LOUIS RICHARD GERALD born about 1912, Mobile, Alabama, 
died ___, married Jodie ___.

116 17 MARGARET GERALD born about 1915, Mobile, Alabama, died 28 
March 1992, buried Catholic Cemetery,
     Mobile. She was known as Sister Mary Maurice Gerald after she
 joined the Sisters of Mercy where she served
     for over 50 years as a teacher in Baltimore, Pensacola, and 

116 21 HENRY HYBART LINK born July 1895, married Nellie ___.
          Children: 1. Henry Hybart Link, Jr.

116 22 LEON KNAPP born about 1908, probably in Washington County,

117 61 EDMUND RASHA CANNON, JR. born 17 December 1926, died 1991.
 Married 17 August 1974 at the First
     United Methodist Church, Opelika, Alabama to Lucinda Moore
 Samford, daughter of William James Samford.
          Children: 1.

117 62 CATHERINE "BEBE" CANNON born 14 July 1928, married 22
 July 1950, Vredenburgh, Alabama, to William
     Clarke Jones, son of Paul Hines Jones. Agraduate of The 
University of Alabama, he is now retired from
     pharmaceutical sales. 
          Children: 1. Martha Taylor Jones; 2. Nancy Jones;
 3. Susan Jones


117 64 WILLIAM ABERNETHY CANNON He received the B. A. and
 B. S. degrees from The University of Alabama.
     and is now retired from State Farm Insurance. 
          Children: 1. William Abernethy Cannon, Jr.; 
2. David Cannon


117 91 SAMUEL SEPTIMUS GAILLARD, JR. born 9 August 1925, 
Mobile, Alabama, died 6 August 1931,
     Jacksonville, Florida, buried Pine Crest 
Mobile, Alabama.

117 92 BARBARA E. GAILLARD born 15 November 1926, died ___,
 married 12 June 1948 to Alvin Lee Magnon.
          Children: 1. Martha Virginia Magnon; 2. Mary Ann Magnon; 
3; Patricia Magnon; 4. Laura

117 93 MARY FRYE GAILLARD married 27 December 1957 to Roger 
Buchanan Ray.  Largo, FL
          Children: 1. Mary Katherine Ray; 2. Roger Ray

117 11 MARTHA VIRGINIA BOYKIN born 13 August 1927, married 18 
March 1949 to Robert B. Wheeler.
          Children: 1. Virginia Elizabeth Wheeler; 2. William Robert
 Wheeler; 3. Martha Anne

117 12 DOROTHY BOYKIN married Richard Gary.  New York, NY
          Children: 1. John Gary; 2. Virginia Pollard Gary.

117 13 REBECCA POLLARD "POLLY" BOYKIN married David Boyd Wayne. 
 Croton, NY

117 14 BURWELL LEE BOYKIN married Lura Phyllis Smith.  King George VA

117 15 NANCY BOYKIN married Reuben Miles.  Daytona Beach, FL

117 21 CLARA ALMA DAVIS born 27 April 1929, married 31 May 1958 to
 Robert Stewart Brown, born 21 June
     1928.  Davis, CA
          Children: 1. Stewart Aiken Brown; 2. Amy-Jo Catherine Brown


117 23 JOY DAVIS married John "Jack" A. TerHar.  Broomfield, CO
          Children: 1. Jackie TerHar; 2. Morris TerHar; 3. Terri 

117 51 LOUIE F. WILSON III married 8 May 1970, Sacramento, California
, to Cheryl Dean.

117 61 MARGARET VIRGINIA NACHTWEY married William F. Spann.
          Children: 1. Son Spann

117 62 REBECCA SUSAN NACHTWEY born 14 December 1955, married about 
1974 to Woody Lee Jones born about

123 11 FLORRIE BELL McWILLIAMS born 7 October 1881 died 20 April 1934.
 Married in 1907 to Telfair James
     Mashburn, born 31 May 1882, died 2 December 1949. Both are buried
 in the Flomaton cemetery.  They lived
     at Selma, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Telfair Mashburn; 2. Melvin Mashburn; 3.
 Nathan Mashburn; 4. Joseph Michael

123 12 JESSIE McWILLIAMS born July 1883, married at Pine Apple, 
Alabama, 25 December 1921 to Mabel Griffith.
          Children: 1. Jessie McWilliams, Jr.; 2. Elizabeth McWilliams

123 13 JOSEPH HENRY McWILLIAMS, born March 1886, died 13 October 1918.
 Not married.

123 14 WILLIAM "WESLIE" RAY McWILLIAMS born 1887, died 1888.

123 15 NATHAN McWILLIAMS born 7 June 1888. Lived at Pensacola, Florida

123 16 TINY SUE McWILLIAMS born 16 November 1892, married in 1931 at 
Flomaton, Alabama, to Louis Sydney
     Craine, born 11 June 1877, died 3 November 1959. He is buried
 in the Flomaton Cemetery.

123 17 JOHN MILES McWILLIAMS born 19 January 1895, married at 
McWilliams, Alabama, to Mabel Hidgen.
          Children: 1. Everett Tenant McWilliams

131 11 ALEX P. HORN born about 1876 in Marengo County, Alabama.

131 12 IDA SUE HORN born about 1878, Marengo County, Alabama.

131 13 BESSIE HORN born November 1881 in Alabama, married Nicolas 
Maiden, born December 1869 in Alabama.

131 14 NEILIE HORN born October 1885 in Alabama.

131 15 THOMAS HORN born April 1890 in Texas.

131 16 ROBERT HORN born November 1892 in Texas.

131 17 SUSAN HORN born May 1894 in Texas.

131 21 ARCHIBALD "ARCHIE" SMITH HORN born January 1880, Camden, 
Wilcox County, Alabama. At the time
     of the 1900 Census he was a dealer in general merchandise
 living in the household of his uncle, Davis Horn
     (131 6), near Faunsdale, Marengo County, Alabama. Moved to 
Big Spring, Texas. Later he lived at Merkel and
     Sweetwater, Texas, and Quinlan, Oklahoma. He died 28 May 1945.
 Married 6 May 1909, Abilene, Texas, to
     Mrs. Ida May {Reese} Anderson.
          Children: 1. David Jay Horn

131 22 CLIFFORD HORN born September 1880 at Camden, Alabama. In 
1900 he was living with his cousin, John C.
     Horn (131 31), in Fisher County, Texas. Family tradition says
 he was killed near Big Spring, Texas, in an
     argument over a ring.

131 23 PETER McARTHUR HORN born October 1884 Camden, Alabama. 
In 1900 he was attending school while
     living with his uncle, Davis Horn (131 6), near Faunsdale,
 Marengo County, Alabama. He married Annie ___,
     born about 1889 in Texas, and was living at Big Spring in
 Howard County, Texas, in 1910. He lived later at
     Bisbee, Arizona.
          Children: 1. Andrew Horn; 2. Lillian Horn

131 24 ELIZABETH "BETTIE" HORN born at Camden, Alabama, lived at 
Aztec, New Mexico.

131 31 LILLIE OVILLA HORN born 25 July 1873  Alabama, probably Wilcox
 County,died 8 September 1876.

131 32 JOHN CLINTON HORN born 12 July 1874, Gulletts Bluff, Wilcox
 County, Alabama, died 2 July 1936 Big
     Spring,Texas, married 24 November 1894 Rotan, Fisher County,
 Tesas, to Lucy Maben born 11 August 1878
     Woodbury, Hill County, Texas, died 24 June 1960 Big Spring, 
Texas, daughter of Robert Graham and Sallie
     Lester {Willson} Maben. They were living in Fisher County, 
Texas, in 1900. They then moved to Floyd
     County, Texas, and by 1910 had moved to Big Spring in Howard 
County, Texas, where he operated a
          Children: 1. Infant Horn; 2. Infant Horn; 3. Robert Maben
 Horn; 4. Infant Horn; 5. William
               Wallace Horn; 6. Annie May Horn; 7. John Clinton Horn,
 Jr.; 8. Lorena Jackson
               Horn; 9. Jack Horn

131 33 MARGARET FRANCIS "META" HORN born 31 January 1876, Wilcox 
County, Alabama, married 30 January
     1900 to Louis Myer, born about 1865, in Russia or Germany, 
lived at Bayou LaBatre, Alabama, where he was
     a merchant. There is a Myer plot in the Odd Fellows Cemetery 
in Bayou LaBatre which contains 2 adult and 3
     infant slabs, all unmarked.
          Children: 1. James L. Horn; 2. Edward Myer; 3. Willie Myer;
 4. Marvin (Mollie?) Myer;
               5. Ora Mae Myer; 6. Naomi Myer

131 34 WILLIAM HOWARD HORN born 31 August 1877, Wilcox County, 
Alabama, died 24 February 1919 buried
     Canoe, Escambia County, Alabama, married 23 July 1934 to 
Elizabeth Cromarty, born about 1880 in Alabama,
     daughter of Alexander B. and Sarah Cromarty buried Pensacola,
          Children: 1. Annie Lou Horn; 2. Alexander S. Horn; 
3. Mack Horn; 4. Marcella Horn

131 35 GORDON HORN born 13 March 1879, Wilcox County, Alabama, 
died 7 August 1950. Married 21 January
     1901 to Clara Mathis born 5 January 1880 in Florida, died 3 
January 1968. Both buried in Oak Hill Cemetery
     at Atmore, Alabama. They were living in Escambia County, Alabama
, in 1920.
          Children: 1. Edna Horn; 2. Clifford Horn; 3. Larkin Horn; 
4. Clara Louise Horn; 5. Paul
               Horn; 6. Davis Horn

131 36 DAVIS LESLEY HORN born 3 October 1881, died 5 June 1949, 
married 28 October 1908 Wabeek, Alabama,
     to Bessie Clyde Miles, born 5 October 1885, died 26 February 
1964. Both buried in Sardis Baptist Church
     Cemetery about 4 miles south of Flomaton, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Lesley Miles Horn; 2. Ruth Elizabeth Horn

131 37 ANNIE ELIZABETH HORN born 1 July 1882 died 20 December 1912 
buried at Canoe, Escambia County,
     Alabama, married  to Clark Hill..

131 38 PETER ALEXANDER HORN born 31 July 1884, died 20 December 1912.
 Married 26 March 1905 Escambia
     County, Alabama, to Maranda Daisey Etheridge, born 27 April 1880,
 died 4 November 1941, daughter of
     George Washington and Mary E. {Cromarty} Etheridge. Both buried 
in Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery about 4
     miles south of Flomaton, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Maranda D. Horn; 2. Horace C. Horn; 
3. Leonidas Claude Horn; 4. Peter A.

131 39 LAWRENCE ABERNATHY HORN born 31 July 1884 in Alabama died 
23 December 1972 married to Glennie

131 30 FRANK CLEVELAND HORN born 6 November 1888, died 24 June 1940,
 buried Odd Fellows Cemetery,
     Bayou LaBatre, Alabama.

131 31 MAIMIE ORLEAN HORN born 2 February 1891 Mobile, Alabama, 
died 3 June 1987 San Amngelo, Texas,
     buried Glendale, California, married about 1909, probably in 
Escambia County, Alabama, where they were
     living in 1910, to Lee Powell, born about 1879 in Texas. They 
later lived at Sylvester, Fisher County, Texas.
          Children: 1. Lee Powell, Jr.

131 51 ELIZABETH SALINA STALLWORTH born 19 April 1874 at Pineville,
 Alabama, died 8 July 1961 at San
     Antonio, Texas, married 25 April 1900, Wilcox County, Alabama,
 to Dr. John James McClelland, born 8 April
     1871 at Turnbull, Alabama, died 30 March 1922.
          Children: 1. William Hunter McClelland; 2. Mary Elizabeth 
"Bess" McClelland

131 52 JOHN CLEMENT STALLWORTH born 25 September 1875, died Meridian,
 Mississippi, buried at Orrville,
     Alabama. Married Mattie Lea who died 25 March 1965.
          Children: 1 William Lea Stallworth; 2. Clementine 

131 53 MARGARET "MAGGIE" MAE STALLWORTH born 24 January 1877, 
died 1935, married Dr. Charles Brooks
     Thomas, for whom the town of Thomaston, Alabama, is named.
 In 1900 she was living in the household of
     Robert A. Smith (115 2) at Coy in Wilcox County with her 
occupation given as schoolteacher. The picture of
     her, which had the notation "Cousin Maggie Mae Stallworth 
(Thomas)" on the back was among some possessed
     by Jeannette Smith (115 23) who said that before moving to
 Mobile in 1902 she had not attended public school
     in Wilcox County but had been taught at home by a tutor.

131 54 MARY ELLA STALLWORTH born 15 December 1878, died 26 March 
1955, married 1 November 1899 to
     Rutherford Horatio Seymour, born 17 December 1878, died May 
1957, son of Robert Henry Seymour. Both
     buried Magnolia Cemetery, Meridian, Mississippi. He attended 
Auburn College, was in the real estate business,
     and served as a supervisor in the city of Meridian.
          Children: 1. Mary Ella Stallworth Seymour

131 55 WILLIAM McCANTS STALLWORTH born 26 January 1881 at Old 
Pineville, Alabama, died 23 January 1958
     at Meridian, Mississippi. Married 27 December 1906 at Turnbull,
 Alabama, to Gladys McClelland, born
     1 October 1885 in Dallas, Texas. He was a lumberman who was 
active in civic affairs in Meridian.
          Children: 1. Gladys Agnes Stallworth; 2. William McCants
 Stallworth, Jr.; 3. Robert
               McClelland Stallworth

131 56 OLLIE PEARLE STALLWORTH born 1 October 1882, died 2 November 
1935 in Thomaston, Alabama.
     Married 30 May 1906 in the home of Davis Horn (131 6) to Joseph 
Alexander Buck, born 1 October 1880,
     Thomaston, died 7 January 1947, Thomaston. He was a pharmacist
 and owned Buck Drug Company in
     Thomaston. He also farmed and operated a cotton gin.
          Children: 1. Mary Margaret Buck; 2. Joseph Alexander Buck,
 Jr.; 3. Nelle Stallworth Buck;
               4. Ella Elizabeth "Bess" Buck

131 57 JAMES NICHOLAS STALLWORTH born 20 August 1884 at Pineville,
 Alabama, died 2 March 1956 in
     Meridian, Mississippi, married 28 June 1911 Leila Mai Smith born
 7 September 1889 in Meridian, daughter of
     Lillias and Leila Pauline {Williams} Smith. He operated an
 automobile agency in Meridian, Mississippi.
          Children: 1. Mildred Ardena Stallworth; 2. Frank Williams 

131 61 FRANK C. HORN born 27 January 1884, Marengo County, Alabama,
 died 16 October 1957, married aboiut
     1909 to Susie Buck, born 27 April 1889 in Alabama, died 20 July 
1969. The 1920 Census for Marengo County
     lists his wife as Emma, born 1891 in Alabama.
          Children: 1. Frank C. Horn, Jr.; 2. Davis E. Horn; 
3. W. T. Horn

131 62 MARY ALABAMA HORN born 21 December 1889, near Uniontown, 
Alabama, died 1969 at Bessemer,
     Alabama, married 20 May 1913 to Alexander Hamilton Archer, Jr., 
born 25 January 1886, Dayton, Alabama,
     died 11 October 1937, Dayton, son of Alexander Hamilton and 
India {Manning} Archer. He is buried in the
     Dayton Cemetery.
          Children: 1. Alexander Hamilton Archer III; 2. Davis
 Manning Archer; 3. Taylor Clements
               Archer; 4. Margaret India Archer

131 71 OLIVE ADELLE BRAME born 20 May 1884, died 11 June 1965,
 married Thomas Byrd Gaines, born
     29 January 1883, died 22 October 1975, son of William H.
 and Eliza Gaines. Both are buried in the Dayton
          Children: 1. Lillian Gaines; 2. Gertrude Gaines; 
3. Miriam L. Gaines; 4. Thomas Byrd
               Gaines, Jr.; 5. Olive Gaines; 6. James Oliver Gaines

131 72 JOHN A. C. BRAME The only date on the marker for him in the
 Dayton Cemetery is 10 September 1887 and
     he probably was born and died on that date.

131 73 MAGGIE BRAME born 22 August 1889, died 22 December 1889,
 buried in the Dayton Cemetery.

131 74 MARY BRAME born March 1890, married Walter H. Heath of 
          Children: 1. Mary Claire Heath; 2. Walter H. Heath, Jr.; 3. Sarah Margaret Heath;
               4. Virginia Elizabeth Heath


     This history of the Davis family is the completion of efforts
 to determine the origins of the Davis family and to record
the members of the various branches as far as is known. Credit must
 be given to the many family members who have
supplied information and particularly those who have collected 
information in the past. Without the contributions of Jeannette
Smith, Lucille Newsom, Rebecca Welch, Lou Turberville, and Bess 
Pack this work would not have been possible.

     Many schemes have been used to record genealogy. All have 
defects and the one used here is no exception. Each
generation is grouped together. Because of the duplication of names 
among the various branches of the family, a numbering
system is used to distinguish the various family members. Each Davis
 descendant is assigned a number. The oldest child in
a family receives his parent's number with a "1" appended. The 
second oldest child receives his parent's number with a "2"
appended. The first known Davis, Abel Davis, is number 
1. Thus, his oldest child is 11, next oldest child is 12, third 
child is 13, etc. A similar scheme is used for succeeding generations. 
By eliminating the last digit in a person's number, the
number of his parent may be found.
     After each three digits in a family member's number a raised 
period " " is used to separate the digits to make them
easier to read, much as a comma is used with ordinary numbers. Note
 that the number of digits in a person's number is the
same as the number of his generation. Thus, number 111 257 1 belongs
 to the seventh generation.

     Braces { } are used to enclose the former surname of a wife in
 the main body of the text but are omitted in the Personal
Name Index. Compiler's notes are enclosed in brackets [ ].
 Superscript numbers refer to items in the Reference Section.

Efforts to trace the roots of this particular Davis family 
have not met with much success. The dates of death of the
earliest known family members, Abel and his wife Agnus, were 
found in a Bible in the possession of the descendants of
Nathan Gerald Davis (117). Presumably they had come to Alabama
 from South Carolina since records indicate their three
oldest children were born there. Robert and Samuel Packer,
 said to be brothers of Agnus, apparently came to Alabama
during territorial times along with members of the McCants 
family with whom the Packers were intermarried in South

     Coming to Alabama from Halifax County, North Carolina, 
about the same time was Enoch Davis. Court records in
Halifax County indicate that Enoch had a brother Abel, 
was the son of Samuel, and the grandson of John. A history of
Enoch Davis family has been recently published. So far it has not
 been possible to show a relationship between the two

     In 1797 the will of John Davis was probated in Hyde County,
 North Carolina. The legatees were Daniel, William,
Abi, Charity, Molly, Priscilla, and Jerusha.  Perhaps Abi is the
 same as Abel.  Further research is needed.

     It may be that the Abel Davis who in 1768 received a land grant
 of 100 acres on Tarrals Bay in South Caralina was
the ancestor or close relative of the Abel Davis considered here.

     One tradition states that Abel had a wooden leg, the result 
of a war injury. There were men by the name of Abel Davis
who served in the Revolutionary War from New Hampshire, Delaware,
 Massachusetts, and Conneticut. It has not been
possible to show that any of them was the Abel Davis who moved to 
Alabama. So far, no Abel Davis has been found in the
War of 1812 records.

     Abel Davis transported 4 slaves from South Carolina into 
Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, in March 1818.
Presumably they were being taken to the Mississippi Territory.

     On 5 August 1819, Abel Davis, Daniel Davis, and Samuel Davis 
bought adjoining tracts of land from the U. S. Land
Office at Cahaba. The land was on the east side of the Alabama 
River in Monroe County, Alabama Territory. It was in
Sections 21, 22, and 27 of Township 10 North, Range 6 East, across
 the Alabama River from Packer's Bend and
immediately south of the present day Monroe-Wilcox County line.
 In the fall of 1827 the Alabama legislature passed an Act
for the benefit of the estate of Daniel Davis. It appears that 
Abel Davis had been appointed Administrator and upon his death
his son John P. Davis had replaced him. The act legalized the sales
 of some of the land of Daniel Davis and allowed John
P. Davis to post his administrator's bond in Wilcox County where he
 lived rather than in Monroe County where the estate
had been probated. Monroe County records were destroyed in a 
courthouse fire in 1833 so that no information can be gained
from that source. No doubt Daniel and Abel must have been close
 kin for so much trouble to have been taken.

     Florence {Packer} Spencer (1862-1960), a grandaughter of 
David Packer, who lived near Coy in Wilcox County, stated
that she had been told that Abel Davis became ill, died, and was
 buried at the home of his brother-in-law, Robert Packer,
who lived at Packer's Bend on the west side of the Alabama River
 in Monroe County. She said there had been a large
cemetery there at one time. Efforts to locate this cemetery have
 turned up only a small cemetery containing the markers for
three of the children of David Packer, son of Robert Packer. This
 is probably the cemetery for which Jane Dick Packer,
daughter of David Packer, left funds for fencing when she died in
 Wilcox County in 1937.

      Unless otherwise noted, most of the family members during the
 last century were farmers.

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