The Eskimo and The Dragon

Man's best friend - "Miss Magnolia," or "Missy" is a great garden companion. Dogs and plants don't mix ? Don't believe it. This critter likes flowers as much as anyone. She'll even stand on her hind legs to smell roses. She does eat little elm trees , which is fine. Occasionally, she eats lantana instead , by mistake, and throws up. The 15-pound Spitz (American Eskimo) is no menace at all to squirrels or birds, either . She just sits there and watches them like the rest of us do. The plant to her right is the Sweetheart Rose originally from my great-grandmother Hybart.

Once upon a time ,.. In a land not far away,.. There lived a little Eskimo, who loved her garden and the magnificence of the regal countryside ... And every beautiful flower with heavenly scent... She loved every one, but one ...

In the village was a dragon (Arum italicum marmoratum) , whose foot-long, pale-green tongue struck out every spring ... Upon seeing this event, the noble jester did go to bring it to record , unknowing of the Eskimo's evil plot ... The Eskimo did see the dragon, and smell its furor ... The Eskimo smote the Dragon with a mighty roll... Undeterred, the noble jester did keep it for script.

Stapleton's Garden