Robert Stapleton's Family Photo Gallery

Family Photos

My Parents' Wedding Pictures: Make sure to see all 4 of the pictures .
A Funny Picture from Mom's and Dad's Wedding:

My Father's Family

William Columbus Stapleton, Jr : This picture is of my father when he was 18.
Commodore and Janette Stapleton: A picture of my great-grandparents from 1925-27.
Commodore Stapleton Family: Commodore and Janette and Five of Their Children
Thomas McCants: This picture is of my great-great-great grandfather or his son .
The Smith Family at Coy: This picture is of my great-grandparents and my grandmother's siblings .
Mary Hybart Smith: This picture is of my grandmother when she graduated high school.
Maggie Mae Stallworth: My grandmother's 5th cousin and a Smith family tutor.
Robert Alexander Smith: This is a picture of my great-grandfather when he was young.
William Columbus Stapleton: This is a picture of my grandfather when he was 20 or younger.
Margaret Horn: This is a picture of the mother of Maggie Stallworth.
WJ and Almeda Thomas and Family: Almeda was the half-sister of my great-grandmother S J Poff.
Mary Hybart Smith Page 2: This picture of my grandmother was taken possibly when she was in college.
Martha Stapleton (Kilgore): She was my great-grandfather's sister.
Robert Alexander Smith, Sr: My father's mother's father's father !!!
Robert Alexander Smith: My great-grandfather.
Mary Jeanette 'Mollie' Smith: My great-grandfather's sister when she was young.
Mary Hybart Smith Page 3: Two pictures of my grandmother.
Sarah 'Sallie' Jane Hybart: My father's mother's mother !
John Hugh Hybart: My ggg grandfather's brother or nephew.
Mary Mell Stapleton Segrest: Two pictures of my aunt.
A Large Picture of My Father:
Robert Alexander Smith: A picture of my father's mother's father when he was young, but older than in the other boyhood picture.
William Columbus Stapleton: Three pictures of my grandfather.
The Smith Kids: Some of my grandmother's siblings when they were young.
Lookout Mountain: R A Smith and S J Hybart , my grandmother's parents, on Lookout Mountain.
John Stapleton: My grandfather's brother.
The Rollen Stapleton Family: Rollen was my great-grandfather's brother.
Unknown Stapleton Family Photos:
George and Zollie (Stapleton) Gibson: Zollie was my grandfather's sister.
Commodore and Janette (Poff) Stapleton: A picture of my father's father's parents at their home in Arkansas.
Margaret Riddle: My father's father's father's mother !

My Mother's Family

Mark Alvis Myatt: This is a portrait of my mother's mother's mother's father .
Mary E "Julia" Bondurant: This is a picture of my great-great-grandmother, the wife of Mark Alvis Myatt.
Jim Stewart: My grandfather's first cousin
Wilson Stewart: My grandfather's first cousin and brother of Jim Stewart
Dr Tom Slaughter: My mother's mother's father's mother's brother
Myatt Sisters: These pictures are of my great-grandmother and her sister.
Myatt Kids: My great-grandmother, her brother, and her sister when they were young.
Albert Peterson Lee: Three pictures of my grandfather from Macon, MS.
Fannie Mae Norton: Three pictures of my grandmother.
Bettie Grace Myatt: My mother's mother's mother.
Adam Myatt: My great-grandmother's brother.
Marion Myatt: Another of my great-grandmother's brothers.
Mom and Her Pets: Four pictures of some of Mom's favorite animals when she was young.
Mom's High School Picture:
My Grandfather's Store:
My Grandfather and His First Wife: A P Lee and Annie Lane Prince and Their Home.
Bettie Grace Lee Bounds: A large picture of my aunt.
Alvice Myatt and ?: Alvice was my great-grandmother's sister. The other person is either her sister Lucy or their mother.
The Lee Brothers: My grandfather and brothers Gardner, Dan Henry, and Warren.
Mark Myatt: Yet another of my great-grandmother's brothers.
More Pictures of My Grandfather A P Lee:
A Framed Picture of A P Lee:
Mary Ann Tyson: My mother's father's mother's mother ! Mom was named Mary for two of her great-grandmothers.
Ethelbert Brinkley Norton I: My mother's mother's father's father !
Ethelbert Brinkley Norton II: My great-grandfather .
The Norton Family: My grandmother, her brothers, sisters, and parents.
Rebecca Frances Slaughter and Sue C Norton: My mother's mother's father's mother and sister.
The Norton Kids: My grandmother and her brothers when they were young.
Another Picture of Albert Peterson Lee:
Joe Albert Lee: My mother's father's father.
Bettie Tyson Stewart: My mother's father's mother.
The Joe Albert Lee Family: My grandfather's father and siblings.
The Lee Sisters: Three of my grandfather's sisters, Fannie, Lyda, and Bessie.
Warren and Henry Lee: Two of my grandfather's brothers.
William Allen Slaughter and Mary Susan Mathis: My mother's mother's father's mother's parents !!!
Mary Ellen Lee Stapleton: My Mom !!!
Fannie Lee: My mother's father's father's sister.
Mark Lee: My mother's father's father's father's younger brother !
Mary E Julia Bondurant: A picture of my great-great grandmother from Vicksburg, MS.
Rebecca Ann Bondurant: My great-great grandmother's sister and her husband.
Sarah 'Sally' Walker Bondurant: My great-great grandmother's sister.
Lucy Jane Bondurant: My great-great grandmother's sister, her husband, and her husband's grandfather.
John Francis Bondurant: My great-great grandmother's brother.
Benjamin Bondurant: My mother's mother's mother's mother's father's brother !
Dr Francis Marion Peterson: My mother's father's father's mother's brother !
The Old Doss House: This was the house where my mother's father's father's father , John Jackson Lee, died.
Lee's Bend: This is where my mother's father's father's father , John Jackson Lee, lived !

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