Here are some pictures from my garden, from April of 1999
to present. Thanks to my brother for getting me set up with the equipment.

My yard is small (half an acre) , very shady, compacted clay with many roots from large trees, etc. The area used to be a dump site and decades ago, and long time before that, a washed-out creek bed.

A few of the showiest plants have been stolen or killed over the years, I have had some trial and error with some neat plants, and I have little money with which to work .

Needless to say, there are big challenges. Yet, it is incredibly rewarding to develop the land into something very special. Unfortunately, we got the equipment set up too late to catch the awesome display of Wistaria , Azalea , and Dogwood, but there's still a lot to hold the interest of the keen eye.

Enjoy !

April 1999 Pictures

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