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1 JOHN HYBART died before 10 March 1810 married Mary ___ born 1764 in Wales, died 24 October 1820, Fayetteville,
     North Carolina.

          The origins of John Hybart are not known with any great degree of certainty. It seems likely that he was the John
     Hybart whose signature appeared on a petition presented by Charles Drayton, Esquire, on behalf of himself and some
     60 others to the First Council of Safety of the Revolutionary Party in Charleston, South Carolina, in August 1775,
     requesting authority to form a company of foot for the Province of South Carolina. He apparently had second thoughts
about supporting the Revolution and in a memorial (claim for losses) made to the British government after the
Revolution he stated:

               To the Comm app by Act of Parl for enquiring into the Losses and Services of the Am

               The Memorial of John Hybart Sheweth.

               That early in the year 1776 that your Memorialist actuated by principles of Loyalty removed
               from South Carolina to West Florida. And in 1779 took Arms in defence of the Royal Cause
               in which he unfortunately Lost the use of his left Arm at the siege of Augusta in Sep 1780 
               And in conseq of his Wound suffered a long and painful illness which was attended with
               a very heavy expence to your Memorialist.

               That your Memorialist in conseq of his Loyalty and attachment to his Majestys person and
               Governm proved obnoxious to the Rebels by which he has suff a Loss of prop amounting
               to £660 Sterling as will appear by the Annexed Shedule_

               Your Memorialist therefore prays that his Case may [be] taken into your Considerat in order
               that y Memorialist may be enabled under your Rep to receive such Aid or relief as his
               Losses and Serv may be found to deserve_
                                             John Hybart

          Further research into the files of the British Public Record Office in London has been published recently and is
     quoted below:

               JOHN HYBART.
               Of South Carolina. A native of Wales, Hybart immigrated to America in 1773, taking with
               him goods worth £400 sterling. He settled in Charleston, and in 1774 or 1775 became a
               deputy to the Surveyor General of Woods. In June 1776 Hybart moved to West Florida, and
               obtained a similar post. He went to Savannah in 1779, and was appointed an ensign in the
               King's Rangers; in the following year he raised forty men and became a lieutenant. Hybart
               lost the use of his left arm as the result of a wound received during the siege of Savannah.
               He sailed for England when his regiment was reduced, and received half pay as a lieutenant.
               Hybart had three tracts of uncultivated land, totalling 900 acres. His claim for £708 was
               disallowed for want of proof.

          On 5 February 1783 a warrant was issued at the British Headquarters in New York to pay Lt. John Hybart of the
     King's Rangers 85£.3s.4d, one year's pay, from His Majesty's Bounty, for the loss of the use of his left arm resulting
     from a wound suffered in action at Augusta on 16 September 1780. He was also placed on half-pay as a retired
officer. Several accounts of the siege at Augusta are available. During the siege the Americans diverted the stream
supplying water to the King's Rangers. In desperation, the King's Rangers were forced to relieve their thirst by
fulfilling part of a threat described in the Old Testament.

          Records of the provincial officers serving during the Revolution show that Lt. John Hybart served in the King's
     Carolina Rangers for 3 years, was born in England, and was a surveyor in civilian life. One family tradition states that
the father of Henry Hugh Hybart and John Hugh Hybart was born in France of English parents. 

          Muster rolls show that Lt. Hybart served in Captain Joseph Smith's company. On 24 April 1781 the company was
     at Augusta, but John Hybert was listed as recruiting in Charleston. On 24 October 1781 he was with the company at
     Savannah. At this time his signature was fixed on the roll and spelled Hybart although spelled Hybert elsewhere
     (probably by a clerk). The company was at St. Augustine on 1 November 1782 where he was listed as "absent since
     5 October 1782." On 25 April 1783 he was listed as "on leave", the company was still at St. Augustine.

          John Hybart was eligible to receive 2000 acres of land in Canada after the Revolution. Land was set aside near
Country Harbor in Nova Scotia for the Carolina Rangers, but many of them chose their land in other parts of Canada.
In a letter written 1 March 1791 from 7 Cartwright St. Westminster to Evan Nepean, John Hybart asked for
compensation for sufferings and property lost in America. He also requested passage to Nova Scotia or Canada and
the allowance normally granted to soldiers and refugees at the end of the war. A Government Bounty (not transferable)
to John Hybart for Canada was signed in London on 14 May 1792 by Henry Motz. Information in this Bounty showed
that John Hybart had a wife, two children under 10 years of age, and two servants. He was given passage, provisions,
bedding, clothing, implements and family lands agreeable to the General Plan with 500 acres of land for himself. A
gratuity of £26 was paid.

          Land records in Canada show that John Hybart received grants totaling 750 acres in Loughborough Township,
     Frontenac County, Ontario. This land is in the rear of Kingston in the Midland District east of Lake Loughborough
     and is now in Storrington Township. On 29 April 1793 he was assigned lots 17 and 18 in Concession 1 containing 400
     acres which was not transferable. On 17 May 1802 John Hybart was issued a Crown Patent for lot 18 containing 201
     acres. On 4 December 1832 an Order in Council assigned lot 18 to John and Jane Campbell. Apparently, John Hybart
     had not settled on the land and forfeited it. On 1 July 1794 John Hybart was assigned lot 23 containing 200 acres and
     3/4 of lot 25 containing 150 acres in Concession 5 which was not transferable. All of the land assignments were made
     by Alexander Aitkens, Deputy Surveyor.

          On 31 July 1794, Basil, son of John and Mary Hybart of Charlottenburgh Township (Glengarry County, Ontario)
     was baptized in Cornwall by Rev. John Langhorn (Anglican) of Ernestown Township (Addington County, Ontario).

          One source indicates that the Florida Rangers, King's Rangers, and Carolina Rangers were part of the East Florida
     Rangers which were raised on the Georgia-Florida border in June 1779 and merged with the Georgia Loyalists in June
     1782. Afterwards they were disbanded in New York.

          During the early years of the American Revolution many who were loyal to the king moved from the Atlantic
     colonies and settled in West Florida. Many settled as planters along the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers in what is now
     Alabama as well as in the towns of Pensacola, Mobile, and Natchez. Many of the records of British West Florida were
destroyed by fire, piracy, and war so that little can be found of the everyday activities of the people of this colony.

          The next record found of a Hybart in America is the following advertisement which appeared on 15 May 1807
     in the "North Carolina Intelligencer", a newspaper published at Fayetteville, North Carolina.

                                MRS. HYBART

               Formerly Midwife to the Middlesex Hospital, London... Respectfully begs leave to inform
               the Ladies, that she is just arrived in Fayetteville (and taken a house near to Mr.
               Leod' [McLeod]) where she intends following her profession. Therefore humbly solicits the
               attention of those that may require one in her line. She farther begs to say, that she has,
               scientifically, studied midwifery: consequently acquainted with the various operations
               necessary to be known in that art: as her different Diplomas will sufficiently evince.

          Middlesex Hospital, founded in London in 1745, became England's first maternity hospital in 1747. At first
     women were prohibited from acting as midwives, but on 26 September 1752 the first female students were introduced
     into the hospital for the purpose of following the practice of midwifery.

          On 10 March 1810, in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina, Mary Hybart was appointed
     administrator of the estate of John Hybart. Since she was the head of her own household in the 1810 census, it appears
     that she was the widow of John Hybart. She was also appointed Guardian of the following minor children: Sophia
     Williams Hybart, Jane Hybart, John Hybart, Thomas Hybart, and Eliza Hybart. The names appear to be in order of
     birth as was customary. The facsimile shown of her
     signature taken from the Guardian's bond appears to
     be that of an educated person and her diplomas
     indicate a degree of education unusual for a woman in
     those days.

          Mary Hybart was listed as head of a household
     in both the 1810 and 1820 censuses for Cumberland County, North Carolina. On 3 November 1820 a newspaper, "The
     Raleigh Register", carried a notice of the death of Mrs. Mary Hybart. She had died on 24 October 1820 in the 57th
year of her age. She was born in Wales, but had been an inhabitant of Fayetteville [North Carolina] for a number of

          The family must have achieved some prominence in times past in Fayetteville. St. Thomas' Episcopal Church is
     located on Hybart Hill and a stream known as Hybart's Creek flows from the Seventy-first Township into the southern
     part of Fayetteville where it changes name first to Branson's Creek and then to Blount's Creek before joining Cross

          It seems likely that the Hybart family moved from Canada first to South Carolina about 1805 and then to
     Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1807.

          A brief history of the Hybart family was published recently in addition to some history published over 50 years
          Children: 1. Henry Hugh Hybart; 2. Sophia Williams Hybart; 3.Basil Hybart; 4. Jane Hybart; 5. John Hugh
               Hybart; 6. Thomas Lewis Hybart; 7. Eliza Hybart11 HENRY HUGH HYBART born about 1790, died 6 February 1846 Monroe County, Alabama, married 2 September 1821
     at Claiborne, Monroe County, Alabama, to Charity Bethea, born about 1792, Marion District, South Carolina, died
     3 September 1859, daughter of Jesse and Celia {Harrelson} Bethea. Both buried in the Hybart Family Cemetery near
     Bell's Landing, Monroe County, Alabama. It has been reported that they were first buried in the Bell Family Cemetery
     approximately one-half mile to the west of their final resting place and their graves were moved by their son about

          Some of Henry Hugh Hybart's grandchildren have indicated that he was born in France, graduated from Oxford
     University with high honors, and practiced medicine. However, in the 1880 census, his daughter, Mary Finklea, living
in Panola County, Texas, indicated that he had been born in Canada. His other children living in 1880 in Monroe
County, Alabama, (William Lewis Hybart, Mariah A. McCall, and Annie E. Hybart) indicated that he was born in
Canada W. This is believed to mean Canada West, the popular name for Ontario after the Act of Union in 1840. If
Henry had been born as early as 1790 as indicated by the census records, he may have been born before his parents
went to Canada since his father was in Westminster in March 1791. Records of Oxford University do not list any
student with the name Hybart or similar sounding name for the time period of interest. The law first licensing
physicians in Alabama was enacted in December 1823. This law set up five medical boards to examine and license
physicians. Lists of physicians licensed by the boards at Cahaba, Claiborne (Monroe County), and Huntsville were
published in the spring of 1825. The name of Henry Hugh Hybart does not appear on these lists. Records of the other
two boards located at Mobile and Tuscaloosa have not been found; but it is doubtful if a physician practicing in Monroe
or Wilcox Counties would have registered with the boards in Tuscaloosa or Mobile.

          Census records for 1830 and 1840 suggest that H. H. Hybart was born about 1790. He was listed on the 1813
     personal tax roll for Baldwin County, Mississippi Territory, taxed for one poll, indicating that he was born no later
     than 1792. There was no tax paid on land or slaves. Baldwin County at that time consisted of what is now the northern
     third of Mobile County and the southern half of Washington County in Alabama. Tax records for earlier years are
     fragmentary and do not list him.

          Henry H. Hybart served as a private in the War of 1812 in Carson's Regiment of the Mississippi Militia (Captain
     Charles H. Devereux's Co. of Volunteer Mounted Gunners) from 23 September 1814 to 10 November 1814. He was
     present on 6 October 1814 at a muster at Ft. Montgomery (on the Alabama River a few miles above its junction with
     the Tombigbee River). On 9 November 1814 he was present at a muster in Mobile of the same company under the
     command of Ensign Theophilus Toulmin.

          About 1816 H. H. Hybart purchased Lot #84 in the town of Jackson (also known as Pine Level), Clarke County,
     Mississippi Territory. In the 1816 census for Clarke County there is a listing for a household headed jointly by Henry
and Clarke Hilbert with two white males over 21 years of age and one slave. In 1819 he served on a coroner's jury
in Clarke County.

          On 19 June 1820, Dr. John Roberson, a graduate of the College of Edinburgh advertised the establishment of his
     practice of medicine in Jackson, Alabama, noting that he had rented Mr. Hybart's house. On 30 June 1821 there were
letters remaining in the post office at Jackson, Clark County, Alabama, for Henry Hugh Hybart and John H. Hybart.
There was also a letter remaining for H. H. Hybart at the Jackson post office on 30 September 1821.

          On 1 October 1821 in Clarke County, Alabama, H. H. Hybart proved the will of Archebald McAlphen (who had
     purchased Lot #83 in Jackson in 1816). On 22 June 1822 he gave a deed of trust for three lots (Nos. 67, 84, and 126)
with improvements in the town of Jackson, Alabama, to James Moreland (believed to be the same James Moreland who
had been a partner earlier with John Hybart). Although the lots had improvements, they were heavily mortgaged so
that the settlement price was $1.00 with James Moreland assuming their mortgages.

          Henry H. Hybart purchased land from the U. S. Land Office at Cahaba at the prevailing price of $1.25 per acre
     in Township 10, Range 7, Section 10 just north of Belleville in Wilcox County, about 4 miles north of his home in
     Monroe County. He purchased 40 acres on 15 November 1832 and 80 acres on 13 June 1836. Land in the area
     continued to be sold at $1.25 per acre as late as 1857 when William L. Hybart made a purchase in Section 28 of the
     same township.

          One descendant indicated that Henry H. Hybart lived and died in Wilcox County.12 However, he was listed in
     Monroe County in both the 1830 Census and the 1840 Census and his estate was probated in Monroe County. His
     widow, Charity Hybart, was appointed administratrix, and his son Louis William was appointed administrator,
     indicating that he died intestate. They posted a performance bond of $16,000 with T. B. Bethea, brother of Charity,
     as surety. An inventory of the estate has not been located. However, the 1850 Census listed Charity with real estate
     valued at $19,100, which included farmland (120 acres improved and 240 acres unimproved) valued at $1500.

          While the Hybarts were apparently not owners of large numbers of slaves, they did own them. The 1830 and 1840
     Censuses both list Henry H. Hybart in Monroe County, Alabama where he was listed with 2 slaves each time. In 1850
     his widow is shown with 4 slaves and his son with one slave.

          The following obituary is believed to have appeared in the New Orleans "Christian Advocate" (a Methodist
     publication) on 2 November 1859:

               Mrs. Charity Bethea Hybart was born in Marion District, S. C., about the year 1792 and
               died at her residence in Monroe Co., Ala., Sep. 3rd 1859. She joined the M. E. Church,
               South, in the year 1851 ... In her death her children have lost an affectionate mother; the
               community, a good citizen; the needy, a ready friend; the sick, a kind visitor; the Church
               a worthy and pious member.

     What church, if any, she belonged to prior to joining the Methodist Church is not known. Celia Bethea, her mother,
     had joined the Franklin Street Methodist Church in Mobile by letter of transfer on 17 April 1853. Her brother,
Tristram B. Bethea, was an elder in  the Montgomery, Alabama, Presbyterian Church some years later. A diary kept
by William Kennedy Norton, a Methodist preacher, spoke of visiting her and her mother in 1852 and 1854 at Bell's
Landing. William K. Norton was the son of John Wesley Norton, a first cousin of Charity Bethea Hybart. John W.
Norton had been a member of the South Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church before locating and moving to
Barbour County, Alabama, about 1828. His mother was Patience {Harrelson} Norton, wife of William Norton, and
sister of Celia {Harrelson} Bethea (mother of Charity Bethea Hybart). John Wesley Norton was also the great great
grandfather of Mary Ellen Lee who married William C. Stapleton, Jr. (111 771). It was the discovery of this
relationship after some fifteen years of marriage which led the compiler to undertake this work.
          Children: 1. William Lewis Hybart; 2. Mary Martha Hybart; 3. Ann Eliza Hybart; 4. Mariah Antoinette
               Hybart; 5. Sarah Jane Hybart

12 SOPHIA WILLIAMS HYBART born 1789-1794 died 15 August 1822 Fayetteville, North Carolina, married (marriage
bond dated 1 April 1818 Cumberland County, North Carolina) to David Bow.
          Children: 1. William Bow

13 BASIL HYBART baptized 31 July 1794 at Cornwall, Storemont County, Ontario, Canada, by Rev. John Langhorn
     (Anglican). At the time his parents were living in Charlottenburgh Township, Glengarry County, Ontario.

14 JANE HYBART born 1795 Canada died after 1850 married (marriage bond dated 6 April 1814 Cumberland County,
     North Carolina) to Calvin Weeks born 1787 Massachusetts died 12 October 1816 Fayetteville, North Carolina. He had
     lived in Fayetteville the last eight years of his life.
          Children: 1. Sophie H. Weeks; 2. Mary Weeks

15 JOHN HUGH HYBART born about 1800 at sea died 13 May 1884 buried at Richland Baptist Church Cemetery about
     five miles east of Brundidge in Pike County, Alabama, married 1st 11 April 1841 Pike County, Alabama, by W. B.
     Peterson. J. P., to Mary Warrick born 29 March 1816 North Carolina died 16 February 1873 buried next to her
     husband daughter of Dempsey and Sarah {DeKalb} Warrick, married 2nd 28 March 1878 Pike County, Alabama, to
     Susan Leddon born 1840 in Alabama died prior to 3 Febnruary 1908.

          Census records in Pike County, Alabama, in 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 indicate successively the year of his
     birth as 1804, 1806, 1807, and 1810 and the place of his birth as Canada, E. Canada, and Atlantic O. Canada. One
     of his descendants indicated that he was born about 1802. His tombstone shows the date of his birth as 3 March 1810.
     Descendants have indicated that he was born at sea, North Carolina, Canada, and England.

          A newspaper notice dated 1 June 1821 announced the dissolution of the co-partnership between John Hybart and
     James Moreland (believed to be the same James Moreland who received a deed of trust to three lots in the town of
     Jackson, Alabama, from Henry H. Hybart on 22 June 1822) known as the firm of Moreland and Hybart which had
     existed at Jackson, Alabama. The business of the firm is not known. No other advertisements of the firm have been
found. Subsequently, there were letters remaining in the post office at Jackson on 30 June 1821 for both Henry Hugh
Hybart and John H. Hybart46 and on 31 March 1822 for John H. Hybart. To have legally entered into a partnership,
John H. Hybart would have had to have been 21 years old, placing his birth no later than 1800.

          Advertisements of unclaimed letters for John H. Hybart appeared in Mobile, Alabama, on 1 January 1824 and
     on 31 March 1824 (3 letters) and in Claiborne, Monroe County, Alabama, on 1 March 1824 and on 1 October
1829. He was probably living in the household of his brother, Henry H. Hybart, in Monroe County when the 1830
census was taken. He is listed as head of a household living alone in the 1833 State census taken in Barbour County,
Alabama. He purchased land about three miles east of Clayton in Barbour County from the U.S. Land Office, 80 acres
on 29 December 1837 and an adjoining 80 acres on 5 March 1838. He is listed in the 1840 census of Pike County,
Alabama, living alone and operating a school with 13 scholars. Some of his descendants have indicated that he was
trained as a lawyer, but did not practice. He presented the claims of some widows of Confederate soldiers in 1865.
He was appointed Notary Public on 10 July 1856 in Pike County and is said to have been a Justice of the Peace and
was known as Squire Hybart.

          In 1895, Susan L. Hybart filed a claim (No. 6065) for a widow's pension for John H. Hybart's service during
     the Creek Indian War. The claim indicated that he served as a private in Captain Turner's Company, in Captain
     William Beachamp's Company of the 1st Alabama Regiment, and Captain's Bush's Company, enlisting about March
     15, 1836. Information found in the files of the War Department showed that he had served from 15 May 1836 through
     31 May 1836, a period of 20 days. This was less than the 30 days service required for her to be eligible for a pension.
     The claim stated that John H. Hybart was about 5 feet and 5 inches in height, with grey eyes, light brown hair, light
     & fair complexion, by occupation a Bookkeeper & clerk, and that he was born in Canada. He had also received Bounty
     Land Warrant No. 14188 for 160 acres under the Act of 1855. The claim stated incorrectly that John H. Hybart had
     not been married prior to marrying Susan Leddon in 1878.
          The will of John Hugh Hybart, signed 4 May 1884 and probated 30 June 1884, Pike County, Alabama, left the
     use of his property consisting of the NE¼ of the NE¼ of Section 12 Township 9 Range 21 and the NW¼ of the NW¼
     and the W½ of the NE¼ of the SW¼ of Section 7 Range 22 (total of about 100 acres) for the use of his wife Susan,
     during her lifetime and to be sold with the proceeds divided among his children living after the death of Susan. Final
     settlement of the estate was recorded on 3 February 1908 with each of the 6 heirs receiving $7.50 after legal and other
     fees had been paid.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Jane W. Hybart; 2. Mary Calvina Sophia McLain Hybart; 3. Nancy Hybart;
               4. Josephine Hybart; 5. Sarah Maria Antoinette Hybart; 6. John Hugh Hybart, Jr.; 7. Margie Harris
               Hybart; 8. Cornelia Alice Hybart

16 THOMAS LEWIS HYBART born about 1803 in Canada died 1 January 1847 buried Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville
     (spelling of name taken from tombstone), married (marriage bond 16 February 1843 Cumberland County, North
Carolina) to Eliza Moffitt born 1823 died after 1880.

          Thomas L. Hybart was a lawyer, newspaper publisher, and representative from Fayetteville in 1835 to the North
     Carolina House of Commons who was said to have "a ready tongue and a trenchant pen". He was a strong supporter
of General Andrew Jackson. He was one of the managers of a subscription ball in 1829, indicating that he was active
in the social life of the area. When a fire destroyed a great part of Fayetteville in 1831, the house of T. L. Hybart,
Esq., located at the intersection of Union and Mason streets, was saved only by great effort.
          Children: 1. William M. Hybart; 2. Thomas Lewis Hybart, Jr.

17 ELIZA HYBART born about 1806 in South Carolina. She was unmarried and living in the household of her sister-in-law
     Eliza M. Hybart (16) in Fayetteville in 1880.111 WILLIAM LEWIS HYBART born 27 May 1823 Monroe County, Alabama (spelling of name taken from tombstone),
     died 19 January 1892 buried Hybart Cemetery near Bell's Landing, Monroe County, Alabama, married lst 27 Aug 1846
     to Jane Elizabeth Davis, daughter of John Packer and Mary Ann {McCants} Davis, born 26 September 1827 died
     25 June 1851, buried McCants Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama, married 2nd 21 January 1856, Wilcox County,
     Alabama, by Thomas H. Godbold, J. P., to Mellison Amarintha McCants, daughter of Thomas and Margaret {Burgess}
     McCants, born 21 December 1834 Alabama died 14 August 1870 buried Hybart Cemetery, married 3rd 26 March 1872
     Monroe County, Alabama, by D. J. Wright (Methodist), to Fasce Lina Wheeler born 10 December 1844 died 21 May
     1937, buried Hybart Cemetery, daughter of John and Sarah Wheeler. During the Civil War he served as a private in
     Company G of the 36th Regiment of Alabama Infantry. He was enlisted on 17 March 1862 by R. H. Smith in Monroe
     County for a three year period. On 23 October 1863 in camp near Chattanooga he received $13.20 for rations due him
     while on sick furlough from 3 August 1863 to 14 September 1863. In Monroe County on 18 August 1865 he signed
the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. On the back on this document appears the notation that he had served in
Co. G 36 Ala Militia from 1 March 1861 to 5 April 1865. He was a ruling elder in the Bell's Landing Presbyterian
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Lucy Isabella Hybart; 2. Henry Hugh Hybart
          Children (2nd marriage): 3. Margaret Jane Hybart; 4. William James Hybart; 5. Samuel Cummings Hybart;
               6. Thomas Lewis Hybart; 7. Sarah Jane Hybart; 8. John Calhoun Breckenridge Hybart; 9. Joseph
               Burgess Hybart
          Children (3rd marriage): 10. George Walton C. Hybart; 11. Charlie Moses Hybart; 12. Mary Annie Hybart;
               13. Martha Antoinette Hybart; 14. Clarence Hybart (twin); 15. Clara Hybart (twin); 16. Willie Arthur

112 MARY MARTHA HYBART born 25 February 1825 (on tombstone) [7 December 1825 in Bible records of her brother]
     Monroe County, Alabama, died 9 December 1898 buried Old Center Cemetery, Panola County, Texas, married 5 May
     1844 Monroe County, Alabama, by Thomas Wilson, J. P., to John Hardy Finklea born 10 February 1825 South
     Carolina died 5 February 1868, Panola County, Texas, son of Willis C. and Mary {Tart} Finklea. This family left
     Monroe County, Alabama, in January 1867. Mary Finklea had a granddaughter named Dora A. Butler born 1874 in
     Texas living with her when the 1880 census was taken in Panola County, Texas.
          Children: l. Virginia Finklea; 2. Mary Finklea; 3. Allie Finklea; 4. Robert Finklea; 5. Sarah Finklea;
               6. Walter Finklea; 7. Eddie Finklea

113 ANN ELIZA HYBART born 28 January 1828 died 27 July 1905 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama,
     unmarried. The following letter appeared in a Mobile, Alabama, newspaper in 1862:

                                                  Black Bend, Wilcox Co., March 29

               Col. Forsyth: As I wish to contribute some thing to the Ladies' Gunboat, I send you this
               quilt to be disposed of as you may see proper for the Gunboat.

                                                  A. E. Hybart

     She lived with her sister, Mariah Antoinette McCall (114), after the death of their mother, first in Wilcox County and
     later in Monroe County.

114 MARIAH ANTOINETTE HYBART born 31 October 1831 died 29 November 1920, buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe
     County, Alabama, married 20 February 1850 Monroe County, Alabama, by R. A. Sigler, J. P., to Nathanael Sanders
     McCall (McColl) buried Wilcox County.
          Children: l. James Henry McCall; 2. William Thomas McCall; 3. John Evans McCall; 4. Nathanael Sanders
               McCall, Jr.; 5. Moses Calvin McCall; 6. Charles Bethea McCall; 7. Robert Edward McCall

115 SARAH JANE HYBART born 26 January 1833 died 7 February 1855 married 20 February 1850 Monroe County,
     Alabama, by R. A. Sigler, J. P., to Dr. George Green Mathews born 1828 Greene County, Georgia, died 10 September
     1897 Marion County, Florida, buried in Blue Sink Cemetery, Section 10, Township 16 South, Range 22 East, Marion
     County, Florida, son of George Green and Cassandra {Wells} Mathews. On 11 December 1857 in Monroe County,
     Alabama, Dr. Mathews married Jane Ruth Ferrell. He was elected Captain of the Monroeville Company (infantry)
     known as the Monroe Rebels which was organized on 10 August 1861. This company, armed with bayonetted double-
     barrel shotguns, joined Col. Franklin King Beck's Regiment [23rd Alabama] in Wilcox County. Col. Beck's brother,
Alfred J. Beck, was the first husband of Laura Mathews, sister of Dr. Mathews. In January 1867 he took his family
to Brazil, South America, where he remained for some 15 years, returning to the United States to settle in Marion
County, Florida.
          Children: 1. Charles Hybart Mathews; 2. George Green Mathews

121 WILLIAM BOW born 1821 North Carolina (probably Fayetteville) died after 1880, mentioned in the will of his uncle,
     Thomas L. Hybart, as having been engaged in the naval stores business. He was later in partnership in a drug business
     with James N. Smith, who had married Jane McLean (141 1). Census records indicate that he may have been married
before 1860 to Louisa H___ born about 1822 in Connecticut.

141 SOPHIE H. WEEKS born 1815 died after 1880 married 26 January 1836 Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North
Carolina, (marriage bond dated 25 January 1836) Captain Henry McLean born in New York. She was living in
Fayetteville in 1880. Major McLean died at Fayetteville 20 October 1845 and is buried in Cross Creek Cemetery.
          Children: 1. Jane McLean; 2. Paul McLean; 3. Thomas H. McLean

142 MARY WEEKS born 1817 Fayetteville, North Carolina, died after 1895, was teaching a preparatory school in
     Fayetteville in 1850.

151 JANE W. HYBART born 1839 or 1840 according to 1850 and 1860 census records for Pike County, Alabama. married
     25 February 1864 Pike County to J. H. McLenden. Her age indicates that she may have been the child of an earlier
     marriage of her father when he lived in Barbour County, Alabama. Most records of marriages in Barbour County prior
     to 1840 have been lost or destroyed and there is none among the remaining records for John H. Hybart (15). Further
     records of Jane have not been found. There does not appear to be a tombstone for either her or her husband in Pike
     County. At the time of the 1870 Census one John McLendon age 30 born in Georgia was living in Pike County with
John McLendon, Jr. age 3 born in Alabama not far from John H. Hybart, her father.

152 MARY CALVINA SOPHIA McLAIN HYBART born November 1840 Pike County, Alabama, died 7 December 1920,
     Paint Rock, Texas, married 11 February 1859 by W. J. Clary, J.P., Pike County, Alabama, to Stephen Hopkins
     Houston, born April 1830 Alabama (probably Barbour County), son of Edward and Sallie {Johnson} Houston, died
     22 December 1906 from a fall, buried at Necessity, Stephens County, Texas. This family was living in Titus County,
     Texas, in 1880, moved to Wills Point in Van Zandt County, then to Young County in 1890. In 1891 they settled in
     the Union Hill community in Stephens County. Descendants have indicated that during the Civil War he served as a
     bodyguard for Confederate Lt. Gen. Nathan Befdford Forrest and named his son "Bud" after Forrest.
          Children: 1. Neddie Houston; 2. Sallie G. Houston; 3. William Forrest "Bud" Houston; 4. Lilla Alice
               Houston; 5. Mary Ada Houston; 6. Charles H. Houston; 7. James H. "Hop" Houston; 8. Walter
               Marshall Houston

153 NANCY HYBART born 1843 was living when the 1850 census was taken. No marriage record has been found for her
     in Pike County and is seems likely that she died prior to the taking of the 1860 Census.

154 JOSEPHINE HYBART born 16 November 1845 Pike County, Alabama, died 3 December 1917, buried at Shiloh Baptist
     Church located between Louisville and Monticello in Pike County, Alabama, married 26 November 1876 by Allen
     Wallace, J.P., to James T. Wilks born 1 August 1851, Alabama died 14 January 1905 buried at Shiloh Baptist Church.
          Children: 1. Ida Wilks; 2. General W. Wilks; 3. Mary Wilks; 4. Maggie Mae Wilks; 5. Mark Wilks

155 SARAH MARIA ANTOINETTE HYBART born January 1848 Pike County, Alabama, died 17 June 1925, Mobile,
     Alabama, buried Magnolia Cemetery married 1st 15 January 1874 Pike County, Alabama, by G. W. Barker, M.G.,
     to J. A. Davis born 1850 in Alabama, married 2nd to John Kindred Davidson born February 1848 died 8 October 1923,
     Mobile, Alabama, buried Magnolia Cemetery.
          Children: 1. Elisha Hugh Davidson; 2. May Leila Davidson; 3. Charles Hybart Davidson

156 JOHN HUGH HYBART, JR. born July 1850 Pike County, Alabama, died after 1910 buried at Joquin Church, SW¼
     Section 4, Township 9N, Range 19E, Crenshaw County, Alabama, married to Lydia Tellman born December 1849
     Georgia died after 1910.
          Children: 1. Mary G. Hybart; 2. John Monroe Hybart; 3. Sarana Hybart; 4. Bennie Hybart; 5. Anna
               Hybart; 6. Felix Hybart; 7. Nannie M. Hybart

157 MARGIE HARRIS HYBART born 3 June 1856 Pike County, Alabama died 1 January 1923 Rising Star, Eastland
     County, Texas, buried at Long Branch Cemetery married 21 January 1875 to Lewis Jackson Griggs born 24 April 1853
     Pike County, Alabama, died 4 April 1937 Rising Star, Eastland County, Texas, buried at Long Branch Cemetery, son
     of William Newton and Rhoda Elizabeth {Davenport} Griggs. They were living in the Bell's Landing community in
     Monroe County, Alabama, at the time the 1880 census was taken. After Margie's death, he married Minnie Chriswell,
     who had a son from a previous marriage living in Roscoe, Texas.
          Children: 1. Mary A. "Gussie" Elizabeth H. Griggs; 2. Minnie Griggs; 3. Hugh McCall Griggs; 4. Lucie
               Lillian Griggs; 5. Charles Evans Griggs; 6. Lilla Bertha "Midge" Griggs; 7. Carl Durward Griggs

158 CORNELIA ALICE HYBART born 18 September 1859 died 22 November 1935 married 11 November 1877 Pike
     County, Alabama, to James Jordan Griggs born 9 January 1856 died 1 November 1932 both buried Greenwood
     Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Infant son Griggs; 2. John Edward Griggs; 3. Charles J. Griggs; 4. Margie M. Griggs; 5. Lula
               M. Griggs; 6. Ben Hybart Griggs; 7. James L. Griggs; 8. Jasper H. Griggs; 9. J. K. M. Griggs;
               10. Travis E. Griggs; 11. Infant son Griggs

161 WILLIAM M. HYBART born 1844 Fayetteville, North Carolina, died about 1898 Raleigh, North Carolina, buried
     Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, married Cumberland County, North Carolina, (marriage bond dated 4 November
     1895) to Delia J. Godwin, daughter of Elias and Elizabeth Godwin, born January 1880. She married T. F. Ward
     (marriage bond dated 11 September 1902) in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

          During the Civil War William M. Hybart enlisted on 16 June 1862 at Fayeteville and was mustered into service
     on 19 June 1862 as a private in the 63rd North Carolina Regiment (5th Cavalry, Company A) which was known as the
     Gordon-Barringer Brigade. His cousin, Thomas H. McLean (141 3), joined at the same time. He was described as
     being 17 years old, 5 feet, 7¼ inches in height, by occupation a farmer, and he brought with him a horse valued at
     $150, horse equipment valued at $50, and arms valued at $75. They joined General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern
     Virginia in May 1863. On 3 June this army of about 75,000 men began moving northward toward Pennsylvania where
     they would be stopped at Gettysburg in early July. On 9 June some 10,000 cavalry under Confederate General Jeb
     Stuart which were shielding Lee's army met a similar number of Union cavalry under Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton
     near Brandy Station (6 miles northeast of Culpeper Court House), Virginia. In what has been described as the last great
     cavalry battle of classic style, the fighting with sabers and revolvers went on for hours with Stuart's men finally
     repelling the Union cavalry. On that day at Beverly Ford, 3 miles northeast of Brandy Station, William M. Hybart was
     captured. On 25 June he was paroled at the Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D. C. On 7 July he had returned to his
     company and was issued new clothing to replace his uniform lost while a prisoner. He was listed on various company
     records thriugh December 186470 No records have been found of Barringer's Brigade for the year 1865, but it was
     known to have been present at Appomattox although most of its men being on horseback escaped capture and went
     home; thus, their names are not included among those paroled.

          A few months after his marriage, William M. Hybart's relatives had him committed to the Asylum for the Insane
     at Raleigh where he died. Considerable litigation took place between his wife and his blood relatives with at least three
     cases reaching the North Carolina Supreme Court. Mentioned in the court records were his first cousin, Mary C.
     Weeks, her niece, Mrs. James N. Smith of Fayetteville, and Eliza A. Jones. By 1902, all of his blood relatives in North
     Carolina were either dead or had left the state.

162 THOMAS LEWIS HYBART, JR. born 15 February 1847 Fayetteville, North Carolina, died 16 September 1864 of
     typhoid fever at Smithville, now known as Southport, while serving as Captain in Company A (known as Capt. Thomas
     L. Hybert's Company), 7th Battalion North Carolina Junior Reserves from Cumberland, Robeson, and Harnett Counties
     which had been organized at Camp Lamb near Wilmington. He had enlisted on 1 June 1864 at Wilmington, a farmer,
     5 feet 8 inches in height, with dark eyes and complexion, and black hair.70, 
111 1 LUCY ISABELLA HYBART born 13 September 1847 died 19 August 1848 buried McCants Cemetery, Wilcox
     County, Alabama.

111 2 HENRY HUGH HYBART born 11 August 1849 died 5 August 1897 buried Hybart Cemetery, Bell's Landing,
     Monroe County, Alabama, married 28 February 1872 at Monroeville, Alabama, by Rev. Watson, to Jane Calhoun
     "Callie" Posey, born 22 September 1854 Monroeville, Alabama, died 5 April 1933 Mobile, Alabama, buried Pine Crest
     Cemetery, daughter of James Willis and Mary Elizabeth {Rutledge} Posey. He was a graduate of Stonewall Institute,
     Summerfield, Dallas County, Alabama, and they were members of the Presbyterian Church.

          With Nathan Gerald Davis, his mother's half-brother, H. H. Hybart operated Bell's Landing on the Alabama River
     in northern Monroe County, Alabama, from about 1880 until his death. This partnership, known as H. H. Hybart and
Company, also had extensive farming interests and is said to have owned over 40,000 acres of land in Monroe, Wilcox,
Clarke, and Dallas Counties at the time of H. H. Hybart's death. About 1888 he moved his family to Mobile to
improve the educational opportunities for his children. He served as a Justice of the Peace in Monroe County and is
on record as performing several marriages in 1874.
          Children: 1. Callie Posey Hybart; 2. Charles Louis Hybart; 3. Henry Hugh Hybart; 4. Mary Whitney
               Hybart; 5. James Willis Hybart; 6. Clay King Hybart; 7. Elizabeth "Bessie" Jeanette Hybart

111 3 MARGARET JANE HYBART born 23 November 1856 died 10 October 1862.

111 4 WILLIAM JAMES HYBART born 2 January 1859 died 31 August 1861 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

111 5 SAMUEL CUMMINGS HYBART born 9 January 1861 died 6 May 1939 Monroeville, Alabama, buried Hybart
     Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama, married 1st 13 December 1892 by Rev. William S. Street (Methodist) to Mary
     Atlanta Sadler born 3 November 1857 died 6 August 1906, Perdue Hill, Alabama, buried in Magnolia Cemetery,
Mobile, Alabama, daughter of William H. and Elizabeth {Cameron} Sadler, married 2nd 30 June 1909 at Mobile,
Alabama, by Dr. Gardiner Tucker (Episcopal) to Dr. Nora Chapman born 1873 in Wisconsin died 8 May 1927 buried
at Plattville, Wisconsin. The baptismal font in St. John's Episcopal Church in Monroeville, Alabama, is dedicated to
          Children (1st marriage): 1. William Lewis Hybart; 2. John Cameron Hybart

111 6 THOMAS LEWIS HYBART born 5 November 1862 died 7 October 1868 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

111 7 SARAH "SALLIE" JANE HYBART born 31 January 1866 Bell's Landing, Alabama, died 1 April 1950 Mobile,
     Alabama, married 5 October 1886 Bell's Landing at the home of her brother, Henry H. Hybart (111 2) by Rev. H.
     T. Johnson (Methodist) to Robert Alexander Smith, son of Robert Alexander and Eliza Spencer {Davis} Smith, born
     28 December 1863 Wilcox County, died 27 September 1939, Mobile, Alabama. Both are buried in Magnolia Cemetery,
     Mobile, Alabama. Robert A. Smith and Henry H. Hybart were first cousins; their mothers were sisters. She attended
     Barton Academy in Mobile, living with her cousin Sarah Jane {Bethea} Ussery. On 6 April 1879 she joined the
     Franklin Street Methodist Church in Mobile upon profession of faith.46 R. A. Smith farmed at Coy in Wilcox County,
     Alabama, until the Fall of 1902 when he moved to Mobile to enter the cotton factor and commission business. He later
     operated a cotton mill in the Mobile suburb of Prichard, a wholesale grocery with his mother's half-brother, Nathan
     Gerald Davis, and other mercantile interests in Mobile. Beginning about 1911, he and his son operated a large farm
     about 5 miles northeast of Pine Apple in Wilcox County, Alabama, which he later sold to his son. During the later
     years of his life he owned and operated a pecan orchard about 4 miles south of Semmes in Mobile County. He served
     as a county commissioner in both Wilcox and Mobile Counties. He served on the Board of Stewards of the Government
     Street Methodist Church in Mobile over 35 years­a number of them as its presiding officer. An extensive history of
     this Smith family is available.
          Children: 1. Robert Alexander Smith, Jr.; 2. Sadie Eliza Smith; 3. Jeannette Calhoun Smith; 4. Mellison
               "Mellie" Smith; 5. Lucile Smith; 6. Henry Hybart Smith; 7. Mary Hybart Smith; 8. Doris Smith

111 8 JOHN CALHOUN BRECKENRIDGE HYBART born 5 January 1868 Bell's Landing died 11 December 1922 Mobile,
     Alabama, married 25 January 1893 Perdue Hill, Alabama, by Rev. Powers (Methodist) to Annie Canot Strode born
     28 January 1868 died 11 October 1923 both buried McConnico Cemetery, Perdue Hill, Alabama. He apparently did
     not use the name Breckenridge.
          Children: 1. Vernon Strode Hybart; 2. John Calhoun Hybart; 3. William Clifton Hybart

111 9 JOSEPH BURGESS HYBART born 16 March 1870 died 10 December 1872.

111 0 GEORGE WALTON C. HYBART born 17 January 1873 Bell's Landing, Alabama, died 6 February 1917 buried
     Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama.

111 1 CHARLIE MOSES HYBART born 12 July 1875 died 1 March 1942 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

111 2 MARY ANNIE HYBART born 7 December 1877 died 9 July 1878 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

111 3 MARTHA ANTOINETTE "NETTIE" HYBART born 3 July 1879 Bell's Landing died 27 August 1957 married
     19 June 1907 Bell's Landing by Rev. W. T. Rencher (Methodist), to Arthur Burke Oakley born 27 December 1880
     Sweetwater, Marengo County, Alabama, died _____. Both buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama.

111 4 CLARENCE HYBART (TWIN) born 2 August 1883 died 17 September 1965 Monroeville, Alabama, buried Hybart
     Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama. Employed in the steel mills in Birmingham about the time of World War I and
     later farmed in Monroe County.

111 5 CLARA HYBART (TWIN) born 2 August 1883 died 20 October 1908 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

111 6 WILLIAM ARTHUR HYBART born 21 November 1886 died 30 September 1918 France while serving in the U. S.
     Army (Coast Artillery). Volunteered December 1917 and went overseas July 1918. Employed in the steel mills in
     Birmingham prior to military service.

112 1 VIRGINIA FINKLEA born 1845/1846 Alabama married Amos M. Hataway born 1834 Georgia.
          Children: 1. Robert W. Hataway

112 2 MARY FINKLEA born 1851 Alabama.

112 3 ALLIE FINKLEA born 1852/1855 Alabama.

112 4 ROBERT FINKLEA born 1855 Alabama probably died between 1860 and 1870.

112 5 SARAH FINKLEA born 1856/1857 Alabama.

112 6 WALTER FINKLEA born 1858/1859 Alabama died March 1901 buried at the Odd Fellow's Cemetery in Carthage,
     Texas, married Anna L. Respass born 1863 Texas.
          Children: 1. Bertie B. Finklea; 2. Richard Hardy Finklea; 3. Walter Louis Finklea; 4. Annie L. Finklea;
               5. Vergie M. Finklea; 6. Grace T. Finklea; 7. Sybil C. Finklea

112 7 EDDIE FINKLEA born 1862/1864.

114 1 JAMES HENRY McCALL born 24 January 1852 died 8 January 1879 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

114 2 WILLIAM THOMAS McCALL born 4 March 1855 died 12 September 1899 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe
     County, Alabama.

114 3 JOHN EVANS McCALL born 30 December 1856 died 7 January 1882 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

114 4 NATHANAEL SANDERS McCALL, JR. born 14 December 1858 died 31 July 1881 buried Hybart Cemetery,
     Monroe County, Alabama.

114 5 MOSES CALVIN McCALL born 12 March 1861 died 21 January 1881 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County,

114 6 CHARLES BETHEA McCALL born 11 January 1864 died 8 April 1865 buried Wilcox County.

114 7 ROBERT EDWARD McCALL born 29 December 1865 died 20 January 1891 buried Hybart Cemetery, Monroe
     County, Alabama.

115 1 CHARLES HYBART MATHEWS born 1 September 1852, Monroe County, Alabama, died 14 September 1939
     Marion County, Florida, married 4 June 1874 Brazil, South America, to Mary Elizabeth Daniel, born 19 May 1854,
     Alabama, died 2 September 1928, Marion County, Florida, daughter of William J. and Angeline {Norris} Daniel. Both
     buried Candler Cemetery, Candler, Florida.
          Children: 1. John Hybart Mathews; 2. George Green Mathews; 3. Francis Edward Mathews; 4. Robert
               Daniel Mathews; 5. Janie Mathews (twin); 6. Anne Mathews (twin) 7. Samuel Lewis Mathews

115 2 GEORGE GREEN MATHEWS born 29 January 1855, Monroe County, Alabama, died March 1944 Ft. Lauderdale,
     Florida, married 1st to Araminta Daniel born 1860 in Alabama, daughter of William J. and Angeline {Norris} Daniel,
     died 1898 buried Blue Sink Cemetery, Marion County, Florida, married 2nd to Cordelia Daniel born 18 July 1869,
     Americana, Brazil, South America, (sister to Araminta, his 1st wife) died 9 August 1960 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He
     served as U. S. Consul at Para, Brazil, under Grover Cleveland and as a representative in the Florida legislature for
     two terms from Marion County. He owned and published newspapers, the Tarpon Springs "Leader" and the Bartow
     "Record", before founding the Fort Lauderdale "Sentinel" in 1910. He played a prominent part in the political life of
     Ft. Lauderdale.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Charles Benjamin Mattheus; 2. Sarah Belle Mathews
          Children (2nd marriage): 3. George Green Mathews; 4. Sara Mathews; 5. Robert Earl Mathews; 6. William
               Mathews; 7. Mary Ellen "Chinkie" Mathews

141 1 JANE McLEAN born 1837 North Carolina died after 1895 married Cumberland County, North Carolina (marriage
     bond dated 11 June 1855) James N. Smith born about 1834 New York died by 1880. He was a druggist.67
          Children: 1. William James Smith; 2. Florence Smith; 3. Sarah H.Smith; 4. Peter McLean Smith; 5. Jane
               Smith; 6. Ruth Smith

141 2 PAUL McLEAN born 1838 North Carolina.

141 3 THOMAS H. McLEAN born 1840 Fayetteville, North Carolina. On 14 June 1962 he enlisted as a private in Company
     A of the 5th North Carolina Cavalry. Records show he was 22 years old, 5 feet 5 inches in height, and by occupation
     a soldier. He was mustered in on 19 June with his cousin, William M. Hybart (161). He appears to have served at least
     through the end of 1864 and no records have been found of this company for 1865.70

152 1 NEDDIE HOUSTON born 5 February 1860 died 22 October 1861 buried Richland Baptist Church Cemetery a few
     miles east of Brundidge, Alabama.

152 2 SALLIE G. HOUSTON born November 1862 in Alabama married 1880 to William W. Collins born December 1859
     in Texas.
          Children: 1. Frank Collins; 2. Sophia Collins; 3. Buster Collins; 4. John H. Collins; 5. Nettie Collins;
               6. William Marshall Collins; 7. Esloy Collins; 8. Abe Jeff Collins; one who died young

152 3 WILLIAM FORREST "BUD" HOUSTON born 30 June 1866 Alabama died 13 August 1940. The name of his first
     wife who died in childbirth is not known. He married 2nd 1896 to Minnie L. Pierce born August 1880 in Texas died
     7 April 1909, Stephens County, Texas. He married 3rd 28 September 1910 Necessity, Texas, to Ella Houston born
     28 August 1891 Carbon, Texas, died 12 November 1984 Paint Rock, Texas.
          Children (2nd marriage): 1. May Houston; 2. Grace Houston; 3. Bessie Houston; 4. Ima Houston
          Children (3rd marriage): 5. Connie Houston; 6. Fair Opal Houston; 7. Maxine Fern Houston; 8. Willie Dell
               Houston; 9. William Forrest Houston, Jr.; 10. Annebell Houston

152 4 LILLA ALICE HOUSTON born March 1869 Texas married to Abbie Milton Sullivan born July 1869 Texas.
          Children: 1. Herman Sullivan; 2. Willie Ellen Sullivan; 3. Stephen Abbie Sullivan (Twin); 4. Mary Ada
               Gertrude Sullivan (Twin); 5. Sallie Sullivan; 6. Charlie Marshall Sullivan (Twin); 7. Minnie Mercia
               Sullivan (Twin); 8. Hoppie L. Sullivan; 9. Thomas Sullivan

152 5 MARY ADA HOUSTON born September 1872 Texas married 1889 to George P. Neill born April 1868 Texas.
          Children: 1. Harriett Ollie Neill; 2. Lillie G. Neill; 3. Beulah M. Neill; 4. Ora Mable Neill; 5. George
               Henry Neill; 6. Connie Otha Neill

152 6 CHARLES H. HOUSTON born March 1877 Texas died 1964 married 1897 to Julia Mercia Allen born May 1879
          Children: 1. Carl Preston Houston; 2. John Stephens Houston; 3. Raymon Houston; 4. Louise Houston

152 7 JAMES HOPKINS "HOP" HOUSTON born October 1878 Texas died 27 January 1953 Paint Rock, Texas, married
     1902 to Maude Ophelia Riley born 1882 Texas, died 18 October 1969.
          Children: 1. Nellie Houston; 2. Riley F. Houston; 3. Jack Houston

152 8 WALTER MARSHALL HOUSTON born July 1882 Texas died about 1934 Frio Town, Texas, buried Pearsall, Texas, 
     married 1908 to Martha Ada "Duda" Foy born 1889 Texas. He was a rancher.
          Children: 1. Ulla Houston; 2. Warren Harvey Houston; 3. Walter Elton "Dick" Houston

154 1 IDA WILKS born March 1879 Alabama.

154 2 GENERAL W. WILKS born 28 June 1881 Alabama died 8 May 1955 buried Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery located
     on Highway 93 between Banks and Brundidge in Pike County, Alabama.

154 3 MARY WILKS born September 1884 Alabama.

154 4 MAGGIE MAE WILKS born 11 March 1886 died 21 September 1889 buried Richland Baptist Church Cemetery.

154 5 MARK WILKS born January 1890 Alabama.

155 1 ELISHA HUGH DAVIDSON born 4 March 1875 Pike County, Alabama, died 8 February 1946 buried Magnolia
     Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama, married 1st to Anna P. Comstock born July 1873 daughter of Marcus L. Comstock,
     married 2nd to Ileen Moog. He was wire chief for the telephone company.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Lawrence Hugh Davidson; 2. Ella Comstock Davidson
          Children (2nd marriage): 3. Bernard John Davidson; 4. Colma Moog Davidson

155 2 MAY LEILA DAVIDSON born 10 November 1879 Pike County, Alabama, died 27 May 1953 buried Magnolia
     Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama, married 1st to _____ Hents, married 2nd 1907 to Rev. Charles A. Brunson born
     23 February 1884 died 20 January 1966 son of Thomas W. and Theresa {McCord} Brunson. She was active in the
     Rebeckah Lodge (IOOF) and the Spanish American War Veterans Auxiliary, holding local and state offices in both.
     After the death of his mother, he enlisted in the U. S. Army during the Spanish American War and was sent to the
     Philippines as part of the forces to suppress the rebellion. Having concealed his true age from the recruiting officer,
     he became one of the youngest veterans of the Spanish American War. He served as a pastor to Baptist churches in
     Alabama and Florida until shortly before his death.
          Children (2nd marriage): 1. May Augusta Brunson; 2. Mildred Anna Brunson

155 3 CHARLES HYBART DAVIDSON born 1886 died February 1923 Stockton, California, buried Magnolia Cemetery,
     Mobile, Alabama, married 1st about 1909 to Viola Anna Brown born 1884 in Alabama married 2nd to Dorothy Hanke.
     He was a vaudeville actor.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Josephine Grace Davidson

156 1 MARY G. HYBART born 13 October 1878 died 16 October 1878 buried Richland Baptist Church Cemetery.

156 2 JOHN MONROE HYBART born March 1880 married 1st to Lilla F. ___, married 2nd to Pearl ___ (who later
     married ___ Burgans).
          Children: 1. Stanley Bertrand Hybart; 2. Amber Elaine Hybart; 3. Alton Odessa Hybart; 4. Fraser Monroe
               Hybart; 5. Bernie Ford Hybart

156 3 SARANA HYBART born 26 October 1881 died 18 September 1884 buried Richland Baptist Church Cemetery.

156 4 BENNIE HYBART born 16 October 1883 died 16 August 1886.

156 5 ANNA HYBART born May 1885 married to John R. Davis.

156 6 FELIX HYBART born February 1887.

156 7 NANNIE M. HYBART born 1 November 1888 died 3 March 1890 buried Richland Baptist Church Cemetery.

157 1 MARY A. "GUSSIE" ELIZABETH H. GRIGGS born 28 December 1876 Banks, Pike County, Alabama, died 12 May
     1974 Sweetwater, Texas, married 30 January 1901 Romney, Eastland County, Texas, to Ernest Richard Wagner
     18 October 1877 died 26 December 1937. Both buried in Longbranch Cemetery.
          Children: 1. Marvel Ray Wagner; 2.  Louis Henry Wagner; 3. Malcom Eugene Wagner; 4.  Lillian Lorena
               Wagner; 5. Charlie Ernest Wagner; 6.  Martin Glyn Wagner

157 2 MINNIE GRIGGS born 22 December 1879 Alabama died 21 January 1880.

157 3 HUGH MCCALL GRIGGS born 17 October 1881 Titus, Texas died 28 July 1896 buried Longbranch Cemetery.

157 4 LUCIE LILLIAN GRIGGS born 20 August 1886 Knox City, Texas, died 15 June 1971 Rising Star, Texas, married
     1st about 1904 to Walter Harmon Lewis born 1879 died 1920, married 2nd 1958 to James William Duncan Fryer born
     1882, died April 1962.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Harmon Jackson Lewis; 2. Georgie Laura Lewis; 3. Walter "Gabe" "Dude"
               Durwood Lewis; 4. Gussie Beatrice Lewis; 5. Margie Laverne "Totsy" Lewis

157 5 CHARLES EVANS GRIGGS born 2 January 1888 Van Zandt County, Texas, died 21 December 1939 buried
     Monahans Cemetery, Ward County, Texas, married 28 February 1906 Eastland County, Texas, to Jules Gracy Reed
     born 21 September 1888 Long Branch, Eastland County, Texas, died 16 September 1982 Odessa, Texas, buried
     Monahans, Texas, daughter of William Thomas and Dennie Elmira {Covington} Reed. Charlie operated a garage and
     they built and operated the Camp G Motel in Monahans, Ward Co., Texas. They were members of the Church of
          Children: 1. Infant Daughter Griggs; 2. Margie Elmira Griggs; 3. Thomas Jackson Griggs; 4. Infant Son
               Griggs (Twin); 5. Infant Daughjter Griggs (Twin); 6. Son Griggs; 7. Gussie Fay Griggs; 8.  Grayce
               Lee Griggs; 9. Charles Pershing Griggs

157 6 LILLA BERTHA "MIDGE" GRIGGS born 6 August 1892 Sterling County, Texas, died 27 June 1966 Lubbock
     County, Texas, married 29 May 1910 Eastland County, Texas, to Samuel Augustus Gardner born 12 March 1889,
     Russellville, Yell County, Arkansas, died 4 November 1938 Hockley County, Texas, son of Dr. Samuel W. and Louisa
     F. {Oxford} Gardner of Georgia. Both buried at Levelland Cemetery, Hockley County, Texas. She was a member of
     the Baptist Church. He was a farmer.
          Children: 1. Marvin Carlton Gardner; 2. Clyde Houston Gardner; 3. Lucille "Lucy" Thelma Gardner;
               4. James Earl Gardner; 5. Walter Lewis Gardner; 6. Thurman Duke Gardner; 7. Alton Ray Gardner;
               8. Samuel Dean Gardner; 9. Dorothy Faye Gardner; 10. Ethelyne Lavanne Gardner

157 7 CARL DURWARD GRIGGS born 9 August 1896 Romney, Eastland County, Texas, died 5 November 1978 buried
     at Necessity, Texas, married 3 September 1916 Breckenridge, Texas, to Mary Ada Gertrude Sullivan (152 44). He was
     a farmer. Though a member of the Methodist Church, he taught a Sunday School class for many years in the Baptist
          Children: 1. Charlie Dee Griggs; 2. Frankie Marie Griggs; 3. Margie Maxine Griggs; 4. Billy Stephens
               Griggs; 5. Betty June Griggs; 6. Milton Louis Griggs

158 1 Infant Son GRIGGS born 21 June 1878 died 6 July 1878 buried Richland Baptist Church Cemetery.

158 2 JOHN EDWARD GRIGGS born 12 October 1879 Pike County, Alabama, died 26 September 1954 married 14 June
     1907 to Sallie Lee Garrett born 25 October 1886 died 26 July 1951. Both buried Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery,
          Children: 1. Annie Maude Griggs; 2. John Edward Griggs, Jr.; 3. Willie Garrett Griggs.

158 3 CHARLES J. GRIGGS born 14 Aug 1882 died 1 December 1968 married about 1903 to Mary Ethel Smith born
     24 April 1885 died 30 October 1952 both buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Hubbard L. Griggs; 2. Carroll Jordan Griggs; 3. Kenneth Smith Griggs; 4. Mary Ethel Griggs

158 4 MARGIE M. GRIGGS born February 1885.

158 5 LULA MAUDE GRIGGS born 27 December 1888 died 13 March 1975 married first to L. C. Griffin, married second
     to J. C. McLennan. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama.
          Children (1st marriage): l. Hugh Wilburn Griffin; 2. Kolford Kreath Griffin

158 6 BEN HYBART GRIGGS born 12 March 1890 Pike County, Alabama, died October 1958 married 8 November 1916
     Montgomery, Alabama, by J. A. Peterson (Methodist) to Bertha Ott born 12 June 1892 Coffeville, Alabama, died
     20 November 1983. Both buried Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Alice Elizabeth Griggs; 2. Benye Eloise Griggs

158 7 JAMES THOMAS GRIGGS born 3 May 1892 died 18 December 1949.

158 8 JASPER H. GRIGGS born September 1893 married to Doris ________ .

158 9 J. K. M. GRIGGS born 30 December 1895 died 30 November 1931.

158 0 TRAVIS E. GRIGGS born 5 February 1898 Brundidge, Alabama, died 20 April 1971 Brownwood, Texas, married
     3 July 1923 Comanche County, Texas, to Virginia Remington.

158 1 Infant Son GRIGGS born 11 April 1900 died 13 September 1900 buried Richland Baptist Church Cemetery.
111 21 CALLIE POSEY HYBART born 25 November 1872 Monroeville, Alabama, died 7 November 1952 married 22 June
     1898 Mobile, Alabama, to George Caldwell Gaillard born December 1872 and died 12 August 1956. Both are buried
     Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.
          Children: 1. George Howard Gaillard; 2. Dorothy Jane Gaillard

111 22 CHARLES LOUIS HYBART born 5 August 1875 Monroeville, Alabama, died 5 February 1950 Monroeville,
     Alabama, buried first in the Hybart Cemetery, Monroe County, Alabama, his grave was later moved to Monroeville.
     He was married first about 1900, Dallas County, Alabama, to Estelle LaPointe born 1 April 1876 Alabama daughter
     of Napolean B. and Antoinette {Niolan} LaPointe died 10 July 1901, buried Catholic Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama,
     married 2nd 1905 to Lucy Burns, married 3rd 1925, Monroe County, to Virginia Marion McDuffie, daughter of John
     and Virginia Marion {Lott} McDuffie. He received the L.L.B. from The University of Alabama. He practiced law first
     in Mobile and later in Monroeville. Presidential Elector in 1908 and 1912. Mason. Elder in the Monroeville
     Presbyterian Church. Officer in the Alabama National Guard. Marion McDuffie was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of The
     University of Alabama. She taught Latin in Monroeville and Mobile.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Estelle Hybart (Twin); 2.________Hybart (Twin)
          Children (3rd marriage): 3. Virginia McDuffie Hybart

111 23 HENRY HUGH HYBART, born 13 November 1877 Bell's Landing died 2 September 1963 buried Pine Crest
     Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama, married 23 August 1899 Mobile, Alabama, at St. John's Episcopal Church, Mobile,
     Alabama, by Rev. Gardiner C. Tucker (Episcopal) to Victoire Marsalette Barnett born 3 July 1881, daughter of Charles
     W. and Mary E. Barnett, died 8 January 1928 buried first in Magnolia Cemetery, reinterred in Pine Crest Cemetery,
     Mobile, Alabama. He was a Master and Clerk on the steamboats.
          Children: 1. Myrtle Elizabeth Hybart; 2. Beulah Calhoun Hybart

111 24 MARY WHITNEY HYBART born 14 December 1879 Bell's Landing married 25 August 1909 Daphne, Alabama,
     by Dr. R. A. Planck (Presbyterian) to Frank Lemuel Milhous born 21 November 1881 died March 1959 buried Selma,
          Children: 1. Atlas Martin Milhous

111 25 JAMES WILLIS HYBART born 19 October 1882 Bell's Landing died 12 October 1962 Mobile, Alabama, buried
     Bell's Landing Presbyterian Church married 2 September 1908 to Lall Stallworth born 16 September 1887, died 14 May
     1941 Atmore, Alabama, buried Bell's Landing Presbyterian Church, daughter of Nicholas James and Mary Rebecca
     {Burgess} Stallworth.
          Children: 1. Henry Calhoun Hybart; 2. Mary Rebecca Hybart; 3. James Willis Hybart Jr.; 4. Frederick
               Stallworth Hybart; 5. Lall Hybart; 6. John Paul Hybart 7. Jane Calhoun Hybart

111 26 CLAY KING HYBART born 25 February 1885 Bell's Landing, Alabama, died 18 November 1949 buried Bell's
     Landing Presbyterian Church married 1st to Rita Vaught born 27 July 1888 died 4 May 1962, married 2nd to Marie
     Urghart Phillips. He was a master, pilot, and clerk on the steamboats.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Clayrita Hybart; 2. John "Jack" Lee Hybart

111 27 ELIZABETH "BESSIE" JEANETTE HYBART born 17 February 1894 Mobile, Alabama, died 18 May 1982
     Mobile, Alabama, buried Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama, married 2 August 1958 to Col. John William
     Cummins died 27 December 1965.

111 51 WILLIAM LEWIS HYBART born 5 September 1894 Coy, Alabama, died 26 March 1967 married 27 April
     1921 Wilcox County, Alabama, to Maggie Alford born 25 August 1886 died 23 May 1971 both buried Canton
     Bend Methodist Church Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama. He served overseas as a corporal in the U. S. Army
     in World War I.
          Children: 1. Infant daughter Hybart; 2. Julia Sadler Hybart

111 52 JOHN CAMERON HYBART born 23 October 1896 Coy, Alabama, died 12 November 1980 married 22 June
     1919 to Maude L. Yarbrough born 26 October 1898. He served in World War I. 
          Children: 1. Mary Emily Hybart; 2. John Cameron Hybart, Jr.

111 71 ROBERT ALEXANDER SMITH, JR. born 16 July 1887 Coy, Alabama, died 4 May 1965 Montgomery,
     Alabama, married 1st 5 December 1917 Pensacola, Florida, by Rev. D. P. Slaughter (Methodist) to Clara Louise
     Melton, daughter of Henry Edward and Beulah {Bizzell} Melton, born 7 August 1895 Pine Apple, Alabama, died
     14 June 1956 Selma, Alabama, married 2nd 10 October 1959 Lowndesboro, Alabama, to Mrs. Anne {Traweek}
     Trice died 3 December 1975, daughter of Ira Yeldell and Leila {Smith} Traweek and widow of George Alva Trice,
     all buried Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville, Alabama. Robert A. Smith, Jr. attended Henry Wright's school (now
     University Military School) in Mobile, Bingham Military Academy, Asheville, North Carolina, and Eastman
     Business College, Poughkeepsie, New York. He farmed and raised cattle at Pine Apple, Alabama. He served as
     steward in the Pine Apple Methodist Church. He was a commissioner in Wilcox County, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Robert Alexander Smith III; 2. Louise Melton Smith; 3. Doris Jeannette Smith; 4. Henry
               Edward Smith

111 72 SADIE ELIZA SMITH born 28 January 1890 Mobile, Alabama, at the home of her uncle Henry H. Hybart
     (111 2), died 31 December 1990, Mobile, Alabama, buried Magnolia Cemetery. She received the A.B. degree
     from Sullins College, Bristol, Virginia.

111 73 JEANNETTE CALHOUN SMITH born 12 May 1891 Coy, Alabama, died 24 February 1988 Mobile, Alabama.
     Attended Sullins College, Bristol, Virginia, and received the A.B. degree from Woman's College of Alabama (now
     Huntingdon College). School teacher and librarian. She was active in collecting family history. This work is
     particularly indebted to her and her sisters Mellie and Lucile.

111 74 MELLISON "MELLIE" SMITH born 5 May 1895 Coy, Alabama, died 4 January 1986 Mobile, Alabama,
     buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile. She was an art graduate of Woman's College of Alabama (now Huntingdon

111 75 LUCILE SMITH born 27 October 1896 Coy, Alabama, died 14 July 1985 Huntsville, Alabama, married 5 April
     1927 Mobile, Alabama, by Dr. P. B. Wells (Methodist) and Dr. A. B. Newsom (Baptist) to Charles Henderson
     Newsom born 21 October 1887 Eatonton, Georgia, son of Edward Columbus and Mary Lou {Weaver} Newsom,
     died 28 February 1979 Birmingham, Alabama. Both buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama. She
     received the A.B. degree from the Woman's College of Alabama (now Huntingdon College), Montgomery,
     Alabama. She taught school prior to her marriage and was responsible for obtaining and preserving copies of some
     of the Hybart family records which were later destroyed by fire. She was a member of the Daughters of the
     American Revolution and the Methodist Church. He received the A.B., L.L.B. and A.M. degrees from the
     University of Georgia. He was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Baptist Church.
          Children: 1. Sarah "Sally" Lucile Newsom; 2. Charles Henderson Newsom, Jr.; 3. Mary Jeannette

111 76 HENRY HYBART SMITH born 3 November 1898 Coy, Alabama, died 11 April 1900 buried Smith Cemetery,
     Coy, Alabama.

111 77 MARY HYBART SMITH born 19 February 1901, Coy, Alabama, married 23 June 1926 Mobile, Alabama, by
     Dr. P. B. Wells (Methodist) to William Columbus Stapleton born 2 October 1884 Mendota, Virginia, died
     14 December 1959 Mobile, Alabama, buried Pine Crest Cemetery, son of Commodore Perry and Susan Janette
     {Poff} Stapleton. She received the A.B. degree from Woman's College of Alabama (now Huntingdon College) and
     did graduate work at Columbia University. She taught at the Downing Industrial School, Brewton, Alabama, the
     Coffee County High School, Enterprise, Alabama, and the Montgomery County High School, Ramer, Alabama,
     prior to marriage. Later she taught Latin and social studies for some 20 years in the Mobile County Schools at
     Murphy High School, Barton Academy, and Sidney Phillips Junior High School. He received the A.B. from
     Highland Home College, Highland Home, Alabama, B.S. and M.A. degrees from The University of Alabama. He
     taught school in Autauga, Coosa, Butler, Lowndes, and Crenshaw Counties before serving as principal of the
     Coffee County High School in Enterprise, Alabama. He also taught a short while at the Pensacola, Florida, High
     School after being discharged from the U. S. Army in 1918. He was cashier of the Enterprise Banking Company
     from 1919 to 1925 and was a partner in a furniture business in Enterprise prior to joining the faculty at Murphy
     High School in Mobile, Alabama, in 1927. He was appointed principal of Barton Academy in Mobile in 1945 and
     remained there until his retirement in 195-.
          Children: 1. William Columbus Stapleton, Jr.; 2. Mary Mell Stapleton

111 78 DORIS SMITH born 8 May 1903, Mobile, Alabama, married 19 June 1928 Mobile, Alabama, by Dr. R. R.
     Ellison (Methodist) to Joseph Gaines Morrissette born 16 Jan 1902 Mobile, Alabama, son of Edward Robison and
     Ida {Marshall} Morrissette, died 22 November 1932, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile,
     Alabama. She is a graduate of The Woman's College of Alabama (now Huntingdon College). Prior to marriage she
     taught school at Vernon, Enterprise, and Luverne, Alabama. She taught Home Economics and Biology at Murphy
     High School in Mobile prior to retirement. Joe Morrissette was a sales representative for Kahn Manufacturing
     Company at the time of the automobile accident which took his life.
          Children: 1. Doris Smith Morrissette

111 81 VERNON STRODE HYBART born 26 July 1895 Gosport, Alabama, died 11 July 1942 buried McConnico
     Cemetery, Perdue Hill, Alabama, married 17 December 1922 by Dr. C. A. Rush (Methodist) to Enoch Cobb
     Cammack born 7 November 1883 Coffeeville, Alabama.
          Children: 1. John Hybart Cammack

111 82 JOHN CALHOUN HYBART, JR. born 19 December 1896 died 8 March 1897 buried McConnico Cemetery,
     Perdue Hill, Alabama.

111 83 WILLIAM CLIFTON HYBART born 7 June 1898 died 13 September 1898 buried McConnico Cemetery,
     Perdue Hill, Alabama.

112 11 ROBERT W. HATAWAY born 1868 Florida.

112 61 BERTTIE B. FINKLEA born August 1883 Panola County, Texas.

112 62 RICHARD HARDY FINKLEA born 25 January 1885 died 14 February 1911 buried Old Center Cemetery,
     Panola County, Texas.

112 63 WALTER LOUIS FINKLEA born January 1891 Panola County, Texas, died 22 January 1949, Potter County,

112 64 ANNIE L. FINKLEA born October 1893 Panola County, Texas.

112 65 VERGIE M. FINKLEA born June 1895 Panola County, Texas.

112 66 GRACE T. FINKLEA born August 1896.

112 67 SYBIL C. FINKLEA born October 1899.

115 11 JOHN HYBART MATHEWS born 13 April 1875 Brazil died 22 August 1935 Marion County, Florida, married
     31 November 1906 Marion County, Florida, to Anna Laura DeLong. He served in Co. A., Florida Infantry,
     Spanish American War.
          Children: 1. John Hybart Mathews, Jr.

115 12 GEORGE GREEN MATHEWS born 12 January 1877 Brazil died 10 June 1885 Santos, Marion County, Florida,
     buried Blue Sink Cemetery.

115 13 FRANCIS EDWARD MATHEWS born 20 January 1879 Brazil died 27 February 1969 Ocala, Florida, buried
     Candler Cemetery married 1st 19 August 1911 Jacksonville, Florida, to Florence Gertrude Brewer born 15 Decem-
     ber 1887, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, daughter of Andrew J. and Charlotte {Busher} Brewer, died 2 February
     1960 Eustis, Lake County, Florida, buried Candler Cemetery married 2nd 1961 to Jeannette Turner.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Francis Robert Mathews; 2. Charles Brewer Mathews; 3. Charlotte Florence
               Mathews; 4. Julia Mathews; 5. Charlene Audrey Mathews.

115 14 ROBERT DANIEL MATHEWS born 17 March 1881 Brazil died 19 February 1962 Marion County, Florida,
     buried Candler Cemetery, married 30 April 1925 Marion County, Florida, to Emily Elizabeth Yeargain born
     8 December 1896, South Carolina, daughter of Thomas Alexander and Ida Catherine {Ouzis} Yeargain.
          Children: 1. Robert Daniel Mathews, Jr.; 2. Charles Thomas Mathews

115 15 JANIE MATHEWS (TWIN) born 14 July 1888 Marion County, Florida, died 6 September 1888 buried Blue
     Sink Cemetery.

115 16 ANNE MATHEWS (TWIN) born 14 July 1888 Marion County, Florida, married 29 July 1908 Grace Episcopal
     Church, Ocala, Florida, to George Earl Yancey, son of Benjamin Cunningham and Lucy {Cairnes} Yancey, died
     March 1942. He practiced dentistry for some time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
          Children: 1. Mary Elizabeth Yancey; 2. Catherine Ives Yancey; 3. William Lowndes Yancey; 4. Patricia

115 17 SAMUEL LEWIS MATHEWS born 26 July 1891 Marion County, Florida, died 28 November 1964 Marion
     County, Florida, married 24 April 1937 Tampa, Florida, to Helen Sophia Bishof born 15 October Rock Port,
     Missouri, daughter of William A. and Louise {Zieke} Bishof. He served in World War I and was a banker in
     Tampa, Florida.

115 21 CHARLES BENJAMIN MATTHEUS born 25 December 1878 Brazil died 24 June 1936 Brazil, married
     2 January 1902 Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Hattie Lou McFadden born 18 February 1882, daughter of Robert W. and
     Sarah E. McFadden, died 23 December 1974 buried Campo Cemetery, Santa Barbara, Brazil.
          Children: 1. Marion Leslie Mattheus; 2. Charles Wilson Mattheus; 3. Sarah Belle Mattheus; 4. Alberta
               "Bertie" Mattheus; 5. George Green Mattheus.

115 22 SARAH BELLE MATHEWS born 1880 died at birth of child, married to Earl Marks.
          Children: 1. Louise Belle Marks.

115 23 GEORGE GREEN MATHEWS born Brazil died age 3 United States.

115 24 SARA MATHEWS born 12 May 1901 Santa Barbara D'Oeste, San Paulo, Brazil, married 9 September 1921 Ft.
     Pierce, Florida, to Charles H. Crim born 23 February 1896 Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois, son of Henry C. and
     Dora M. {Dorchelt} Crim. He was an attorney.
          Children: 1. Patricia Crim.

115 25 ROBERT EARL MATHEWS born 21 April 1904 Ocala, Florida, married 1st to Margaret Darden, daughter of
     James Oliver and Ila Mae {Ward} Darden, died 1934 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, buried Evergreen Cemetery, married
     2nd 1935 to Pauline Cleland.
          Children: 1. Robert Earl Mathews, Jr.

115 26 WILLIAM MATHEWS died young.

115 27 MARY ELLEN "CHINKIE" MATHEWS born 2 November 1910 Bartow, Florida, married 23 May 1942 Ft.
     Lauderdale, Florida, to Arthur D. Inwood born 24 October 1913 Rawal Pindi, India, son of Albert Edward and
     Theodore Claire {Houlehan} Inwood. He was an architect and she a legal secretary.
          Children: 1. Infant Inwood.

141 11 WILLIAM JAMES SMITH born 1858 in North Carolina.

141 12 FLORENCE SMITH born 1861 in North Carolina.

141 13 SARAH H. SMITH born 1863 in North Carolina.

141 14 PETER McLEAN SMITH born 1866 in North Carolina.

141 15 JANE SMITH born 1868 in North Carolina.

141 16 RUTH SMITH born December 1869 in North Carolina.

152 21 FRANK COLLINS born February 1885 in Titus County, Texas.

152 22 SOPHIA EMILY COLLINS born 29 November 1887 in Titus County, Texas, died 25 April 1977 Paint Rock,
     Texas, married 11 November 1909 at the home of W. H. Collins near Breckenridge, Texas, to Otis Preston
          Children: 1. Oleta Thompson; 2. Opal Thompson; 3. Omaloy Thompson; 5. George Thompson

152 23 BUSTER COLLINS born May 1891 in Titus County, Texas.

152 24 JOHN H. COLLINS born May 1894 in Titus County, Texas, died 8 June 1970 married 10 October 1921 in
     Breckenridge, Texas, to Minnie Bradshaw born 11 June 1899 Necessity, Texas, died 18 February 1985 at Abilene,
     Texas, buried at Necessity, Texas.
          Children: 1. Hazel Collins; 2. Nell Collins; 3. Shirley Collins; 4. John D. "Doug" Collins; 5. Russell

152 25 NETTIE COLLINS born February 1897 in Titus County, Texas, married _______ Ming.

152 26 ESELLOY COLLINS born 6 December 1899 in Titus County, Texas, died 5 August 1978 Stephens County,
     Texas, married 19 September 1917 Stephens County to T. J. Russell born 17 September 1889 Coryell County,
     Texas, died 4 September 1961 Stephens County.
          Children: 1. Frances Adell Russell; 2. T. J. Russell, Jr.

152 27 WILLIAM MARSHALL COLLINS born 25 February 1903 Mt. Pleasant, Texas, died June 1978 married
     23 December 1925 at Breckenridge, Texas, to Mildred Crowley, daughter of O. B. "Dell" Crowley.
          Children: 1. Joy Collins; 2. Dorothy Collins; 3. Stanley Collins; 4. Ralph Collins

152 28 ABE JEFF COLLINS born 27 January 1906 Stephens County, Texas, died 10 Septrember 1977 Breckenridge,
     Texas, married 23 April 1936 to Connie Morris. Jeff managed a service station and was a member of the Bethany
     Baptist Church.
          Children: 1. Joyce Collins; 2. Kathy Collins; 3. Buddy Collins; 4. Bobby Collins; 5. Jimmy Collins;
               6. Kenneth Collins; 7. Loretta Collins

152 31 MAY HOUSTON born 6 December 1896 Stephens County, Texas, died 1978 Ballinger, Texas, married 1st to
     ___ Cox married 2nd to ___Baldwin.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Minnie Cox; 2. Sybil Cox; 3. Douglas Cox

152 32 GRACE HOUSTON born August 1898 Stephens County, Texas, married 4 May 1919 to Nolan Bradshaw born
     25 April 1897 Necessity, Texas died 7 June 1980 San Angelo, Texas, buried Mertzon Cemetery, Mertzon, Texas.
     He was a groceryman and rancher.
          Children: 1. Irene Bradshaw; 2. Rex Bradshaw; 3. Ray Bradshaw.

152 33 BESSIE HOUSTON born 1902 Stephens County, Texas, died 5 September 1985. Married 1st to ___ Taylor,
     married 2nd to ___ Cronie.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Wayne Taylor

152 34 IMA HOUSTON born 1908 Stephens County, Texas, died June 1993 buried Abilene, Texas, married ___ Mad-
          Children: 1. Howard Maddox; 2 Sue Maddox; 3. Tylene Maddox; 4.

152 35 CONNIE HOUSTON born 21 June 1912 Stephens County, Texas, married to Dick Russell.  Paint Rock, Texas
          Children: 1. Michael Houston Russell

152 36 FAIR OPAL HOUSTON born 21 March 1913 Stephens County, Texas, married D. F. Curie.  Paint Rock,
          Children: 1. Jennie Curie; 2. Susan Curie

152 37 MAXINE FERN HOUSTON born 29 December 1915 Stephens County, Texas, died 16 January 1975 Paint
     Rock, Texas, married 1st to ___ Atwell married 2nd to ___ Hibler.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Buddy Atwell
          Children (2nd marriage): 2. Susanne Hibler

152 38 WILLIE DELL HOUSTON born 16 February 1919 Stephens County, Texas, married to W. J. Davis.
          Children: 1. Randolph Houston Davis; 2. Christine Davis

152 39 WILLIAM FORREST HOUSTON, JR. born 2 April 1922 Paint Rock, Texas, married to Dorothy Davidson.
      Paint Rock, Texas
          Children: 1. Pamela Lyn Houston; 2. Drenda Kay Houston

152 30 ANNEBELL HOUSTON born 13 March 1923 Paint Rock, Texas, married to ___ Stephenson. Paint Rock,
          Children: 1. Sisy Stephenson; 2. Paula Stephenson

152 41 HERMAN B. SULLIVAN born 24  September 1889 Van Zandt County, Texas, died 15 April 1979 Brecken-
     ridge, Texas, buried Rankin, Texas, married 25 July 1909 to Alma Smith born 1893 Texas, died 25 January 1972.
     He farmed in Concho and Stephens Counties and was a plant operator for the Big Lake Oil Co. of Texon. He was
     a member of the Paint Rock Baptist Church, Paint Rock, Texas.
          Children: 1. Tommy Roscoe Sullivan; 2. Odessa Sullivan

152 42 WILLIE ELLEN SULLIVAN born 25 August 1893 Young County, Texas, died 1981 Breckenridge, Texas,
     buried at Necessity, Texas, married 16 July 1916 Breckenridge,  to Ellis Hope died 11 April 1964. in 1979 she was
     living in the Union Hill Community and was a member of the Necessity Baptist Church. 
          Children: 1. Elsie Hope; 2. Kathleen Hope; 3. Fay Hope; 4. May Hope; 5. Ray Hope

152 43 STEPHEN ABBIE SULLIVAN (TWIN) born 24 November 1895 Stephens County, Texas, died 5 November
     1978 Union Hill, Stephens County, buried Necessity, Texas.
          Chilsren: 1. Nell Sullivan; 2. Daughter Sullivan; 3. Daughter Sullivan; 4. Tommy Sullivan

152 44 MARY ADA GERTRUDE SULLIVAN (TWIN) born 24 November 1895 Stephens County, Texas, died 12 June
     1974 buried at Necessity, Texas, married 3 September 1916 Breckenridge, Texas, to Carl Durward Griggs (157 7).
     Children are listed under him.

152 45 SALLIE SULLIVAN born July 1898 Stephens County, Texas, died 5 January 1979 married 6 June 1920
     Breckenridge, Texas, to Charlie J. Crook died 1 December 1990..
          Children: 1. Milton J. Crook; 2. Tiny Ruth Crook; 3. Jack V. Crook

152 46 CHARLIE MARSHALL SULLIVAN (TWIN) born 16 November 1902 Stephens County, Texas, died 19 August
     1981 married 22 September 1925 Archer City, Texas, to Artie Estelle Morris born 31 December 1909.
          Children: 1. Patsy Ruth Sullivan; 2. Lilla Ann Sullivan; 3. Hugh Marshall Sullivan; 4. Vesta "Cissy" Sullivan

152 47 MINNIE MERCIA SULLIVAN (TWIN) born 1903 Stephens County, Texas.

152 48 L. H. "HOP" SULLIVAN born 28 December 1906 Stephens County, Texas, died 14 November 1974 Brecken-
     ridge, Texas, buried at Necessity, Texas. He farmed in the Union Hill community, was a member of the Nastional
     Guard and the Union Hill Baptist Church.

152 49 THOMAS SULLIVAN born 11 April 1909 Union Hill, Stephens County, Texas, died 13 Ma5rch 1979
     Breckenridge, Texas, buried Necessity, Texas.

152 51 HARRIETT OLLIE NEILL born January 1890 Texas, married Luther Galloway.
          Children: 1. Bryan Galloway

152 52 LILLIE GERTRUDE NEILL born March 1893 Stephens County, Texas, died 5 July 1954 San Angelo, Texas,
     married 1909 Stephens County to James A. Smith born 1886 Texas son of Thomas W. Smith.
          Children: 1. William D. Smith; 2. Eugene Smith; 3. Forrest Smith; 4. Annie Smith

152 53 BEULAH M. NEILL born August 1897 Stephens County,Texas, died 23 December 1984 White Settlement,
     Tarrant County, Texas, married to ___Smith. Lived at Benbrook, Texas.
          Children: 1. Doris Smith

152 54 ORA MABLE NEILL born 22 March 1901 Union Hill, Stephens County, Texas, died 14 July 1973 Brecken-
     ridge, Texas, buried Necessity, Texas, married November 1920 Stephens County to John E. Moore died 1932.
     They farmed in the Union Hill Community.  She was a member of the Necessity Baptist Church and the Union Hill
     Demonstration Club.
          Children: 1. Roberta Moore; 2. Jack H. Moore; 3. Houston Moore; 4. Pat H. Moore

152 55 GEORGE HENRY NEILL born 1904 Stephens County, Texas.

152 56 CONNIE OTHA NEILL born 1911 married 1929 to Fronty B. Bronough born 12 February 1899 died 16 April

152 61 CARL PRESTON HOUSTON born 1898 Texas, died 15 ovember 1956 married 15 March 1915 to Maude Effie
     Harris born 8 June 1896 died 23 June 1970.
          Children: 1. Carl Preston Houston, Jr.

152 62 JOHN STEPHENS HOUSTON born 12 August 1900 Union Hill, Stephens County, Texas, died 21 April 1981
     Hobbs, New Mexico, married 16 December 1922 to Rubye Glen Waddington born 8 June 1903 Bennett, Texas
          Children: 1. John Stephens Houston, Jr.; 2. Glen Lynwood Houston.

152 63 RAYMON HOUSTON born 11 December 1903 Stephens County, Texas, married 1937 to Adilina Watson born
     30 July 1910.
          Children: 1. Joe Houston

152 64 LOUISE HOUSTON born 14 February 1921 died 1941.

152 71 NELLIE HOUSTON born 4 July 1904 Stephens County, Texas, married to Scott Hartgrove.  San Angelo,

152 72 RILEY F. HOUSTON born 1908 Stephens County, Texas, married to Cornelia Beck.
          Children: 1. Stephen Houston

152 73 JACK HOUSTON born 30 November 1913 Stephens County, Texas, died February 1966 Paint Rock, Texas.
     Two children.

152 81 ULLA HOUSTON born 18 April 1918. She had two daughter: Mickey who lives in La Jolla, California and Sue
     who is deceased. 

152 82 WARREN HARVEY HOUSTON born 24 June 1914 died 26 December 1986 buried Pearsall, Texas, married
     Georgia ___.  
          Children: 1. John Warren Houston; 2. Dick Houston; 3. Terry Lee Houston; 4. Anne Houston

152 83 WALTER ELTON "DICK" HOUSTON born 1 March 1917 died 1941 in a plane crash. He was a Lieutenant in
     the U. S. Army Air Force.

155 11 LAWRENCE HUGH DAVIDSON born 1901 died 1980 married to Dorothy __.
          Children: 1. Lawrence "Larry" Davidson

155 12 ELLA COMSTOCK DAVIDSON born 1904 married to Russell Morris died about 1978.
          Children: 1. Russell Morris, Jr.

155 13 BERNARD JOHN DAVIDSON born 18 March 1921 Mobile, Alabama, married 6 December 1949 to Katie Butts
     born 23 September 1925. Both members of the Roman Catholic Church.

155 14 COLMA MOOG DAVIDSON born 2 February 1923 Mobile, Alabama, married to Margaret Ruth Muntz. Both
     are members of the Roman Catholic Church.
          Children: 1. Leasa Davidson

155 21 MAY AUGUSTA BRUNSON born 1 September 1909 Mobile, Alabama, died 20 April 1970 Miami, Florida,
     buried Memorial Gardens, Mobile, Alabama. A magna cum laude graduate of Judson College, she received
     Master's and Doctor's degrees from Columbia University. She was Dean at Judson and was Dean of Women at the
     University of Miami at the time of her sudden death in her office. She was active in various educational and
     professional organizations and served as treasurer of the National Dean's Association.

155 22 MILDRED ANNA BRUNSON born 27 January 1913 Mobile, Alabama, married 4 June 1932 Mobile, Alabama,
     by her father to Judon Lansing Watts. A graduate of Murphy High School in Mobile, she taught in the Mobile
     Public Schools and later served as Educational Secretary for the Baptist Churches in Mobile and the suburb of
     Satsuma. He was employed as an electrician by the International Paper Company for 46 years. Both are active in
     the Baptist Church. 
          Children: 1. Memory Elaine Watts; 2. Rose Marie Watts.

155 31 JOSEPHINE GRACE DAVIDSON born 1910 Mobile, Alabama, married to Conrad Murdock.
          Children: 1. Joseph Eugene Davidson; 2. Burton Conrad Murdock; 3. Barbara Murdock; 4. Darlene
               Murdock; 5. Ernie Murdock; 6. Jerald "Jerry" Murdock

156 21 STANLEY BERTRAND HYBART born 16 September 1905 died ___.

156 22 AMBER ELAINE HYBART born 19 January 1915

156 23 ALTON ODESSA HYBART born 7 July 1918 Dozier, Alabama. Married 4 December 1943 to Mary Catherine
     Clark born 20 May 19  .  
          Children: 1. Katherine Ann Hybart; 2. Timothy Alton Hybart; 3. Charles Jerry Hybart

156 24 FRASER MONROE HYBART born 18 May 1920 died ___, lived at Luverne, Alabama.

156 25 BERNIE FORD HYBART born 6 July 1922. 

157 11 MARVEL RAY WAGNER 3 July 1903 Eastland County, Texas, died 3 February Eastland County, Texas,
     buried Longbranch Cemetery.

157 12 LOUIS HENRY WAGNER born 5 July 1907 Romney, Texas, died 1 October 1964 Salinas, California, buried
     Long Branch Cemetery, between Cisco and Rising Star, Texas, married 28 June 1936 Divide, Nolan County,
     Texas, to Eva Redden.
          Children: 1. Barbara June Wagner; 2. Richard Paul Wagner

157 13 MALCOM EUGENE WAGNER born 26 February 1909 married 1st to Opal McCarty married 2nd to Virginia
     "Jenny" Owens.   Weatherford, TX 

157 14 LILLIAN LORENA WAGNER born 21 October 1912 near Romney,Eastland County, Texas, married 1st 5 May
     1934 Enid, Oklahoma, to Julius B. Daniel, married 2nd 4 January 1941 Enid, Oklahoma, to Harley Maddox born
     5 July 1907.   Enid, OK 73701
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Harold Ray Daniel
          Children (2nd marriage):  2. L. H. Maddox; 3. Cindy Maddox

157 15 CHARLIE ERNEST WAGNER born 18 September 1915 Romney, Texas, died 5 July 1979 Coleman, Texas, 
     married 5 September 1942 to Gladys Perry. She later married ___ Chapman and the children were given their
     stepfather's name. Grants, NM 
          Children: 1. Jeannette Chapman; 2. Charlene Chapman; 3. Jim Chapman

157 16 MARTIN GLYN WAGNER BORN 21 January 1919 Romney, Eastland County, Texas died 12 July 1990
     Sweetwater, Texas, married Sweetwater 15 June 1940 to Mildred Aulena Robertson. He served in th U. S. Army
     Air Force and was employed by the Texas and Pacific Railroad for 32 years.  Sweetwater, TX
               Children: 1. Richard Clyde Wagner; 2. Wayland Glyn Wagner

157 41 HARMON JACKSON LEWIS born 28 October 1907 Rising Star, Eastland County, Texas, married to Ila
     McCallum born 21 November 1907.
          Children: 1. Clarius Dale Lewis; 2. Lois Jack Lewis; 3. Ora Nell Lewis

157 42 GEORGIE LAURA LEWIS born 2 February 1911 Rising Star, Texas, died 9 September 1986 Rising Star
     married 8 August 1931 Henderson, Texas, to David Eli Jacobs born 26 October 1907. He was a field engineer for
     Conoco Oil Company. 
          Children: 1. Bonnie Jeannine Jacobs; 2. Lucie Ellen Jacobs

157 43 WALTER "GABE" "DUDE" DURWOOD LEWIS born 16 September 1915 Rising Star, Texas,  married
     27 January 1947 to Billie Ruth Hill born 2 March 1917 died 29 November 1989.  Rising Star, TX
          Children: 1. Linda Fay Lewis

157 44 GUSSIE BEATRICE LEWIS born 29 September 1918 Romney, Texas, married 4 April 1962 California to
     Bernard Vern Kruger born 13 April 1914 Canada died April 1984. Vern had 4 daughters from a previous marriage.
157 45 MARGIE LAVERNE "TOTSY" LEWIS born 5 September 1913 Rising Star, Texas, married 10 April 1931 at
     Abilene Christian College  to Earnest Thompson. Both are buried at Anchorage, Alaska.
          Children: 1. Huel Rodney Thompson

157 51 Infant Daughter GRIGGS born and died 17 November 1906 Eastland County, Texas.

157 52 MARGIE ELMIRA GRIGGS born 21 December 1907 Old Morriss, Haskell County, Texas, died 24 January
     1977 Odessa, Ector County, Texas, married 21 June 1931 Wink, Winkler County, Texas, to Thomas Dudley
     Meacham born 8 September 1904 Roswell, New Mexico Territory, died 25 December 1961 Monahans, Ward
     County, Texas, son of William Banks and Bessie E. {Moore} Meacham. She attended Abilene Christian College
     and taught school prior to marriage. He served in the U. S. Navy aboard the USS Tennessee and the USS
     Henderson and later owned the Permian Ice Company with plants in Kermit, Monahans, and Odessa, Texas.
          Children: 1. Thomas Jackson Meacham; 2. William Charles Meacham; 3. Grace Elizabeth Meacham

157 53 THOMAS JACKSON GRIGGS born 29 December 1909 at Judd, Stonewall County, Texas, died 20 March 1982
     in Houston, Texas, buried Monahans, Texas, married 4 September 1934 Abilene, Texas, to Ruth Allen born
     15 August 1910 Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, died 29 July 1990, Dallas, daughter of George and Robbie
     Lee {Stiles} Allen. Jack served as principal of the high school at Hawley, Texas, after graduating from Abilene
     Christian College. He later served several terms as District Clerk if Ward County.
          Children: 1. Charles Jackson Griggs; 2. Ruth 'N' Jane Griggs; 3. Margie Ann Griggs; 4. Jack Allen
               Griggs; 5. Bob Evans Griggs

157 54 Infant Son GRIGGS (Twin) born and died 27 November 1911 Shackelford County, Texas.

157 55 Infant Daughter GRIGGS (Twin) born and died 27 November 1911 Shackelford County, Texas.

157 56 Son GRIGGS born 5 October 1912 Jones County, Texas, died 14 June 1913.

157 57 GUSSIE FAY GRIGGS born 17 November 1913 Jones County, Texas, died 22 December 1983. She lived with
     her mother.

157 58 GRAYCE LEE GRIGGS born 1 March 1915 Leuders, Jones, Texas, died 21 July 1978, Odessa, Ector County,
     Texas, married 11 August 1938, Monahans, Texas, by A. G. Hobbs, Jr. (Church of Christ) to Lloyd Ritchey, born
     26 June 1909, Miles, Runnels County, Texas, died 21 February 1984, Odessa, Texas, son of Charles Arshields and
     Maggie Lou {Wiley} Ritchey. She was a graduate of Cisco Junior Colllege and attended Abilene Christain
     College.After Lloyd became ill, she worked for various business in Odessa. Lloyd was employed by Shell Oil
     before working as a welder in the shipyards in Beaumont during World War II. After the war he farmed.
          Children: 1. Daughter Ritchey; 2. Dorothy Fay Ritchey; 3. Donald Evans Ritchey; 4. Margie Lee Ritchey;
               5. Lloyd Jackson "Bud" Ritchey; 6. Ann Jeanette Ritchey

157 59 CHARLES PERSHING GRIGGS born 18 June 1919 Stephens County, Texas, died 31 July 1984 married 1st
     8 August 1941, Brownfield, Terry County, Texas, to Rosa Luvena Jenkins, born 8 August 1921, Brownfield, died
     1970, Andrews, Andrews County, Texas, married 2nd 14 February 1965,Odessa, Ector County, Texas, to Clara B.
     {Young} Cheek, born 10 September 1917, Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas,  died 5 July 1992, Odessa, Texas,
     buried Monahans, Ward County, Texas. He owned and operated Griggs Garage in Monahans, Texas.
          Children: 1. John Ervin Griggs; 2. Kaye Karen Griggs (Adopted)

157 61 MARVIN CARLTON GARDNER born 16 January 1911, Romney, Eastland County, Texas, married 1st
     5 January 1929 to Minnie L. Herrin married 2nd 5 January 1937, Ropesville, Hockley County, Texas, to Erma
     Florene Chance born 24 November 1921 Fisher County, Texas, daughter of Gilbert Ray and Frances Lue
     {Gardner} Chance. Marvin was a farmer and Florene has retired after 12 years employment with the State of
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Mary Joe Gardner
          Children (2nd marriage): 2. Marvin Charles Gardner; 3. Daughter Gardner; 4. Ronnie Melvin Gardner;
               5. David Carlton Gardner

157 62 CLYDE HOUSTON GARDNER born 9 July 1913, Romney, Eastland County, Texas, died 9 February 1987,
     buried Longbranch Cemetery, Eastland County, Texas, married 23 December 1932, Ropesville, Texas, to Loretta
     Brunson died 1988. He spent 17 years in the infantry, serving in World War II and Korea. He sustained wounds
     which left him largely incapacitated .
          Children: 1. Maybelle Gardner; 2. Robert Charles Gardner; 3. Clyde Herschel Gardner

157 63 LUCILLE "LUCY" THELMA GARDNER born 25 April 1916 Romney, Eastland County, Texas, married 1st at
     McAllister, Oklahoma, to Aubry Pitts, married 2nd 15 December 1951 at Gatesville, Texas, to Joseph Taby Barron
     born 17 December 1918 Krebs, Oklahoma, son of Nicklas and Josephine {Taby} Barron, married 3rd 12 June 1966
     at Houston, Texas, to Elmer Whorton born 27 October 1903 Russellville, Arkansas, died 4 November 1984
     Huntsville, Texas, married 4th Onalaska, Texas 22 May 1993 to James J. Marlo. Lucy served as a WAC overseas
     in World War II. 

157 64 JAMES EARL GARDNER born 21 January 1919 Romney, Eastland County, Texas, married 19 December 1938
     Lubbock, Texas, to Alta Baucum born 22 May 1922 Anson, Texas, daughter of Tom and Allie {Caffey} Baucum.
     After his father's death, James Earl supported he mother and siblings who were still at home, providing them with
     the opportunity to attend school. He was a farmer.  
          Children: 1. Earl Stanley Gardner; 2. Cynthia Ann Gardner; 3. Randal James Gardner

157 65 WALTER LEWIS GARDNER born 4 August 1921, Romney, Eastland County, Texas, married 1st about 1941
     to Francis Mae Nettles married 2nd 30 April 1946 Naval Chapel, Long Beach, California, to Laverne Caroline
     Ahrens born 16 June 1924 Wilson, Texas. He served in the U. S. Navy during World War II.  
          Children: 1. Carla Jean "Jeanie" Gardner; 2. Jerry Lewis Gardner; 3. Danis Wayne Gardner

157 66 THURMAN DUKE GARDNER born 19 January 1924 Roby, Fisher County, Texas, married 15 December 1946
     at Lubbock, Texas, to Patsy Ray Rivers born 23 February 1927 Bogota, Texas, daughter of Frank Robert and
     Jeanette {Coplin} Rivers. Duke was a fighter pilot during World War II and has now retired as a builder.  
          Children: 1. Gene Franklin Gardner; 2. Patricia Gayle Gardner; 3. Beverle Carol Gardner

157 67 ALTON RAY GARDNER born 24 August 1926, Romney, Eastland County, Texas, married 1st 14 September
     1946 Portales, New Mexico, to Donna Sue Milliken born 29 October 1928 Tahoka, Texas, daughter of George
     Reuben and Cleo {McGonagal} Milliken, married 2nd to Anna Rita Ulshafer born 25 May 1933 Media, Pennsylva-
     nia. Anna Rita has two sons, Michael and Mark Sakers, from another marriage. Alton Ray Gardner graduated from
     Texas Technological University in 1948 with the BBA degree.  
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Gary Ray Gardner; 2. Susan Jo Gardner

157 68 SAMUEL DEAN GARDNER born 12 February 1929, Romney, Eastland County, Texas, married July 1951 to
     Jean Evelyn Sealy born 31 March 1934. He has retired from the building trade and is in business as a nurseryman
     raising yaupon trees. 
          Children: 1. Kathi Lyn Gardner; 2. Karen Jean Gardner

157 69 DOROTHY FAYE GARDNER born 19 July 1931 Rising Star, Eastland County, Texas, married 25 September
     1948 at Clovis, New Mexico, to Weldon Travis Adams born 3 March 1926 Ropesville, Texas, son of William
     Robert and Gussie {Hillis} Adams. They operate the Adams Insurance Agency in Lubbock, Texas.
          Children: 1. Connie Jan Adams (Twin); 2. Vickie Nan Adams (Twin); 3. Brenda Ann Adams (Twin);
               4. Weldon Brent Adams (Twin)

157 60 ETHELYNE LAVANNE GARDNER born 29 November 1933 Romney, Eastland County, Texas, married
     4 August 1951 Lubbock County, Texas, to Arthur Leonard Emery born 8 June 1932 Vermillion County, Illinois.
     They are members of the Baptist Church. He received the B.A. in Business Administration from Texas Techno-
     logical College and served in the United States Air Force in Japan.  
          Children: 1. Pamela Jean Emery; 2. Michael James Emery; 3. Mark Lewis Emery

157 71 CHARLIE DEE GRIGGS born 11 November 1918 married 4 February 1960 to Patsy Sue Marsee daughter of
     Joe and Jane {Kerbo} Marsee.
          Children: 1. Susan Dee Griggs

157 72 FRANKIE MARIE GRIGGS born 20 December 1921 married 17 June 1942 to Henry Wesley Hill, Jr. died
     14 June 1975 Necessity, Texas, son of Henry Wesley and Hettie {Brandon} Hill.  
          Children: 1. Barbara Marie Hill

157 73 MARGIE MAXINE GRIGGS born 24 September 1926 married 14 May 1966 to Lee Bruce Hoff born 13 April
     1917 Norse, Texas, son of Oscar and Anna {Ellingson} Hoff. 

157 74 BILLY STEPHENS GRIGGS born 18 July 1928 died 11 September 1981 Fort Worth, Texas, buried Laurel
     Land Cemetery, Fort Worth, married Fort Worth, Texas, to Cleta Coffman. He attended Texas Christian
          Children: 1. Iris Griggs

157 75 BETTY JUNE GRIGGS born 27 June 1935 married 16 December 1960 to Joe Forrest High son of Henry and
     Ida Beatrice {Russell} High.
          Children(adopted): 1. Russell Brent High

157 76 MILTON LOUIS GRIGGS born 28 May 1939 married to Carolyn Henderson.
          Children: 1. Julie Dawn Griggs; 2. Clinton Dee Griggs

158 21 ANNIE MAUDE GRIGGS married 24 May 1933 to Ralph N. R. Bardwell.
          Children: 1. ___ (daughter); 2. ___ (daughter)

158 22 JOHN EDWARD GRIGGS, JR. married 14 June 1941 to Julie Anne Gilman.
          Children: 1. ___ (son); 2. ___ (son)

158 23 WILLIE GARRETT GRIGGS married 31 May 1941 to Margaret Thompson.
          Children: 1. ___ (son); 2. ___ (daughter)

158 31 HUBBARD LOFLIN GRIGGS born 20 January 1906 Brundige, Alabama, died 28 January 1977 married
     10 November 1928 to Johnnie Arnold born 26 September 1910 Samson, Alabama. Both buried Greenlawn
     Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida..
          Children: 1. Joan Griggs

158 32 CARROLL JORDAN GRIGGS born 25 August 1908 China Grove, Alabama, married 1st 22 August 1936 to
     Alta Virginia Page born 30 August 1911 Selma, Alabama, died 13 June 1983 buried Greenwood Cemetery
     Montgomery, Alabama. Married 2nd 19 May 1984 to Catherine ___..  
          Children (1st marriage): 1.  Carolyn Ann Griggs

158 33 KENNETH SMITH GRIGGS born 1 January 1912 Brundige, Alabama, died 30 March 1990 buried Jackson,
     Mississippi, married 17 May 1937 to Elizabeth Kilgrow born 26 September 1915 Montgomery, Alabama.
          Children: 1. Betty Joe Griggs; 2. Kenneth Kilgrow Griggs

158 34 MARY ETHEL GRIGGS born 21 February 1913 Dothan, Alabama, married 1st to E. P. McGuire born 18 July
     1903 died 29 November 1977 buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama,  married 2nd to Rev. William Reese
     Farnell died 1 September 1990. Though blind, Rev. Farnell was able with the help of Mary Ethel to serve as pastor
     to Baptist churches in the Mobile area. 
          Children (1st marriage): 1. Edward Paul McGuire; 2. Charles Jordan McGuire; 3. Richard Jay McGuire

158 61 ALICE ELIZABETH GRIGGS born 18 March 1918 married 9 April 1939 to Alton Beverly Cumbus.  
          Children: 1. Beverly Ann Cumbus; 2. Benjamin Joseph Cumbus

158 62 BENYE ELOISE GRIGGS born 9 July 1925 married 9 September 1925 to Morris Edward Harris.  
          Children: 1. Morris Edward Harris, Jr.; 2. Travis Griggs Harris