Lee's Bend

This is another picture generously donated by cousin
Robert E Lee of California.

(John Jackson Lee was
my mother's father's father's father .
Robert E Lee is descended from John Jackson Lee's son
Daniel Marion Lee , and I am descended from Dan's brother
Joe Albert Lee) .

Here is R E Lee's detailed description :

"...You are looking at "Lee's Bend".
This was the property on which John Jackson Lee lived. 
And, in 1851, when his father, James Lee came from S.C.,
 bringing his wife, Sarah and at least three children,
including 'preacher Joe', Mark, Wm. and his brother's son, Wm.,
 travelling up the river by steamboat, they stayed here until
 James found a suitable place of his own. He settled north of here 
about 5 miles at Coal Fire Creek. From  that location, 
Joseph would meet and marry his wife, Pine Ann and raise a family.
And James & Sarah would die on that property.  Meanwhile, John J.
 and family had many holdings across the river, in other Miss. 
counties, as well. The river is the Tombigbee. Left is Ala., 
and right is Miss.(Lowndes Co., incl'g.
Columbus up the road 'a piece'.

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