Grace and Fannie Myatt

Bettie Grace Myatt was my great-grandmother and Fannie was her sister. In the upper picture, Grace was to the left, and in the lower picture, Fannie was to the left. The two sisters were almost inseparable. My grandmother was named Fannie after her aunt. Fannie Myatt was married to Rose Wellington Owen (What a name !) . The Owen-Myatt house in Bessemer-McAdory is still open from time to time for heritage tours. When my grandmother was young, she almost burned the place down. She was behind the place smoking something she called 'rabbit tobacco.' I haven't a clue what it really was. Fortunately, the fire was put out quickly, before any damage was done. After Mr. Owen died, Fannie and her sons moved in with my great-grandmother's family. The sons were practically raised as my grandmother's brothers .

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