Odds and Ends

Here are some brightly-colored snapdragons , along with a Nicotiana. Notice how the center of the Nicotiana looks like an eye, watching your every move.

Bromeliads are wonderful pot plants. While Aechmeas and Billbergias often display showy flowers, Neoregelias, such as the one pictured, make their statement with foliage. There is also some Billbergia nutans in the background.

An uncommon duo is featured here :
Beschorneria , the amaryllis-looking-thing , is a Mexican native just now finding a place in collections. The odd plant with the variegated leaves is an Arisaema, or jack-in-the-pulpit. It bloomed this year , with a showy brown-and-white-striped spathe , and brown-spotted spadix. I don't recall the species name at this moment.

The Jewel Orchid, Haemaria (Ludisia) discolor, has nice flowers, but is grown primarily for its black foliage with red veins.

Stapleton's Garden