Roses !

Rosa 'Gold Flame' is a nice pale yellow that combines well with other roses and other plants.

Rosa chinensis viridiflorus is a naturally-occurring mutation that has been in cultivation for hundreds of years. I have never seen a rose bloom like this - 12 months of the year !!! Admittedly , the 1-inch , green flowers are more for novelty than beauty, but it's still really neat. There are some other R chinensis with normal-colored flowers.

Rosa 'Scentimental' was introduced just a few years ago, and has healthy foliage, as well as very nice flowers early in the season. As the name suggests, the scent is delightful.

Pure class. There's still nothing quite like the old 'Sterling Silver.' It has fallen out of favor with rosarians over the years because it is a weak grower, and there are newer roses with darker color. Even so, the color of 'Sterling Silver' is marvelous in conjunction with old roses, and with light blue larkspur and dusty miller.

Stapleton's Garden