The Smith Kids

This is a picture of some of my grandmother's siblings when they were young.
From L-R : Sadie , Lucile, Jeanette, Mellie , Robert Jr

I always get a kick out of these young pictures of the older generation.
I especially remember visiting Sadie, Jeanette, and Mellie when
I was young. The three of them lived together, as none
of them had ever married, and kept house well
into their nineties. Sadie went to the doctor only once in the first
95+ years of her life, and that was for something minor like a cold 
when she was a teenager. She lived to be almost 101. When we visited
her at age 100, she didn't want to see us because she was watching
"The Young and The Restless." Sadie looked just like she did when
she was small. Her degree was from Sullins College, Bristol, VA.
Jeanette and Mellie also lived
into their upper nineties. Jeanette was of great help to my father
in compiling much of the genealogical data presented now on my pages.
She was a teacher and librarian .
Mellie was gifted artistically, and she had an art degree from Huntington.
She also cooked extremely well.
I still remember her fried chicken and homemade ice cream.

Lucile Smith (Newsom) was responsible for a lot of the McCants family records. She was a member of D.A.R. , a schoolteacher, and a member of the Methodist Church.

Robert Alexander Smith, Jr farmed and raised cattle in Pine Apple, Alabama. He was a steward in Pine Apple Methodist Church, and was a commissioner in Wilcox County, AL.

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