Descendants of Thomas Stapleton

                         Russell County, Virginia

                                Compiled by

                         William C. Stapleton, Jr.

Copyrightę by William C. Stapleton, Jr.
A copy may be made on a not-for-profit basis for use by an individual.

Many schemes have been used to record genealogy. All have defects and the one used here is no exception. Each
generation is grouped together. Because of the duplication of names among the various branches of the family, a numbering
system is used to distinguish the various family members. Each Stapleton descendant is assigned a number. The oldest child
in a family receives his parent's number with a "1" appended. The second oldest child receives his parent's number with
a "2" appended. The first known Stapleton, Thomas Stapleton, is number 1. Thus, his oldest child is 11, next oldest child
is 12, third oldest child is 13, etc. A similar scheme is used for succeeding generations. By eliminating the last digit in a
person's number, the number of his parent may be found.

     To take care of families where there are more than 9 children, an underscore is used to indicate that 10 is to be added
to the digit and a double underscore is used to indicate that 20 is to be added to the digit. 

     After each three digits in a family member's number a raised period " " is used to separate the digits to make them
easier to read, much as a comma is used with ordinary numbers. Note that the number of digits in a person's number is the
same as the number of his generation. Thus, number 111 257 1 belongs to the seventh generation.

     Braces { } are used to enclose the former surname of a wife in the main body of the text but are omitted in the Personal
Name Index. Compiler's notes are enclosed in brackets [ ]. Superscript numbers refer to items in the Reference Section.
William C. Stapleton, Jr.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

While I've made efforts to keep as much of my father's work intact
as possible, I have made some additions and subtractions, including 
the following :

* Some fancy scripts Dad used don't seem to translate onto my format.
* Several current generations have been eliminated from his original
work for privacy of living individuals.
* Additions/corrections are shown in (parentheses) . 
* The original work was in book form and indexed. Why, then , have
I crammed everything onto one page ? There is a method to my madness.
By using the one-page format, I have made
 "The Descendants of Thomas Stapleton"
easily searchable using your browser's handy "FIND" feature. 

This history is an effort to record the descendants of Thomas Stapleton, an early resident of Russell County, Virginia. 
Although little is known about him, his descendants are numerous and scattered throughout the country.

     There were many marriages between members of the Stapleton family and those of the Salyer(s) family, particularly
in southwestern Virginia and eastern Kentucky, so that the history of the two families is intertwined. The excellent history
of the Salyer family by Elisabeth Salyer has provided both inspiration and a source of information most helpful in this

     Many have researched various Stapleton families in this country and their contributions are particularly appreciated.
Harriett (Mrs. C. P.) Stapleton of Swansboro, North Carolina, has for many years gathered information about Stapletons
and some of her findings are incorporated in this work.  Dr. Philip Martin of Blacksburg, Virginia, a descendant of Elizabeth
Stapleton Salyer (141 5), has been active in collecting information on the early Stapletons and has been most helpful.

     The help of many others is greatly appreciated and while it be impossible to mention them all, especial thanks must
go to Alice Posey (141 177 12) and Bonnie Lewis, a great grandaughter of Edie Stapleton Skaggs (141 117).

     As with most works of this type, there is some uncertainty about the early generations.  Here we have chosen as best
we could when there was a choice.  No doubt there will be errors. All genealogies have them!

William C Stapleton, Jr


The Descendants of Thomas Stapleton

Stapletons Prior to the 1800s

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