Norton Family History

                      Descendants of William Norton 

                       Horry County, South Carolina

                                Compiled by

                         William C. Stapleton, Jr.

                  Copyrightę by William C. Stapleton, Jr.
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This history is an effort to record the descendants of William Norton, who resided in Marion District, South Carolina,
during the latter part of th eighteenth century. In 1788 he executed a deed for land which had once belonged to his
grandfather, William Norton of Bladen County, North Carolina. The will of William Norton of Bladen County was proved
in 1751. Mentioned in the will and estate procedings were his wife Mary, sons William. Daniel, Jacob, Thomas, daughter
Elizabeth (Seymore), and grandson John Smirdmoor. Sons William and Jacob moved to South Carolina and were living in
Georgetown at the time of the 1790 census. Thomas moved to Georgia  Thus it appears that either william or Jacob was
the father of William of Horry County. Both apparently had descendants, many with the same names, living in Horry and
Marion Counties--leading to confusion by some.

     Many have researched various Norton families in this country and their contributions are particularly appreciated. Bettie
Lee Bounds and Grace Norton Dunn have for many years gathered information about Nortons and some of their findings
are incorporated in this work.

     As with most works of this type, there is some uncertainty about the early generations.  Here we have chosen as best
we could when there was a choice.  No doubt there will be errors. All genealogies have them!

     Many schemes have been used to record genealogy. All have defects and the one used here is no exception. Each
generation is grouped together. Because of the duplication of names among the various branches of the family, a numbering
system is used to distinguish the various family members. Each descendant is assigned a number. The oldest child in a family
receives his parent's number with a "1" appended. The second oldest child receives his parent's number with a "2" appended.
The earliest known family member is assigned number 1. Thus, his or her oldest child is 11, next oldest child is 12, third
oldest child is 13, etc. A similar scheme is used for succeeding generations. By eliminating the last digit in a person's
number, the number of his parent may be found.

     After each three digits in a family member's number a raised period " " is used to separate the digits to make them
easier to read, much as a comma is used with ordinary numbers. Note that the number of digits in a person's number is the
same as the number of his generation. Thus, number 111 257 1 belongs to the seventh generation.

     The relationship between two descendants may be determined fairly easily by examining the numbers assigned to them.
The common ancestor of the two descendants is determined by finding the sequence of numbers at the beginning of their
numbers which is the same. For example, number 156 3 and number 154 1 have a common ancestor whose number is 15.
Numbers 156 and 154 are siblings, so that numbers 156 3 and 154 1 are first cousins.

     The method used here for numbering is sometimes known as the Henry system. Hopefully, the main objections to this
system have been partially eliminated.

     Braces { } are used to enclose the former surname of a wife in the main body of the text but are omitted in the Personal
Name Index. Compiler's notes are enclosed in brackets [ ].

William C. Stapleton, Jr.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

1 WILLIAM NORTON born about 1739 New `Hanover County, North Carolina, died by 1806 Horry County, South
     Carolina. His will listed his wife (not named) and the six children shown below by name as legatees. The estate
appeared to contain most of 3300 acres on Iron Springs Swamp.. Descendants have indicated that he was married to
Mrs. Patience Minsey. It has been established that his widow's maiden name was Patience Harrelson. Rev. William
K. Norton, grandson of Patience, wrote of visiting his Aunt Bethai [Celia {Harrelson} Bethea widow of Jesse Bethea]
at her daughter Charity Hybart's home near Bell's Landing in Wllcox County, Alabama. (See pages 18-19) Patience
and Celia were the daughters of Benjamin and Ruth Harrelson. In **** Patience was visited at Louisville, Alabama,
by her son. Rev. James Norton. Louisville was in that part of Pike County which in 1832 became Barbour County. 
In the settlement of Patience's estate, all of the children except Lewis were reprseented. Perhaps Lewis was a son of
William by an earlier marriage.

     William Norton was a staunch supporter of the Methodist movement and entertained Bishop Francis Asbury during his
     visits to South Caro;ina. He is said by Sellers to have built and have been one of the chief supporters  of Norton's
Church near Green Sea in Horry County. Sellers appears to have confused two Norton families which had some of
the same given names.
          Children: 1. Lewis Norton; 2. Mary Norton; 3. William Norton; 4. James Norton; 5. Ruth Norton; 6. John
               Wesley Norton

12 MARY NORTON born 1 March 1779 married 16 February 1799 Isaac Lewis born 13 April 1775. He enlisted as a
     private 29 June 1812 and served until 29 September 1812 in Captain Elisha Bethea's Company, 5th Regiment (Keith's)
     South Carolina Militia. Isaac Lewis was living in Copiah County, Mississippi, in 1833 ehen he appointed his son Wilson
     to represwet him in the settlement of Patience Norton's estate.
          Children: 1. Wilson Lewis 

13 WILLIAM NORTON born about 1784 Horry County, South Carolina, died before 1836 Barbour County, Alabama,
     married to Lucretia "Creasy" Harrelson born about 1788 died about 1837 Barbour County, Alabama, daughter of Josiah
     and Mary {Vick} Harrelson. They moved from South Carolina to Pike County, Alabama, in the 1820s. Barbour County
     was formed from this part of Pike County in 1832
          Children: 1. Anna Jane Norton; 2. James Russell Norton; 3. William Vick Norton; 4. Mary C. Norton; 5. Daniel
               Asbury Norton; 6. John Kennedy Norton; 7. Patience Elizabeth Norton

14 JAMES NORTON born 1788 died 26 August 1825 buried Washington Street, Columbia, South Carolina, married
14 March 1822 at the Georgetown Methodist Church by Rev. William Capers to Mrs. E. Wethers. On 19 December
1826 Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth Duncomb Norton, youngest daughter of Rev. Israel Munds (he had been married on
3 September 1801 by Rev. Moses Mathews to Mrs. Charlotte D. Meyers. of Charleston, was married by Mr. Capers 
to Rev. Abner P. Manly. Abner P. Manly was also a medical doctor. He was admitted to the South Carolina
Conference of the Methodist Church in 1822 and located in 1827 not long after his marriage to Elizabeth. The Manly
family moved to Alabama  On 16 September 1833 in Montgomery County, Alabama, A. P. Manly witnessed the will
of John Breedlove and in 1837 he was practicing medicine in Selma, Alabama. Apparently, the Manlys next moved
to Fayette County, Texas. Dr. Manly was in 1838 a sponsor and trustee and in 1856 a member of the monument
committee of Ruterville College.

     Rev. James Norton was admitted to the South Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church in December 1806. He
     served as a preacher and Presiding Elder in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Georgia.  He traveled with Bishop Asbury
in 1814 and with Bishop M'Kendree in 1817.
          Children: 1. James Israel Norton

15 RUTH NORTON married to Joel Lewis son of William Lewis and Mourning Vamplet of Horry County, South Carolina.
     They moved to Mississippi.

16 JOHN WESLEY NORTON born 22 January 1794 Horry County, South Carolina, died 15 March 1862 Barbour County,
     Alabama, married February 1819 Moore County, North Carolina, to Nancy Ann Phillips born 8 July 1802 Moore
     County, died 8 June 1853 Barbour County, daughter of Lewis D. and Charity {Dickenson} Phillips. Both buried
     Providence Cemetery, Barbour County, Alabama.

     John W. Norton was admitted to the South Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church in 1815. After serving
     churches in the Carolinas, he  located in December 1818 and moved to Moore County, North Caulina. He was
     readmitted to the South Carolina Conference in February 1822 and served until he located in January 1826. About 1828
     he moved to the part of Pike County, Alabama, which became Barbour County in 1832.
          Children: 1. Lewis Fletcher Norton; 2. William Kennedy Norton; 3. Mary Ann Norton; 4 Charity Patience
               Norton; 5. James Wesley Norton; 6. Jane Ruth Norton; 7. Lucy Catherine Norton; 8. Eliza Amanda Norton;
               9. Martha Juliet Norton; 10. Ethelbert Brinkley Norton; 11. Edward Arnold Norton; 12. Wilbur Fisk
               Norto;n, 13. Georgia Dickenson Norton; 14. Thomas Coke Norton; 15. Cornelia Adrena Carolina Norton121 WILSON LEWIS born by 1812

131 ANNA JANE NORTON died by 1837 married to Benjamin Sellers.
          Children: 1. Eliza Sellers; 2. Aida Sellers; 3. Looson Sellers

132 JAMES RUSSELL NORTON born 21 December 1804 in Souyh Carolina died 24 September 1886 married to Margaret
     C. Johnston born 4 October 1808 South Carolina daughter of John Johnston. Both are buried in P;easant Plains Baptist
     Church Cemetery, Barbour County, Alabama.
          Children: 1. John Johnston Norton; 2. Mary Ann Norton; 3. William James Norton; 4. Elizabeth Jane Norton;
               5. Norman Asbury Norton; 6. Catherine Margaret Norton; 7. Lewis Volentine Norton; 8. Russell Norton;
               9. Martha A. Norton (twin); 10. Infant Norton (twin); 11. Daniel Norton; 12. James Norton; 13. George
               Wesley Norton; 14. Fletcher Johnston Norton; 15. Patience C. Norton; 15. Harriett H. Norton; 16. Infant
               son Norton; 17. Infant son Norton; 18. Ann Eliza Norton; 19. Cornelia Norton

133 WILLIAM VICK NORTON born about 1807 Souuth Carolina, died 12 June 1849 buried Tabernacle Church Cemetery,
     Barbour County, Alabama. Married to Isabella Floyd born about 1810 South Carolina, died after 1880.
          Children: 1. Lucinda K. Norton; 2. Delilah Amanda Norton; 3. Caroline Elizabeth Norton; 4. Nancy Ann Norton;
               5. Franklin W. Norton; 6. Thomas C. Norton; 7. Tolbert W. M. Norton; 8. Erban Watson Norton.

134 MARY C. NORTON married to ___ Coleman.

135 DANIEL ASBURY NORTON born about 1813 South Carolina, died 1897 married 30 November 1834 to Lucinda
     Johnson born 30 April 1811 South Carolina, daughter of Stephen and Rosanna {Williams} Johnson. They moved to
     Louisiana by 1891.
          Children: 1. William Asbury Norton; 2. James Norton; 3. Mary Alizar Norton; 4. Julia Ann Norton; 5. Lewis
               Fletcher Norton; 6. Ann Elizabeth Norton; 7. Josephine Palestine Norton; 8. Frances C. Norton

136 JOHN KENNEDY NORTON born about 1816 South Carolina married Christian McLeod. They probably left Barbour
     County between 1860 and 1870.
          Children: 1. John D. Norton; 2. Andrew J. Norton; 3. William C. Norton; 4. Nancy A. Norton; 5. Sarah J.
               Norton; 6. Mary E. Norton; 7. Viney M. Norton; 8. Laura Norton; 10. Franklin Pierce Norton

137 PATIENCE ELIZABETH NORTON born 1818-1822 South Carolina, died 10 May 1863 married 3 December 1837 to
     Lewis A. T. Johnson born 23 March 1817 South Carolina, died 7 August 1891 Louisiana, son of Stephen and Rosanna
     {Williams} Johnson. He was married second 8 October 1865 to Eliza Jane Burleson.
          Children: 1. Nancy Ann Johnson; 2. Felder Johnson; 3. Elizabeth Johnson; 4. Rosanna Johnson; 5. Thomas
               Johnson; 6. William Ardis Johnson; 7. Mary Johnson; 8. Emma Leola Johnson

141 JAMES ISRAEL NORTON born about 1824 Souyh Carolina died probably Fayette County, Texas, married 12 February
     1846 to Martha K. McAshan born 2 June 1823 died 16 October 1891 daughter of Nehemiah and Elizabeth {Agee}
     McAshan. James Israel Norton was a member of the Preparatory Department of Rutersville College, Fayette County,
     Texas when it opened (about 1842)
          Children: 1. James Manly Norton; 2. William Norton; 3. Elizabeth Norton

161 LEWIS FLETCHER NORTON born 1820 South Carolina, died 1843 Barbour County, Alabama.

162 WILLIAM KENNEDY NORTON born 23 November 1821 South Carolina, died 13 August 1894 Bullock County,
     Alabama, married 19 Pctober 1854 Wilcox County, Alabama, to Martha Amanda Mason born 24 January 1826 Wilcox
     County died 3 January 1920 Dawson, Georgia. Both are buried Enon Cemetery, Bullock County. She was the daughter
     of Littleberry Whitehead and Sarah {Williamson} Mason. He was a Methodist minister.
          Children: 1. John Mason Norton; 2. Wille Amanda Norton; 3. Charles Thomas Norton; 4. Anna Marcella Norton;
               5. Ida Paulina Norton; 6. Addie Lavonia Norton; 7, William Roccers Norton; 8. James Tarver Norton;
               9. Paul Wesley Norton; 10. Lewis K. Norton

163 MARY ANN NORTON born 7 December 1823 died August 1863 buried Providence Cemetery, Barbour County,
     Alabama, married 21 September 1843 to John E. Lowman.
          Children: 1. Robert Franklin Lowman; 2. Adolphus W. Lowman; 3. Mariah Lavonia Lowman

164 CHARITY PATIENCE NORTON born about 1826 South Carolina died 1889 married 25 April 1850 to Dr. Charles
     Pickett born about 1823 South Carolina.
          Children: 1. John M. Pickett; 2. William Pickett; 3. James Pickett; 4. Mary Pickett; 5. Sally Pickett; 6. Charles
               Pickett, Jr.

165 JAMES WESLEY NORTON born about 1827 South Carolina died 1902 married 28 March 1854 to Mrs. Ruth {Neally}
     Maxwell. He was a Methodist minister.

166 JANE RUTH NORTON born about 1829 Alabama died 1866.

167 LUCY CATHERINE NORTON born 18 October 1830 Alabama died 24 May 1902 buried Louisville cemetery, Barbour
     County, Alabama.

168 ELIZA AMANDA NORTON born 1832 died 1833.

169 MARTHA JULIET NORTON born about 1834 Alabama died 1917 Pike County,Alabama, married 18 November 1852
     to John Frederick Dickinson (Methodist miniister) born 8 August 1828 Henry County, Alabama, died 31 March 1870
     son of Rev. John Phillips and Elvira Eliza {Legg} Dickinson. Both are buried in Little Oak cemetery, Pike County,
          Children: 1. Mary Eliza Dickinson; 2. James Norton Dickinson; 3. Sarah Elizabeth Dickinson; 4. Ella Lavonia
               Dickinson; 5. John Phillips Dickinson; 6. Lula Cornelia Dickinson; 7. George Frederick Dickinson.

160 ETHELBERT BRINKLEY NORTON born 15 March 1836 Alabama died 14 May 1872 Oxford, Alabama. He was a
     Methodist minister. He was married first 9 August 1859 Macon, County, Alabama, to Lucinda B. Storey born
     21 September 1837 Fayette County, Georgia, died 3November 1861 buried Providence cemetery Barbour County,
     Alabama. daughter of Rev. Elias Wells and Anna {Hill} Storey. He was married second 11 November 1862 Chambers
     County, Alabama, to Rebecca Frances Slaughter born 30 March 1841 Putnam County, Georgia, died 25 October 1902
     Athens, Alabama Rebecca and her husband are buried at Oxford, Alabama, daughter of William Allen and Mary Susan
     (Mathis} Slaughter.
          Children (1st marriage): 1. John Wells Norton; 2. Charles Edward Norton
          Children (2nd marriage): 3. Eugene Harwell Norton; 4. Ethelbert Brinkley Norton; 5. William Rutledge Norton;
               6. Thomas Watkins Norton; 7. Susan Cunningham Norton

161. EDWARD ARNOLD NORTON born 1838 Alabama died 1879 married to Bettie Ellen Smith.

162 WILBUR FISK NORTON born 22 July 1840 Alabama died 14 September 1906 Bronson, Florida, Married 7 December
     1865 to Sarah Elizabeth Cassaday born 17 September 1844 Henry County, Alabama, died 10 October 1913 Bronson,
     Florida, daughter of Alexander and Temperance Cassaday. He was a Methodist minister.
          Children: 1. Stella Ellen Norton;  2. William Clarence Norton; 3. Minnie Lee Norton; 4. Wilbur Fisk Norton,
               Jr.; 5. Marvin Hendricks Norton; 6. Annie Lore Norton

163 GEORGIA DICKENSON NORTON born 2 October 1842 died 2 May 1902 married 20 May 1867 to John Robert Allen
          Dhildren: 1. Edward Norton Passmore

164 THOMAS COKE NORTON born 1845 Alabama died 1867. He was a Methodist minister.

165 CORNELIA ADRENA CAROLINA NORTON born 18 June 1848 Alabama, died 25 June 1876 Lawrenceville, Henry
     County, Alabama, married 29 December 1874 to Alexander A. Cassaday131 1 ELIZA SELLERS married to ___ Crawford



132 1 JOHN JOHNSTON NORTON born 2 November 1824 South Carolina, died 9 August 1887 married first 28 July 1841
     to Nancy J. Floyd  born 31 July 1823 South Carolina, died 5 June 1879 daughter of Theophilus Floyd. John and Nancy
     are both buried in the Pleasant Plains Baptist Church cemetery, Barbour County, Alabama. He was married second
     24 June 1880 to Josephine Raley.
          Children: 1. Elbeert T. Norton; 2. Amy A. "Laura" Norton; 3. Mary A. Norton; 4. Erasmus H. Norton;
               5. Henry T. Norton; 6. Emeline Norton; 7. Martha J. Norton; 8. James R. Norton; 9. Joohn Norton

132 2 MARY ANN NORTON born 15 June 1826 South Carolina, died 26 September 1906 married 21 March 1854 to
     Thomas Ventress.

132 3 WILLIAM JAMES NORTON born 19 October 1827 South Carolina, died 9 May 1886 married to Sarah T. Hart born
     4 December 1829 died 30 December 1877. Both are buried in the Judson Baptist Church cemetery, Henry County,

132 4 ELIZABETH JANE NORTON born 22 January 1829 died 9 March 1851.

132 5. NORMAN ASBURY NORTON born 22 January 1830 Alabama died 1 September 1898 married 4 November 1858
     to Mary A. Beasley born 24 September 1831 died 22 April 1910. Both are buried in the Louisville Cemetery, Barbour
     County, Alabama.

132 6 CATHERINE MARGARET NORTON born 3 February 1831 died 20 February 1871 buried in Pleasant Plains Baptist
     Church cemetery Barbour County, Alabama.

132 7 LEWIS VOLENTINE NORTON born 8 February 1833 cied 27 November 1867 married 23 December 1852 to
     Rosanna Cox born 6 October 1834 died 8 February 1912 daughter of Jimpsey and Rachel {Johnson} Cox. Both are
     buried in Bethlehem cemetery.

132 8 RUSSELL NORTON born 2 November 1834 Alabama died 1895 married 13 November 1856 to Juila Ann Herring
     born 1842 Alabama died after 1880 daughter of John Herring. They are buried in unmarked graves in Bethlehemm
     cemetery, Barbour County, Alabama.

132 9 MARTHA A. NORTON (TWIN) born 20 January 1836 Alabama died 12 July 1912 married first 15 May 1862 to
     Calvin L. McCraney married second t6 January 1869 to John G. Martin. Martha and John are buried in the Old Scott
     cemetery, Barbour County, Alabama.

132 0. INFANT NORTON (TWIM) born 20 January 1836 Alabama.

132 1 DANIEL NORTON born 9 March 1838 Alabama died 27 June 1898 married 6 April 1871 to Barbara Ella Beverly.
     They are buried in th Pleasant Plains Baptist Church cemetery, Barbour County, Alabama.

132 2 JAMES NORTON born 6 June 1839 died 4 September 1888 married 27 January 1876 to Angie T. Gravitt. He is
     buried in Pleasant Plains Baptist Church cemetery, Barbour County.

132 3 GEORGE WESLEY NORTON born 17 January 1841 died 17 March 1926 married 26 March 1865 to Mary Ann

132 4 FLETCHER JOHNSTON NORTON born 20 May 1842 Alabama, died 1862 in the Civil War.

132 5 PATIENCE C. NORTON born 6 April 1844 Alabama died26 January 1905 married 15 November 1860 to John S.

132 5 HARRIETT H. NORTON born 26 May 1845 died 9 August 1869 married 4 February 1868 to William A. Hughes.

132 6 INFANT SON NORTON born 20 June 1846 died young.

132 7 INFANT SON NORTON born 1 June 1849 died young.

132 8 ANN ELIZA NORTON born 20 September 1849 died 1850.

132 9CORNELIA NORTON born 24 March 1852 Alabama died 29 October 1908 married 13 February 1888 to John L.
     Stewart born 1840 Newberry District, South Carolina died 14 August 1923. They are buried in the Mt. Serene cemetery
     Barbour County, Alabama.

133 1LUCINDA K. NORTON born about 1832 Alabama died by 1851.

133 2 DELILAH AMANDA NORTON;  born 31 January 1835 died after 1902.

133 3 CAROLINE ELIZABETH NORTON born about 1836 Alabama died by 1902 Married 31 August 1852 to Daniel B.
     Snead born about 1829 North Carolina probably died August 1881.

133 4. NANCY ANN NORTON born about 1838 Alabama died June 1891 married 13 February 1854 to N. Allen Petty born
     about 1827 New York died 29 August 1884

133 5. FRANKLIN W. NORTON born about 1839 died before 1902 probably marriea 23 Noveber 1869 to   Sarah Hunter.

133 6 THOMAS C. NORTON born about 1840 Alabama,died May 1902 married 23 November 1869 to Sarah J. McCraney.
     She was born about 1229 North Carolina 

133 7. TOLBERT W. M. NORTON born about about 1841 Alabama died before 1902. Married 16 July 1869 Roxie Bmith
     29 December 12

133 8 ERBAN WATSON NORTON born about 2842 Alabama died after 1870.

135 1 WILLIAM ASBURY NORTON born 8 March 1836 Alabama died10 July 1865 Texas.

135 2 JAMES NORTON born 11 May 1837 Alabama died 2 April 1864 in the Civil War.

135 3 MARY ALIZAR NORTON born 15 Nay 1839 Alabama died 6 November 1851.

135 4 JULIA ANN NORTON born 22 May 1840 died 26 January 1908.

135 5 LEWIS FLETCHER NORTON born 26 October 1843 Alabama died November 1862 in the Civil War.

135 6 ANN ELIZABETH NORTON born 28 May 1846 Alabama died Arcadia, Louisiana.

135 7 JOSEPHINE PALESTINE NORTON born 4 August 1848 Alabama died 17 October 1908 married to John Burt.

135 8 FRANCES C. NORTON born 15 December 1850 died 15 January 1902 married to Langdon Perrett.

136 1 JOHN D. NORTON born about 1837 Alabama married 17 October 1863 to C. F. Bradberry.

136 2 ANDREW J. NORTON born about 1838 Alabama/

136 3 WILLIAM C. NORTON (TWIN) born about 1840  Alabama.

136 4 NANCY A. NORTON (TWIN) born about 1840 Alabama married 20 December 1860 to James R. Eidson.

136 5 SARAH J. NORTON born about 1842 Alabama.

136 6 MARY E. NORTON born about 1844 Alabama.

136 7 VINEY M. NORTON born about 1847 Alabama.

136 8 LAURA NORTON born about 1847 Alabama.

136 9 FRANKLIN PIERCE NORTON born 17 March 1857 died 8 October 1860 buried Providence cemetery Barbour
     Counyt, Alabama.

137 1 NANCY ANN JOHNSON born 28 July 1838 Alabama died 29 July 1892 married 30 September 1866 to William
     McLeod born 10 August 1830 Kershaw District, South Carolina died 15 September 1910. She is buried in Fairview
     cemetery, Eufaula, Alabamaa. He was married second to Julia Cade.

137 2 FELDER JOHNSON born about 1842 Alabama died in the Civil War.

137 3 LIZABETH JOHNSON born 10 May 1845 died 11 September 1913 married 31 August 1865 to John W. Blair born
     25 October 1836 died 19 June 1900. She is buried in Fairview cemetery, Eufaula, Alabama. he is buried in the Bishop-
     Blair cemetery.

137 4 ROSANNA JOHNSON born about 1847 Alabama died in Louisiana.

137 5 THOMAS JOHNSON born 15 June 185- Alabama died 10 April 1909 Louisiana married to Julia A. Perrett
     inLouisiana (Claiborne Parish?)

137 6 WILLIAM ARDIS JOHNSON born 21 December 1853 Alaabama died 28 July 1925 Louisiana.

137 7 MARY JOHNSON born about 1856 Alabama 

137 8 EMMA LEOLA JOHNSON born 5 November 1858 Alabama married to William Berry Madden in Louisiana.




162 1 JOHN MASON NORTON born 1856 died 1930 married 14 November 1880 to Willie Narcissa Petty

162 2 WILLIE AMANDA NORTON born  1856 died 1859.

162 3 CHARLES THOMAS NORTON born 1861 died 21 June 1941 married 1888 to Annie Belmont Petty.

162 4 ANNA MARCELLA NORTON born 1863 died 1952 married 5 June 1902 to Uriah Cincinnatus Vinson.

162 5 IDA PAULINA NORTON born 1865 married 1913 to Arthur Laymon Beach.

162 6 ADDIE LAVONIA NORTON born 1867 married 1891 to Richard Edwin Pruett.

162 7 WILLIAM ROCCERS NORTON born 1 March 1871 died 8 September 1885. He is buried in Enon cemetery, Bullock
     County, Alabama.

162 8 JAMES TARVER NORTON born and died 1874, buried Enon cemetery, Bullock County, Alabama.

162 9 PAUL WESLEY NORTON born 1877 died 1905

162 0 LEWIS K. NORTON born 19 August 1889 died 25 July 1890.

163 1 ROBERT FRANKLIN LOWMAN born 1844 Alabama.

163 2 ADOLPHUS W. LOWMAN born about 1845 Alabama.

163 3 MARIAH LAVONIA LOWMAN born about 1848 Alabama.

164 1 JOHN M. PICKETT born 21 January 1851 29 October 1852 buried Providnce cemetery, Barbour, County, Alabama.

164 2 WILLIAM PICKETT born 8 October 1852 died 12 October 1852 buried Providence cemetery/

164 3 JAMES PICKETT born about 1853 Alabama.

164 4 MARY PICKETT born about 1856 Alabama.

164 5 SALLY PICKETT born about 1858 Alabama.

164 6 CHARLES PICKETT, JR. born 20 November 1859 died 23 November 1859 buried Providence cemetery, Barbour
     County, Alabama.

169 1 MARY ELIZA DICKINSON born 1853 died 1914 married to James V. Bradley.

169 2 JAMES NORTON DICKINSON born 5 October 1855 died 12 December 1918 married to Regina Cowart born
     27 February 1853 died 14 February 1921. Both are buried in Little Oak cemetery, Pike County, Alabama.

169 3 SARAH ELIZABETH DICKINSON born 1858 died 1871.

169 4 ELLA LAVONIA DICKINSON born 1861 died 1922.

169 5 JOHN PHILLIPS DICKINSON born 7 December 1863 died 24 Juner 1925 married 14 June 1889 to Emily Frances
     Rogers. He was a minister.

169 6 LULA CORNELIA DICKINSON born 1866 died 9 July 1904 married to James Franklin Paul.

169 7 GEORGE FREDERICK DICKINSON born 21 May 1869 died 24 December 1952 Houston County, Alabama, married
     16 January 1894 to Addie Beulah Worthingtonof Lumpkin, Georgia. Both are buried in Little Oak cemetery, Pike
     County, Alabama.

160 1 JOHN WELLS NORTON born 2 September 1860 died 20 June 1940 married 30 July 1882 to Martha Ann "Mattie"
     Maddux born 15 September 1861, Pleasant Gap, Cherokee CCounty, Alabama, daughter of Moses Wilkes and Eliza
     {Weemes} Maddux. He was a Methodist minister.

160 2 CHARLES EDWARD CHAPEL NORTON born 3 November 1861 died 11 April 1879 White Plains, Alabama.

160 3 UGENE :GENIE" HARWELL NORTON born 14 August 1863 died 26 April 1933 Mission, Texas, married
     24 December 1883to Delilah Estelle Elrod of Geraldine, Alabama.

160 4 ETHELBERT BRINKLEY NORTON born 9 October 1865 died 8 June 1838 married 28 May 1895 Brookwood,
     Alabama, to Bettie Grace Myatt.

160 5 WILLIAM RUTLEDGE NORTON born 6 August 1868 died 1949 married 8 August 1895 Senoia, Georgia, to Mary
     Elizabeth Glass.

160 6 THOMAS WATKINS NORTON born 22 April 1870 died 11 April 1888.

160 7 SUSAN CUNNINGHAM NORTON born 27 December 1871 died 11 April 1918, buried Elmwood cemetery,
     Birmingham, Alabama.

162 1 STELLA ELLEN NORTON; born 22 May 1868 Bullock County, Alabama, died 28 Fesruary 1945 married
     31 December 1890 to Edward Kirby Whiddon

162 2 WILLIAM CLARENCE NORTON born 20 February 1870 died 17 July 1954 married to Eva May Watts. He was
     a minister.

162 3. MINNIE LEE NORTON born 2 April 1872 married 25 April 1901 to Samuel Leonidas Bean.

162 4 WILBUR FISK NORTON, JR. born 2 January 1875 married 31 July 1903 to Bessie Lee Thatcher.

162 5 MARVIN HENDRICKS NORTON born 20 July 1877 died 3 August 1945 married 9 June 1910 to Maud McKenzie.

162 6 ANNIE LORE NORTON born 1 June 1879 died 10 October 1920 married 1902 to John Reddick Willis.
132 11 ELBEERT T NORTON born about 1843 Alabama.

132 12 AMY A "LAURA" NORTON born about 1844 Alabama.

132 13 MARY A NORTON born about 1846 Alabama.

132 14 ERASMUS H NORTON born 1848 Alabama.

132 15 HENRY T NORTON born about 1850 Alabama.

132 16 EMELINE NORTON born about 1852 Alabama.

132 17 MARTHA J NORTON born about 1853 Alabama.

132 18 JAMES R NORTON born about 1855 Alabama.

132 19 JOOHN NORTON born about 1860 Alabama.


                            *     *     *     *

     The following letter to Antoinette Hybart Oakley was written by Mrs. Edward Norton Passmore whose husband was
a descendent of William and Patience (Harrelson) Norton. Celia Harrelson Bethea, sister of Patience Norton, was the mother
of Charity Bethea who married Henry Hugh Hybart and was the grandmother of Antoinette.

                            Dr. E. N. Passmore
                              Dothan, Alabama

                             December 11, 1931

Mrs. A. B. Oakley
Atmore, Ala.,

Dear Mrs. Oakley:

Your name has been given to me as one who might be able to give me the information that I am very anxious to secure. I
am enclosing a few items copied from the diaries of Rev. William Kennedy Norton, at one time a minister of the Alabama

I will aprreciate it if you can give me any infromation concerning his Aunt Bethai mentioned in the item dated August 1,
1854. Was she related to the family of Hybard with whom Rev. Norton dined?  If so, what was this relationship?

Do you know whether "old Aunt Bethai" had any children, and if any of her descendants are living?

If you can not give me this information, can you give me the name and address of some one who can do so?

I believe that the aunt mentioned in the items of 1852 and the one mentioned in 1854 are one and same. He does not give
the surname of either of the aunts mentioned.

Could it be possible that she was either a Sellers or Bethai?  He also mentions a cousin named "Ann". Further than this he
makes no comments in his diaries on other members of the family.

My reason for wanting this inforamtion is that I am at work on a genealogy of the Norton family of which Rev. Norton and
my husband are members. I am hoping that I may get in touch with some one who can give me som old dates that I have
been unable to secure.

Thanking you for any inforamtion that you may give, and asking that I may hear from you real soon.

          With best wishes,
            /s/ Mrs. Edward Norton Passmore
           Mrs. Edward Norton Passmore


Copied from the diaries of Rev. William Kennedy Norton.

     Wedensday August 11, 1852  Rode out and visited my aged aunt after the rain.

     Monday September 7, 1852  Called on Mrs. B. my aunt

     Tuesday August 1, 1854. Rode down this morning to Mrs. Hybard's to see my aunt Bethai [Celia Harrelson Bethea,
     daughter of Benjamin and Ruth Harrelson]. Reached there about 12 o'clock, and found the old lady quite feeble. Spent
     the evening and took a ride with the ladies.

     Wednesday August 2. 1854. Dined at Mrs H's and separated fro my Aunt and the family and rode up in the afternoon
     to Brother Mason's [Littleberry Whitehead Mason, father of Martha Amanda Mason who married William Kennedy
     Norton on 19 October 1854 in Wilcox County] where I spent the night.

     September 12, 1855 Left this morning with Mrs. Norton for Camden. Drove 30 miles and spent the night with Mrs.
     Hibbard near Bell's Landing.

Rev. Norton also soke of having dined with his Cousin Ann, but soes not give her full name [Ann Bethea Stramler, wife
of Samuel C. Stramler, and sister of Charity Bethea Hybart]. He was living in Toulminville [a Mobile suburb] in 1851-1852.
I presume that this aunt lived either in Mobile or near the city.

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