The Rock Garden

The Rock says The Great One's garden is on the corner of know-your-role boulevard and jabroni drive.

In this overview shot, the central feature is a Nolina , a Yucca relative. There is a small Agave stricta in front of it . The rock garden is a great place to maximize the tiny bit of sun in my yard. From Zinnias to Snapdragons to Roses to Mums to Cactus to Agaves to Artemisia, Pomegranate, Quince, Stokesia, Dusty Miller, Daylilies, Verbena, Oenethera, and much more, everything is packed in close, and never fails to hold my interest.

This picture shows off a Zinnia. Along with Nandinas and Salvias, Zinnias were among my grandfather Lee's favorite plants .

Most of this side of the rock garden will be in bloom by next month. I include a shot now to show some of the rock formations. The majority of the rocks used were dug from the very area where the plants now grow . I have broken several shovels over the years dealing with our native rocks. I'm also a scavenger. From time to time, people throw out rocks or broken pottery. They work just fine for my design.

Stapleton's Garden